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I'm So Excited for the F4 Reunion!!!!

Despite the fact that the F4 boyband looks like they disbanded, haven't done much together yet the bond of friendship is still there.  It gives me the atmosphere of how Tokusatsu actors and actresses still bother to do a reunion even if they have already moved on with their lives.  So what's the update from a Facebook fan page?  Here it is... gets me pretty excited and I hope a lot of you are...
Hello Guys how are you???Vic will fly be in Beijing tomorrow for JiangSU spring festival program taping The program that will be on 10 Feb 2013 Chinese New yearToday taking rented car to go for the recording ~ also giving advance notice that ZZ will be flying tomorrow via Eva Air BR716, reaching Beijing airport at 12.40pm. Friends who want to welcome at the airport please make your way there, please maintain calm at the airport and do not do any extreme actions.

Happy 25th Birthday Ryota Ozawa

Happy 25th birthday Ryota Ozawa who we affectionately call as Captain Marvelous in Gokaiger.  I can't wait for the Gobusters vs. Gokaiger movie.  Now here's a birthday song for him...

Spongebob offers a birthday gift for him!

Esther Liu Photos I Found as of January 24, 2013

Esther Liu in Taiwan with these delicious dishes.

Esther Liu promoting her new TV series "Bud Fall Every Day"... hee hee just want to watch this for her.

More Liu Yi Fei Photos I Found as of January 24, 2013

I guess this is just another set of those lovely Liu Yi Fei photos...
I love her dress in here... I wonder is that her manager near her?

Another lovely stare...

It's another of those lovely dresses...

More Liu Yi Fei Zdorzi Pics I Found as of January 23, 2013

Before I hit the sack, here's an additional batch of Liu Yi Fei for Zdorzi Spring...
She's the apple of my eye...

Curse that bunny rabbit!

I just love her look in here...

Congratulations Terri Kwan and Christian Zhu on their Engagement

I would like to wish Terri Kwan and her boyfriend Christian Zhu their marriage soon.  So happy for them.  Well I do hope soon, I'll be able to post their wedding photos too should they post them online because I will never violate their privacy for the sake of my blog's publicity.


RIP Joe Cheng Kam Wing

Sad, very sad Joe Cheng Kam Wing (not to be confused with Joe Cheng/Zheng Yuan Chang who is still alive) suddenly passed away at the age of 51.  Condolences to him and his family. =(

Condolences to Nao Nagasawa on Her Grandmother's Death

It was reported that Nao Nagasawa's grandmother had just passed away.  I don't know on which side but regardless, it's a time of mourning for her.   Condolences Nao-Chan and I hope I'll hear happy news from you soon after this time of sadness. =(

Liu Yi Fei Pictures I Found as of January 18, 2013

Now it's time for some sexy madness with Liu Yi Fei... once more...
For Zdorzi, this is really gorgeous.

Another of her beautiful endorsements...

She's in a field of beautiful flowers... like her dress...

Shu Qi in a Stella McCartney Dress

Here's Shu Qi who's currently THIRTY SIX but still looks quite young... and this was last December 27, 2012 in a press conference in Bejing about her role as the Dragon Lady in Journey to the West...

Emi Takei for Image TV Last December 2012

Here are some photos of Emi Takei for Image TV last December 2012...
Hmmm I'd like to swim with her...

A beauty in a cloudy day..

A pretty sideview look...

More Zdorzi 2013 Photos of Liu Yi Fei I Found as of January 13, 2013

Well here's more Zdorzi photos of Liu Yi Fei for display...
If you ask me, she looks like a Chiungyao star in here...

The lovely flower admiring the flowers...

Oh no, not that look... it's so moe...

Redefining Sweetness with Liu Yi Fei

Okay I'll admit that I do have some phobia with some Chinese products due to the formalin scare... however this billboard of Liu Yi Fei redefines sweetness in one way or another.  I think this is a strawberry beverage.  Now just more of a thought... it'd be fun to have strawberries with her.

Liu Yi Fei Photos I Found as of January 11, 2013

Well I just can't get enough of this cute chick... to be honest I find her even hotter than Victoria Justice though not as hot as Rin Takanashi or Emma Roberts.  So here's a new flooding of photos.  Hopefully I'll get more Rin Takanashi photos to flood this blog too...

Vic Zhou at the Saving General Yang Press Conference

I found these pictures on one of the unofficial Facebook fanpages.  The event happened at Hong Kong Island, Harbor Grand Hotel on the first floor grand ballroom (Oil Street North Point, Hong Kong on the 23rd)... and he looks pretty formal here.

Emi Takei: Ghana and Red Cross...

Well here are photos of Emi Takei thanks to Nao Kanzaki and a Few Friends, so here they are...

Emi Takei and some chocolate... it's sweeter with her...

Emi Takei and the Ghana mascot... so cute!!!!  This was at the Red Cross.  Speaking of Red Cross, a good former teacher of mine now works there too.

Selected Rina Akiyama Photos from "Waiting for You"

Here's some Rina Akiyama eye candy.  Ever noticed she kinda looks like Chinese actress Isabella Leong?  In some way but I find Isabella Leong prettier.

Rina Akiyama in School Girl Attire

Rina Akiyama, well honestly I'm not really a big fan of her nor do I really treat her as eye candy but for her sake, I'll present some photos.  Many of you may recognize her first major role as Mana in Kamen Rider Agito and she later appeared as Naomi in Den-O (an entirely different character) as well as Eve in the Christmas episode of Boukenger.  Now I'll upload her school girl looks for starters...

Erika Toda on NHK Promoting "Shoten in Michiru no Mi no ue Banashi"

Once again from Nao Kanzaki and friends, here's some pictures of Erika Toda... now on NHK promoting her latest drama... and I do love her smile in here.

Real Life Dating: Kim Tae Hee and Rain

Well it's been confirmed that 30 year old Rain is dating 32 year old Kim Tae Hee.  Well it's not anything to frown at (or to laugh at) if the guy is younger than the girl, hey she's not old enough to be his mother!  Although never a on-screen couple, I felt pretty happy for Rain to date a girl like Kim Tae Hee.  However here's what I've also read: (Source:

The Defense Ministry on Thursday said it confirmed that singer and actor Rain bunked off military duties to meet his girlfriend, actress Kim Tae-hee. The ministry said it considers this a violation of military regulations and will put him in front of a disciplinary committee.  Rain, who is serving in the Army entertainment corps, left his military base citing official duties on Nov. 23, Dec. 2 and 9 to work on a song for a military event at a recording studio in Gangnam. On all three occasions Rain met up with Kim between…

Vic Zhou for GQ Taiwan Magazine January 2013

Here's another set of Vic Zhou pictures this time from the GQ Taiwan Magazine for my lady readers... 

Liu Yi Fei... Speechless with Her Beauty

I'll just say this picture of Liu Yi Fei has left me pretty speechless if you ask me.  Hee hee. Despite her being in her mid-twenties like I am, she does look younger than her age.  Hee hee hee.

Toku-Look Alike: Vivian Hsu and Yu Takahashi

Here's a picture of two actresses I thought pretty looked like.  Okay I'm not really a big fan of Vivian Hsu nor am I of Yu Takahashi (but she does acting WAY better than Vivian Hsu, check out Kamen Rider Kiva) but I did notice they do look alike.  Vivian Hsu appears to have fairer skin than Yu Takahashi (who is half-Filipino, I thought she was half-Taiwanese at first due to her appearance) but they do kinda look alike. 

What Could Have Been... The Jerry x Barbie Pairing in the Past....

I was watching Meteor Garden 1 and 2 and even if they do have their own lives, Jerry Yan x Barbie Xu on screen pairing did have that chemistry I thought could have been utilized for far more different scripts.  I was even thinking while watching some classic Qiong Yao novels... I tend to compare the pairing to...
Qin Han (Sun Xiang Zhong) and Liu Xue Hua back in the 80s.  I just had my thoughts Jerry Yan kind of looks like Qin Han in some way... the chemistry was there.  I mean the Jerry x Barbie pairing could have been used for any Qiong Yao remakes like Courtyard or Seagull's Home. Sadly the chemistry wasn't fully utilized but oh well... Barbie Xu's now retired from acting, happily married and for Jerry Yan, hope he finds true love soon. =)  Hmmm if a remake of Flower Falls, Flower Blooms will be done, maybe a Jerry Yan x Esther Liu or Liu Yi Fei pairing can be possible too.