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New Erika Toda Pictures Uploaded as of 1/29/2010

Here are some Erika Toda photos... somehow there's something about this girl that charms me through and through.
Erika Toda in a coffee shop would be a lovely surprise.

Erika Toda in a hot striped blouse.

She has the killer beauty you know.

Sigh... too bad I don't see this outside my window.

This lovely new kimoni is just so hot.

Erika Toda with the antagonistic look.

She has just arrested my eyes.

She really looks cute in all these colors.

Crystal Liu in Some Cool Jackets

Crystal Liu looks hot in these very cool jackets.

I like the peach colored jacket with the striped undershirt below it.

This black colored jacket is just plain classic with the stripes.

Somehow I have a feeling I've seen this design before and she looks hot in this.
This pink jacket is just plain awesome and my favorite picture here.

A little more with the sports them if you ask me.

Liu Yi Fei in White Gown

Here are some rather cool poses of Liu Yi Fei in her white gown. I believe this is some important event that she's attending. Ps. I think she really looks hot.

Different Dimensions of Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo in Brilliant Legacy

I can't help but think that these two promising young actors show the different sides of each other in Brilliant Legacy. How? Well we've got to think about how complex the two of them really are:
Lee Seung Gi is the anti-hero or unlikely hero Sun Woo Hwan of the whole script. He's not really evil although he deserves to be jailed and suffer for that occasion when he had a LOT of debts to pay. Okay he starts off as somebody you'll really get mad with but he does show some kindness when he meets Eun Woo (who he doesn't realize is Eun Sung's younger brother) who he becomes friends with. He also shows how he ends up defending Eun Sung (somebody he hated earlier due to the estate issues) from the clutches of the two wicked witches in his own family or how he also shows his process of reconciliation with Manager Lee Jun Young and his grandmother Jang Sak Ja as the series develops since he initially wronged the two seriously to the point they made the mistake of …

Kim Tae Hee's Performance in IRIS

I really liked the way Kim Tae Hee had done her performance in IRIS showing that she's more than a pretty face, she's got her acting to keep her up even when she'll age soon (better marry fast). How was her performance? It's a big improvement than her rather just passable performance in Nine Tailed Fox as Shi Yeon. In fact, she's shown more emotion than her wicked role as Yoori in Stairway to Heaven and seemingly has shed her "sweet and innocent" too much of a lady image that she shows in most of her roles as a leading lady. Instead, she's shown in an uneasy love triangle filled with action, intrigue and suspense.

Vic Zhou in Tight Schedules and Offers

Honestly speaking, Vic Zhou after his rather wonderful performance in Black and White has caused me to say it's NOT surprising that he's being taken for more and more films. So far his latest project is with the crew of "The Last Night of Madame Chin" and he is to act in the movie "Killer Ou Yang Peng Zai" and the drama "Back Home". The planned "Black and White" movie... does he still have time for it too? It seems he's being pulled in different directions right now. I think he may not act in the "Black and White" film due to tight scheduling.

So far here is an excerpt from: concerning Vic Zhou's scheduling:

"Back home" is said to be delayed because its director Cao Rui Yuan is also directing Settv's "Ni YaDa" that has to be delayed, thus messing his own schedule, takin…

Will Down with Love Bring Jerry Yan Back on Track?

I have read of how at least NT$1,500,000 has been spent on his drama "Down with Love" on bus ads. From the looks of it, hopefully the show won't be like how Hot Shot ended- as what some would view as a Saturday morning cartoon! He and Vanness Wu are under "fierce competition". However with Vic Zhou's improved performances, it may take some time for him before he gets back on track. However I don't think his drama "Starlit" did bad either but it was too much of a tearjerker for me :-( that I simply don't want to re-watch it.

Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu Sway Dance

This is already a very old picture but worth sharing for F4 fans. Seriously, I like this picture.

Vic Zhou's Rejoice Commercial

Lately, Vic Zhou has gone to Kanchanaburi, Thailand and filmed his new rejoice commercial in what I see mixed some "Shaw Brothers" element with lovely actress Bea Hayden in a train station commercial. This is where Vic Zhou gets enamored with the beauty of Bea Hayden and chases after her but is too late. Hmmm... typical love story elements.

"Idol War" Between Jerry Yan and Show Luo?

I've read this lately that there has been a possibility of a "rival war" between Jerry Yan and Show Luo that's happening right now. They were portrayed as rivals in Hot Shot so I guess this is no surprise a story like this can happen.

Here's the full story I copy and pasted (NOT MINE) from the Internet:

Idol star from hits "Meteor Garden" and "White Hospital" Jerry Yan and Ella Chen from hit girl group S.H.E. are busy promoting GTV’s upcoming idol drama “Down With Love”. Jerry Yan’s role will be a real departure from the tough guy image Yan holds from his previous dramas. They plan to be guests on various popular variety shows such as “Kangxi is Coming” and “Variety Big Brother”. But one show Jerry will not be visiting is “100% Entertainment”, hosted by Show Luo, who happens to be his fellow idol drama competitor on the current hit “Hi, My Sweetheart.” This evasion has led to rumors of an “Idol King Battle” between the two stars.

GTV (also the c…

Zhang Zi Yi and Jeon Ji Hyun in a Film Together?

We have...
Zhang Ziyi the Asian tiger lady and...
Jeon Ji Hyun who is well known for being the "Sassy Girl".

Believe it or not, both girls will star in a film called "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan." (click link for source) which will be a 19th century drama of two friends in a rivalry.
Accoding to some wordings, one of the F4 members though unconfirmed will be chosen. Who do I want to land in the role? I honestly vote that Jerry Yan takes this script and increase his ratings again... or will it be Vic Zhou who's most likely to overwork himself again to improve his part? Only time will tell.

Vicki Zhao Still Looking Young in Mulan

Despite the fact Vicki Zhao is now 33, she still looks young in her appearance in the Mulan film as well as her previous appearances in other wuxia movies historical or not. I can't believe how time hasn't easily aged her that much. :-P However I honestly think she looks to feminine to be mistakened to be a man despite the short hair. Ha ha ha.

Pace Wu with Less Makeovers

Pace Wu looks greater with less make-overs. In fact, I wish most of her pictorials were like these. Ha ha. By the way, I wonder why according to some sources she's in no hurry to marry her millionaire boyfriend. Here are some photos to prove that:

Only if women just kept themselves natural with less makeovers pretty or not, they'll look better.

Huang Xiao Ming with His Adopted Pandas

Here are some photos of Chinese actor Huang Xiao Ming with his adopted pandas Ping Ping and An'an. The two pandas will be going on the Shanghai World Expo Tour.

Here a re some photos of Chinese actor Huang Xiao Ming with his adopted pandas Ping Ping and An'an. The two pandas will be going on the Shanghai World Expo Tour.

Source of news:

Kim Tae Hee Fashion Queen

I can say that these lovely Kim Tae Hee photos make her a fashion queen that may "mirror" the late Chinese actress Patricia Lam of the 70s entertainment.

This lovely black dress of plain design is really pretty.

In a rather stunning black and white design dress.

This red blouse and black skirt is STUNNING.

In a lovely cream dress.

I just love how this striped attire looks like.

Crystal Liu Lovely Green Ancient Attire

This photo from Hang Yue really lights up my day. I can't help but think how pretty Chinese women really are. Ha ha. She looks stunning in this green kimono.

Condolences to Elva Xiao

I honestly feel sad that Elva Xiao's mother businesswoman Ye Shou Lin had to pass away on the first day of 2010. :-(

Her mother died from internal bleeding while her cervical cancer worsened. I honestly hope Elva Xiao doesn't end like that.

Andy Lau and Barbie Xu Kissing Scene

I'm just amazed that Barbie Xu got the chance to film this. Here's what- two NGs happened and yet it pushed through. However I really don't like the idea of a tandem between them as he's way "too old" for her in my opinion.

Esther Liu in Shanghai

Here are some cool photos of Esther Liu in Shanghai. I found them on Facebook and believe I would share them with everyone. Ha ha.
Esther Liu enjoying some black tapioca balls in a mocha. My favorite too. Less make-up, more beauty.
Esther Liu is prettier with lesser or no make-up. Posing outside the Bund. Too bad I never ran into her.
She can't decide what to eat next. Ha ha. No wonder sometimes she gains weight.
Esther Liu is eating one of her favorite desserts. I wish I bought it for her.
Esther Liu with a bottle of wine. Again lesser make-up, lesser makeovers makes her look better.
Somehow this picture tells me she's gained weight or something.
Taking the night out with some of her friends in Shanghai.
It's a really nice black dress if you aske me.
She really looks kind of dark with this attire.