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Vic Zhou and Ariel Lin's Tea Commercial

Actually this is very cute for the female audiences. The whole product is CF Tea from Hong Kong. Honestly he really looks handsome here so it should get a good number of women to raise the ratings up.

However I do wish it was him and Liu Yi Fei or Esther Liu in this one.

Vic Zhou Martial Arts?

Honestly this is weird but true. Vic Zhou is undergoing martial arts training for "Black and White". Well I wonder how he'll turn out to be? I think he can do great with some effort but he'll never beat Takeshi Kaneshiro in terms of skill though.

Actually I just kept fantasizing him and Jerry Yan in a fight scene and he wins. Then another scene with him and Wallace Huo where he dies.

Liu Yi Fei's Martial Arts

Chinese cinema was always known for its rather exaggerated martial arts scene done by a combination of camera tricks and actual martial arts. Honestly with all that rope hanging and martial arts, I can't imagine how tired she must be after this scene! Taken from Condor Heroes.

Scene 1:

Scene 2:

Belated Happy Birthday Lin Dai

It would have been Lin Dai's 72th birthday last December 27, 2008 if she were still alive. Anyway I don't know much about her but I feel like to leave tribute for her. She does look like my late auntie who died of cancer of the pancreas at least three years ago.

Right now her son is a lawyer and not into show business.

Here is an excerpt documentary of her on Discovery Channel but I don't compare her to Marilyn Monroe:

This is Lin Dai in "Les Belles" which is a musical:

Another clip from "Les Belles". A dance number:

Here is a scene of my Grandma Gertrude's favorite film. Actually most of Lin Dai's films are tragic:

Here is her on stage singing Everlasting Love, Mountain Song and Dream.

Lin Dai singing (but her voice was cut mute so Koo Mei's was used). I remembered my grandmother used to watch this movie. The music is so great even for a classic oldie. The truth is as a lover of classical music, it's great.

And something dedicated to he…

Sweety in Singapore's Lau Pa Sat Festival Market

This is Esther Liu and Joanne Zeng. Honestly I wish I was there with her being her bf! Argh! The food is so delicious here but Esther Liu could make my day complete. This is where they taste different variety of foods. Just take a look.

Liu Yi Fei's Stage Performance

Actually Liu Yi Fei's not only very pretty but she's also very talented. I really liked her performance here even if she doesn't have a very great voice. But she's really so gorgeous man I really want to see more of her!

Here are some of her performances:

Singing Fang Fang Mei Li

Liu Yi Fei with Xin Ji. Her dancing is really great.

Zhou Xuan

Zhou Xuan! Ah who could ever forget the true and tragic story of the opera singer? Honestly I really wish I could verify whether or it the script that was acted out by Cecilia Cheung was fabricated or not. Zhou Wei accused his half-brother Zhou Wen of ruining the biography of their common mother. Whether or not it is true remains to be seen.

I now also present to you a clip from the show:

Here's also some of her greatest scenes: