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My Favorite F4 Song: Can't Lose You

Yes F4 had many good songs whether it was the solos done by its individual members or their group songs.  But this song "Can't Lose You" which was the Meteor Garden II opening theme for me remains my favorite of all time.  Just a big trivia- I thought these guys were Japanese and I mistook Jerry Yan for Tetsuji Tamayama (Sentai fans will notice him as the guy who played Gao Silver) especially with the looks and hair.  So this is just one of my favorite Chinese boy bands.  Just a thought- this song drew me into the world of Chinese entertainment and was just a stepping stone into it!

Rin Takanashi in Paris

Well here's Rin Takanashi in Paris... with her promo for "Like Someone In Love" which I find to be pretty bizarre...

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Angel Sun

Oh boy it's been something I TOTALLY missed to congratulate these two on their marriage. :P  To Tony Sun I've been a fan of Westside Story and it's still one of my favorite TV dramas.  And well, best wishes!

Sizzling Rin Takanashi for the SUMMER!

It's getting hot but this is way hotter... WOOHOO!!!!  These are pictures of Rin Takanashi for the summer!  BLAZING!!!!  

Just Being Hot... Rin Takanashi

I'd like to share these hot Rin Takanashi photos.

Rin Takanashi in a lovely dress and with her victory/peace sign.

This photo gives me Kimberly Hart nostalgia with how she's dressed up.

Rin Takanashi FUNNY

Here are some funny photos of Rin Takanashi. Photos taken from:

A very childlike, skeptical look.

It's a puppy eye stare.

Oh my, I better prepare some of my stomach pills... LOL.

Tim Burton Meets Takeru Sato

I got this information from Ukiya Seed from his blog Orends Range...

Takeru Sato who some Tokusatsu fans will recognize as Kamen Rider Den-O and will be acting as Kenshin for a live version of Rurouni Kenshin met with American film director Tim Burton.  Woah!  Hmmm... is he planning to go for American film industry?  It's kinda nice to see an exchange of items- Takeru Sato got a book and Tim Burton got a figure of Kenshin Himura. :)

What I find funny is this...

Takeru was the name of the red ranger in Shinkenger and TAKERU Sato will play Kenshin Himura.  Too bad for some it won't be Tori Matsuzaka.... oh well he did a good performance with Decade so no need to panic.


Liu Yi Fei's Fang Fang Mei Li

This is a classic moment with such a hot girl, Liu Yi Fei's song "Fang Fang Mei Li" is one of her songs that I enjoy to listen to aside from mere admiration of her beauty.  Enjoy this song!

Jacky Chan's Last Punch?

Here's an article that I ran into from the Sun Star news which I think will be his last move before his retirement, I will certainly miss him but I'll respect his decision:

CANNES, France — Jackie Chan says he is landing his last punch.

The Hong Kong actor told the Associated Press (AP) on Friday that his latest film "Chinese Zodiac" will be his last action movie.

Chan, launching the film in Cannes with co-stars Kwone Sang Woo, Yao Xingtong and Liao Fan, said that people never believe him when he says he is going to retire.

"They say 'no, you're still young, you can still do it,' but I have to stop one day."
The 58-year-old says he is bowing out with "Chinese Zodiac" because it's one of the "most important" films in his career.

Chan wrote, produced, directed and coordinated fights scenes for the film — in which his character searches for the 12 bronze heads of the Chinese zodiac.

Chan promised that he'll continue to …

Are Aaron Kwon and Lynn Hung Getting Married?

I just read from Asianfanatics that the two might tie the knot any time soon (source).  They are six years apart, with Aaron Kwok being the senior.  So if they're really in a relationship, they should tie the knot ASAP especially with Lynn Hung's dad suffering from cancer and cancer is not a joke.  I feel the two are just in denial to avoid paparazzi.

Tribute to Soga Machiko

Sadly Soga Machiko one of the most popular villain actresses passed away due to pancreatic cancer at the age of 68, three years ago on May 7 of 2006. Her most memorable character was Bandora of Zyuranger (Rita Repulsa) who was actually the most famous evil queen of sentai though she was not killed. She was also originally known as Queen Hedrian in Denziman in super sentai.

What made her unique is that she was not only a talented actress but a very good singer too. Who could forget her song "Dora! The Song of Witch Bandora!" It's VERY funny where she as Bandora danced with her goons to a silly rhythym. Clearly, Soga Machiko is a good dancer.

She was also the antagonist of Spielban known as Queen Pandora which the footage was used in VR Troopers in one episode (I hate to mention it). Also she voiced Ball Boy in Machineman but she did it in another tone. She also sang for Machine Man's Boy Ball song.

Hmmm.... she also did appear in Maskman episode 30 as Baraba's mot…

Some Photos of Soga Machiko

For all who've watched Tokusatsu and TV dramas, this face will always be remembered for her roles as wicked villains like Hedrian, Pandora and her iconic role as Majo Bandora for Zyuranger (Rita Repulsa for U.S. fans).  Here's some photos of Soga Machiko...

A much younger Soga Machiko...
 Perhaps this photo was taken before she died... she really looks old here.
Hmmm is this an album cover?  I so like her as a singer!  I bet this was recorded before she  acted as Bandora in Zyuranger!  Nobody can forget her Bandora song!
Probably just old some Japanese movie...
Soga Machiko as an entrepreneur

Aging Yet Glamorous Liu Xue Hua

These photos show Liu Xue Hua knows how to age with style...

Hmmmm... I kinda still am a fan of her to this day even if she's already quite old!

Some New Haruka Suenaga Photos For May 10, 2012

Here are some new photos I found and I say some are funny while others are blazing...
Haruka Suenaga's funny headshot but still cute...
She really looks angry here!  Wow! 
The sillier, funnier side of Haruka Suenaga. 
There's just some flowers here to complement her beauty.

Jay Chow's MV Jasmine With Chie Tanaka

Here's a lovely video of Jay Chow and Japanese actress Chie Tanaka (who also co-starred with him in Initial D) and I think they do have some chemistry here.  This is one of my favorite songs from Jay Chow's collection.  Enjoy!

Congratulations to Andy Lau

Andy Lau finally is a father.  Wow what a news.  So here's the news article:

In 2009, Andy Lau's underground relationship with Carol Zhu surfaced and it was exposed the couple were already married in the United States. The news shocked everyone and Andy was called a liar. All along, Andy had always wanted to have children, and had been working hard to do so. Finally his 46 year old wife Carol was pregnant.

In the recent month, Andy stopped working and accompanied his wife through her pregnancy. The other night, news broke out that Carol, accompanied by Andy, was secretly admitted to the hospital ready to give birth. It was understood Carol eventually gave birth to a 6 pound baby girl. Both mother and daughter are safe. Yesterday the news of Andy becoming a father already circulated around the entertainment circle and many reporters rushed to the hospital to get the story. The media surrounded Andy's residence as well, but deep into the evening, neither Andy or his wife ap…

Vanness Wu and Joanne Zang in "Ti Amo Chocolate"

Here's the trailer for the ongoing drama called "Ti Amo Chocolate" or "I Love You Chocolate" which features Vanness Wu and Joanne Zang.  Okay I'm not much of a Joanne Zang fan, she's not eye candy, this seems to be girly eye candy but I guess this will be a good watch because I LOVE CHOCOLATE!  Nice for Vanness Wu to take a retreat from weepy dramas and back to lighter ones. 
Here's a little bit of Vanness Wu talking.  Wowee.  Hmmm and for once I thought this would be a Willy Wonka type of soap opera.  But still, chocolate oh chocolate!  Oh yeah, I expect to enjoy this because of its theme too.

Tori Matsuzaka in Death Game Park

After Tokusatsu, Tori Matsuzaka proceeded to be an action drama actor though it's likely he would guest star in Tokusatsu if he gets a good role.  A doctor?  A monster of the week?  Well only time will tell for now.
Him starring in the action series "Death Game Park".
In Death Game, he is reunited with Masahiro Inoue whom he met at the Shinkenger vs. Decade special.