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RIP Tatsuya Nomi

I hate to admit it but it's true. I thought it was just an error but it's true. Here's what JEFusion said about the death of Tatsuya Nomi:

A very sad day has come to past for all Super Sentai fans specially that of Gosei Sentai Dairanger as Tatsuya Nomi, who portrayed the role of Daigo/Shishiranger has passed away at the age of 47 last May 18, 2017.

The news came from a tweet from Tatsuya's brother and was confirmed by our friend, Sir Danny Torres with blog translations from Filip. No other information has been handed out yet as to the what was the reason of his death. Updates will be posted after.

Tatsuya was born in August 13, 1969. Years after Dairanger ended, he returned to the tokusatsu scene as a guest in Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger as Sanpei Hamada, one of Shurikenger's human disguise, and in Go Go Sentai Boukenger Task 37 where he played the role of the Wakabayashi manager.

We at JEFusion sends our deepest condolences and prayers to the family and close friends …

Kasumi Yamaya Picture For May 17, 2017

Somehow, I just can't get enough of her cuteness. 

Erina Nakayama Picture For May 17, 2017

It's time for more cuteness from her isn't it? 

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For March 17, 2017

Wow this is really smoking hot!
She's having her tea break isn't she?

Coffee break anyone?

Rin Takanashi Pictures For March 15, 2017

Suddenly, I reminded of some girl I used to have an infatuation with
Okay, I may be having eye problems again! =P
 Nerdy look time!

Kyuranger Cast Pictures For March 15, 2017

It's time to go to outer space with them isn't it?
How's the tip to space?

Wah I want that candy bar!!!!!

Is he getting ready to go into space?

Kamen Rider EX-AID Cast Appears On Vision Volume 64 Magazine's Cover

Congratulations to all the guys of Kamen Rider EX-AID for getting featured in the cover. I hope both Parad and Dan Kuroto will get their conflict expanded upon until the finale.

Crepe With Riho Takada

Kamen Rider OOO is over but these are too cute not to post...