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Haruka Tateishi Pictures For April 28, 2017



Ninninger And Zyuohger Cast Pictures For April 28, 2017

It's already 2017 but these pictures are too good not to share...
Yuuka Yano is being cute as usual... 
Role reversal anyone?

Reina Kurosaki's Nerd Mode

Is it me or do I really have a soft spot for nerd modes? 

Ruka Matsuda Picture For April 25, 2017

This is just too cute not to display. 

Rio Uchida Picture For April 25, 2017

Here's Rio Uchida with her peace sign... 

Eating Out With The Ninninger Girls

Well it's already 2017 but these are too good not to share.

Going To The Jungle With Rio Uchida

Kamen Rider Drive is over but she still turns the engines on. Now it's time to go to the jungle with her!

Sakurako Okubo Picture For April 24, 2017

It's Kyu Kyu Tama time!!!!!

Maaya Uchida Pictures For April 24, 2017

It's time to go ZU-CUNE again!
I want that cake!
 Ice cream time!

Fire And Water, Grilling Meat With Tori Matsuzaka And Hiroki Aiba

The spirit of the samurai never dies with these guys!
That's some delicious meat there.
I wonder who their lucky brides-to-be are?

Takumi Kizu And Masaki Nakao Eating Some Hot Soup

It's nice to see Super Sentai stars of this generation are going out together. Hmmm LUCKY!!!!!!

Suzy Bae Got Me Dazed

She's getting a little more daring isn't she?
Would she do gravure next?

Send me to Delusion World!

She's hot even in simplicity,

Kasumi Yamaya Pictures For April 18, 2017

Is that some chicken biscuit or what?
 Ice cold drinks with her anyone?

Haruka Tateishi Picture For April 18, 2017

She's looking so lonely after Zyuohger? 

Rio Uchida Picture For April 18, 2017

Drive is over but this is too good not to share... 

Shiro Izumi Picture For April 15, 2017

Well it's Zyuranger's 25th anniversary after all.

Liu Yi Fei At The BVLGARI Event In Shanghai

She's already entering 30 but still looking great...

Haruka Tateishi And That Cute Doggie

It just looks like Zyuland and our world won't separate after all... 

Rice Balls With Haruka Tateishi Anyone?

It's time for some rice balls with Haruka Tateishi. She's just so adorable!

Kasumi Yamaya Picture For April 8, 2017

She's really so cute! What else can I say? 

Suzy Bae Going To Delusion World Ahem Japan From Incheon Airport For Carin Shooting

What can I say? She's got her short hair and she's looking like Maaya Uchida here. Hmmm I wonder if she'll meet Maaya Uchida soon. 

Pictures Of Suzy Bae Endorsing Domino's Pizza

It's time to eat some delusional pizza isn't it?
YUM YUM!!!!!
Must have pizza!!!!!
She's so young here!!!! 
WAH I want some of that pizza!

Now that's some tasty pizza.

I'd be taking the first set.


It's time to meet the pretty chef.

She's one cute chef.

A natural beauty indeed.

Sizzle sizzle...
Yup that's a huge meal there...

She's calling out for pizza!