Pictures Of Suzy Bae In "While You Were Sleeping" For September 21, 2017

It's time for more peeks of Suzy Bae's upcoming late-night K-Drama. 

She's such a pretty waitress.

She's being a funny girl.

You can't deny she's so adorable.

Tired from the bus trip.

I love that silly smile.


Waaaaahhhh!!!! I wish I was holding her! XD

She's a tough chick!

Love that smile.

She looks so cute!

Lovey lovey Suzy!

 Damn who made her cry?

Startled look!

Oh what's going on again?

I want to eat more Korean food!

A pretty passenger by the train.

Nerdy nerd of nerds!

I just love her nerd look!

Okay I guess the Akibarangers are still haunting her thinking she's Hiroyo Hakase!