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Hikaru Kurosaki in Episodes 35-36 of Bioman

Before Hikaru Kurosaki became his iconic role Juspion, he was cast in Bioman episodes 35-36 as Shota Yamamori who wanted to join the Biomen but was refused because he didn't have any bio particles in him.  Also in there, he met his future wife the late Yuko Asuka who acted as Farrah in that series.  It's no surprise he became Juspion's human identity considering his martial arts prowess in those two episodes is freaking awesome!

In episode 36, after his character Shota was refused because he didn't have bio particles, Farrah tricked him into becoming the Magne Warrior to defeat the Biomen.  I guess this was all a test to try out the formula for Juspion where he is the main hero.

Later he did retire from show business and ran a diving business with his wife Yuko Asuka but too bad she had left him for the afterlife so soon when she died.

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for March 30, 2014

Well here's more "Brigitte Lin is that you?" pictures...
Beautiful in aquatic blue..

Really stylish...

She's adorably pretty...

Liu Yi Fei Picture for March 28, 2014

Well here's yet another hot picture of the pretty Liu Yi Fei...

So Kei Hosogai Wants to Watch Power Rangers Super Megaforce?

Just from Orends Range, we have Kei Hosogai wanting to see Power Rangers Super Megaforce.  Was just giving this a thought or so... whether they'll say it's remake or adaptation is not the issue, Toei is not against Power Rangers because it's still part of its list of shows.  While you can't have Power Rangers in Super Hero Taisen series (to avoid confusion issues).  I sense they might say somebody hacked it, traitor, etc.  So what's my ultimate reaction?

You could still consider this event that proves all the Super Sentai/Power Rangers fan wars is useless.  In fact, why do those Sentards still insist that Power Rangers is bootleg?  A lot of their arguments just don't make sense.  Just because Power Rangers feels "inferior" doesn't mean it's bootleg.  Really have they even studied the basic terms?  In fact, that hate fic Gokaiger vs. Samurai was just driving nothing more than another hate campaign to remove Power Rangers from the face of the E…

Liu Yi Fei Picture for March 26, 2014

Well I haven't said this but Brigitte Lin is that you?  LOL!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for March 25, 2014

What can I say?  She's really a beauty!

Rin Takanashi Picture for March 22, 2014

Well she's still drop dead gorgeous and probably every silly fanboy's reason to watch Shinkenger.

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for March 22, 2014

Before I get into my busy schedule, I'll share these...
Really sexy!

Really classy!


Liu Yi Fei Pictures for March 21, 2014

Here's something really pretty and she's really gorgeous!
Hmmm she almost looks like Brigitte Lin during the 70s

Her smart look!

Rin Takanashi Pictures for March 19, 2014

Well here's some more pictures of Rin Takanashi promoting "Killers" in various places.  Pretty gorgeous really.  
What's she talking about?

She's got a killer smile!

Killer look!

She's a killer!

Maaya Uchida Pictures for March 18, 2014

Well more cuteness!  Cuteness!  More from this fanpage of course.

Maaya Uchida Pictures for March 17, 2014

Well today is the birthday of my real first crush but not without these first, the girl of my delusions Maaya Uchida taken from the Maaya Uchida Facebook fanpage managed by JE Fusion:

Cherry blossom!


Certified cute!

Kim Tae Hee Pictures for March 15, 2014

Here's Kim Tae Hee for Allerman CF from this Facebook fanpage.  I just hope she marries soon.

Maaya Uchida Pictures for March 13, 2014

Here's some Maaya Uchida pictures from this fan page.
I'd love to have a drink with her


Very cute!


Liu Yi Fei at Hongqiao International Airport

Even with all this covering, she can't hide her hotness.  Ha ha.  

Maaya Uchida Pictures for May 10, 2014

Here's some Maaya Uchida pictures for today.  She's so cute and well, gotta remind myself to stay away from my third degree niece who looks like her.
Cutie time!

I wish I can embrace her!

The bride of my delusions!

Peace sign!

My Dream Love Team #2: Tori Matsuzaka and Rin Takanashi

My next dream love team is Tori Matsuzaka and Rin Takanashi from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.  They did get reunited during "Love for Beginners" where they did have some "hot moments" but only for awhile plus Rin was playing the bad girl there.  On the other hand, the two had some chemistry in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger but they were not even a couple at all to the point fans have had the liberty to fan pair Takeru Shiba with either Kotoha or my favorite with Mako.

Shinkenger did have that wedding scene so I guess, the two could be put as a couple in J-Drama or a movie instead putting aside Shinkenger's story.

I fact I wanted them to be Kenshin and Kaoru in the Rurouni Kenshin movie.  Oh well... but there's still another movie where I hope they can be paired together.  But heck, I'm still thinking I want to see a Tori Matsuzaka/Rhian Ramos pairing done as well which is very unlikely.

My Dream Love Team #1: Jerry Yan and Liu Yi Fei

Well I think if Jerry Yan has Qin Han's type of charm, I think Liu Yi Fei has Brigitte Lin's type of charm and also Liu Xue Hua's type of charm.  In fact, they are my ideal match-up (on screen) even if they have a difference of 10 years, Jerry Yan being older and Qin Han was 11 years older than Liu Xue Hua. After all Jerry Yan was first paired with Tracy Chou who was at least seven years younger than he was. So either they remake any classic Qiong Yao based movies or make their own script for these two.

Just my thought Jerry Yan and Liu Yi Fei might have the same kind of chemistry as Qin Han and Brigitte Lin had in their much younger days. I think any of the greater classics like "Red Dust", "Zai Shui Yi Fang" or any of them could do good for a remake with my dream team. Then hopefully Brigitte Lin can be cast as Liu Yi Fei's mother, Liu Xue Hua as Jerry's mother and Qin Han as Jerry's father.

More Pictures of Rin Takanashi in the Philippines

Well here's classical pictures of Rin Takanashi as a goodwill ambassador in the Philippines from the Department of Tourism.  Enjoy!  Pictures came from Manila Freak.
Rin Takanashi in Bohol

Rin Takanashi in Makati

Rin Takanashi in Intramuros

Looking really classy

In a guitar factory in Cebu... presumably Sayaka Akimoto's mother's hometown