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Liu Yi Fei Fashion 2014 Pictures for June 30, 2014

Well she's really gorgeous and all these pictures are beyond words... almost every angle here looks like a classic Brigitte Lin or Shaw Brothers picture.  I got them from here.

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for June 30, 2014

It's time for pictures of Liu Yi Fei yet again...
A sweetly innocent look...

Lucky cat!

I just love that expression!

Rin Takanashi Pictures for June 30, 2014

Here's a month ender with Rin Takanashi...
I love her kimono here...

Rin Takanashi in "Hanako to Anne"

I just love her outfit here...

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for June 29, 2014

Just some classic pictures for me to post...
Gorgeous in blue...

Pretty even when wet!

I'd love to hear her music...


Tori Matsuzaka for Aromax Fantastica Coffee

Yet another Sapporo foods endorsement from Tori Matsuzaka... ENJOY!

Mojikara powered cofee!
\ Available in different flavors!

Tori Matsuzaka Pictures for June 26, 2014

Tono-sama!  Well it's time for Tori Matsuzaka's pictures again.
Scratching his head?

What's he thinking about?

It's his birthday!

Congratulations to Sayaka Akimoto for Becoming Tourism Goodwill Ambassador

I just read from Orends Range my favorite former AKB48 member Sayaka Akimoto was appointed as the Tourism Goodwill Ambassador for Japan and the Philippines.  All I can say is congratulations to her!

She is a certified hottie!
Indeed her beauty is radiant!

Sweetly Sayaka!
Her beauty is radiant!

She is really sexy!

Esther Liu Pictures for June 25, 2014

Here's a couple of Liu Pin Yan pictures... but sucks really I'm kinda dry right now...
Lots and lots of candy like props...

What's she upset about?
She is a pretty flower...

Jerry Yan Pictures for January 23, 2014

Gao!!!  Nope it's Jerry Yan for Lian Lian Bu Wang the latest TV series in China. 
Answering to his Growl Phone...

Eating salad...

The naive look...

Rin Takanashi Picture for June 21, 2014

Here's Rin Takanashi wearing a Julien David shirt from her blog. She really looks pretty here if you ask me! -=)

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for January 21, 2014

Here's Liu Yi Fei pictures for today.  She's still a classic beauty.
Oh so gorgeous! 
A lucky child fan...  
Going cheerleader style?

Condolences to Daniel Wu for Mother's Death

Death is a harsh reality.  Here's me wishing my condolences to Daniel Wu for the death of his mother at 77 years old. =(

Liu Yi Fei at Outcast Press Conference

Well she's really gorgeous no doubt and I want to watch the movie "Outcast" for her.  Ha ha.  Pictures take from here. She's so gorgeous...

I love that stare...

Oh I wish I had her autograph!

Liu Yi Fei Picture for June 17, 2014

I just love Liu Yi Fei here looking like a sailor senshi... =)

Rin Takanashi Pictures for June 16, 2014

Time for yet another round of Rin Takanashi pictures to share thanks to Stacey's fanpage.
I love her simplicity here!
Oh so stunning!

This was during the Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia 2014...

That look is melting me... AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for June 16, 2014

It's for her ZDorzi 2014... and wow she's really gorgeous!
The beauty by the sea!

A very good coincidental imitation of Brigitte Lin

A beauty by the flowers!

Liu Yi Fei at the 17th Shanghai International Festival

Well she was with Korean actor Rain with who she has an incoming project with.  Now for the selected pictures which I took from here.
She's pretty smart looking

She almost looks like Brigitte Lin here...

She looks like royalty...

Nao Nagasawa's Wedding in Hawaii

Why do I have a bad habit of collecting despair from all the Nao Nagasawa fanboys.  And just a note, I didn't spend my time drooling over her in Kamen Rider W! XD

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for June 15, 2014

Well here's some more of her beauty and cuteness... enjoy!
Now I wish I were that cat... this almost looks like a younger Brigitte Lin picture

I just love her gowns here during the Shanghai Film festivals...

With Rain who she will co-star wit... but I wish she will soon co-star with Jerry Yan

Wow she's realy so gorgeous!