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Liu Yi Fei Pictures I Found as of May 29, 2013

There's no doubt she is HOT!  
I wish I can keep her company...

Nice hair...

She's really charming...

Tired huh?

The beautiful genius...

Rin Takanashi Pictures I Found as of May 29, 2013

Another peace sign...


Flawless skin...

Rin Takanashi Picture I Found as of May 28, 2013

Wow this is really smoking freaking hot.  Hee hee, I'll admit that Stacey Louise Farrell does a pretty good job in finding the pictures of high quality for the Facebook page. =)

Yasuka Saito as Masumi Inou/Bouken Black in Boukenger

Well I'd like to do a tribute to Yasuka Saito.  First, while I don't think he's really at the same level with Toshihide Wakamatsu in playing a Gai Yuki type character in Masumi Inou in Boukenger but I'd say he did a pretty good job in playing the character.  So he's portrayed to be a rebel, a badass like Gai Yuki except he doesn't have the womanizing and smoking side.

What could be notable is that he was playing alongside Mitsuomi Takahashi who played as his foil Satoru Akashi.  Boukenger showed the two characters playing as rivals that eventually become best friends.  But for me, the part wasn't as well done compared to the development of Ryu and Gai Yuki in Jetman.

I would like to give credit to how he portrays the rivalry Masumi plays with Yaiba of the Darkness.  While Toshihide Wakamatsu played Gai Yuki who had a great respect to Gure, Masumi is a character that really is fighting against a complete monster of a villain in Yaiba.  So far, he did show s…

Congratulations to Yumi Sugimoto for her Recovery

Yumi Sugimoto has been recently cleared from her acute pyenonephritis.  Well all I can say is congratulations!  But as of right now, she is still monitored by the doctors.  I hope she drinks more water as well.

Tori Matsuzaka and Yudai Chiba Reunited

Well here's a picture of Tori Matsuzaka and Yudai Chiba reunited, can anybody tell me what show this is?  Definitely this wasn't the Goseiger vs. Shinkenger crossover. =P

Rin Takanashi Pictures I Found as of May 26, 2013

Lucky stuffed toys! =P
Rin Takanashi is checking out whether or not Spike's entered the building.

Nerd mode with a drink!  Spike won't recognize her.
Dang those bears!

Rin Takanashi on "I Install Shield Bukkake Secret Job Tune ~ Ano Occupation"

Well here's Rin Takanashi for a game show I haven't watched.  Just made me think that she's looking freaking hot in here.  Hee hee hee... made me think she's probably still the most overrated babe of Tokudom as of recent until the next generation comes.

Kazunori Inaba as Takeru/Red Mask in Maskman

Well it's time to pay some tribute to retired actor Kazunori Inaba who is currently a businessman.  Prior to that, he had a guest appearance in Flashman.

For starters, Kazunori Inaba shows why you shouldn't mess with his character Takeru (or him) with a lot of awesome out of suit fighting.  It shows he seems to be at par with the legendary suit actor Kazuo Niibori.  I really enjoy his out of scene fighting which isn't that present in current Super Sentai anymore.  But aside from that, he really manages to show the feelings needed with his interaction with Mina Asami.

I thought he really had a great interaction with the two characters that Mina Asami played as- that is as the character's girlfriend Ial vs. to that of her twin sister Igam (who was pretending to be a man but is truly a woman at heart).  As Ial's lover or as Igam's bitter opponent, it really showed this guy could act.  Made me think really that the Igam/Ial plot brought out much of him throughout …

F4 Chinese New Year Concert in Beijing 2013

Pretty belated pictures but too good not to display.  Made me think that after four years of not being together, F4 still remembers the friendship they had, hopefully they'll get a good reunion with all their Meteor Garden casts too.  Enjoy! 

Vic Zhou as Chen Zai Tien in Black and White TV Drama

Vic Chou starring as the rather inept (and somewhat corrupt) police officer which is where the typical him is shed away and he is already... well not a comedic character but a serious character.  So I could probably compare him now to Qin Han or to Andy Lau with this role.  Moving on, made me think this character role he had is praiseworthy for so many reasons aside from the fact he could play the weaker side to the stronger side of the character rather well.  He and Mark Chao are definitely a contrast to each other- a somewhat corrupt incompetent cop vs. a hard-nosed close minded competent cop.  Whatever, Vic Chou managed to do the role rather well!  In my case, I really wished Jerry Yan played his partner.

In the scenes where he has terror, well he does manage to show his face rather well.  Made me think that his anger scenes were very convincing compared to that in the past.

One of the best improvements was his crying scene.  To be honest, I was raising up my remote ready to turn …

Munemaru Kouda as Doctor Man in Bioman

FOR THE MAN!  Well I guess it's time to talk more focused on the late Munemaru Kouda's role as Doctor Man in Bioman before I'd talk about his not so extensively used character of Gorma XV.  So what's so special about this role as Doctor Man?  Considering the actor's age, he's obviously an aging man, he really knew how to play as an old mad scientist who dresses up like some villain in Macross but can't cross on my mind who =P.  Now what's so special about this guy?  Thinking about it he's got some awesome cast members such as Hirohisa Nakata to play as Mason, the late Yuko Asuka to play as Farrah, Yukari Oshima to play as Farrah Cat and Strong Kobayashi to play as Monster (another interesting entry perhaps).  If anybody knows what films he has played prior to this, please comment!  Made me think that his really badass villainy as an evil scientist is one of the few things that scared me as a child!

So what's so special about him?  It's prac…

Shiro Izumi as Burai in Zyuranger

Well he's already retired but I thought this is one performance that should be in this celebrities blog as another performance worth praising.  Shiro Izumi was previously known to play as Yuuma/Change Pegasus in Changeman and he returned as the first official sixth ranger in Super Sentai as Burai/Dragon Ranger for Zyuranger.  What makes him oustanding?  I just thought that he really plays the character of Burai very well from episode 17 until his eventual departure in episode 42 where his character Burai died.  One of the best features aside from his kickass moves?  His EVIL laugh that beats off Jason David Frank's cartoony version. Made me think he was playing a character that you take X-1 Mask, let him last for a couple of episodes then kill him.  Shiro Izumi makes Burai worthy of the song of Dragon Caesar.  Doragon-dragon-Caesar...!

Another of the best parts of his role as Burai was during the "Green with Evil" arc when his character was released from suspended a…

Tokusatsu Legend Hiroshi Miyauchi

Hiroshi Miyauchi... a name that will ring to much older fans. Yep he was Shirou Kazami in Kamen Rider V3 (his first major role), Akira Shinmei/Aoranger in Goranger, Ken Hayakawa/Zubat in Zubat and Soukichi Banba/Big One in JAKQ in which he portrays above. One has to admit, even out of suit this guy is pretty badass and awesome.
I haven't seen much of Kamen Rider V3 and I wish to see more of it, but even at a few clips where he's out of suit, he shows he's got the kickass power needed by today's Tokusatsu. What was even more badass he sang the opening song!
His first Super Sentai role was as Shinmei in Goranger. Well I guess a lot of the 70s kids saw him in action in this form as well aside from Kamen Rider V3.
As Banba/Big One it seems he was really the Super Sentai mascot. Hee hee, first Sentai white rangera nd concept of an extra warrior joining in later. Made me really think that during his younger days, he was badass and it seemed he didn't rust during the ev…

Tokusatsu Legend Masashi Ishibashi's Four Super Sentai Villain Roles

Masashi Ishibashi... well he's really old now but I would like to give him some tribute.  Now for some of his roles:

His first role in Tokusatsu was the evil priest Hedder of the Egos Cult in Battle Fever J.  His character became the Hedder Monster to fight off against the Battle Fever J group.

He played as the final villain Iron Claw in JAKQ.

In Dynaman, he played as General Kar.  This character was gag dubbed as Mel Fujitsu in the parody dub.  His character was called the "God of War" by the writers of Dynaman.  This is perhaps his most amazing role.

His final major role in Tokusatsu, sadly he only lasted until episode 29 of Turboranger called "End of Rehda" where his character challenged Red Turbo to a duel and died.  In that episode, he did his best fight scene with Kazuo Niibori who was Red Turbo's suit actor.

Yeah later, he appeared in the Gekiranger movie as the main villain which would probably show he still cherished his roles in Tokusatsu.

Haruka Suenaga as Sakura Nishihori in Boukenger

Well it's time to analyze Haruka Suenaga's role as Sakura Nishihori a.k.a. the defrosting ice queen.  I am yet to do an analysis on Mika Katsumura as Yuuri, I'll focus on one of my favorite pinks.  Pretty much, she can portray the character that's totally different from the real her. =P

Well I'd say the actress has done some action scenes which I find impressive.  Best scene?  I might credit it to the machine gun scene in Boukenger episode 12.  Pretty much, I enjoyed the tougher side of her but that didn't mean I didn't enjoy the funnier side of her.  Just a sidenote: made me think she and Kanako Maeda could have played as mom/daughter in one episode.

See what I mean?  I thought Haruka Suenaga did the defrosting ice queen part well although the script itself isn't that good.  Just made me think the actress does get unintentionally funny at times.  In Boukenger The Movie, I thought her character in fear displayed some very funny faces. XD

She had an int…