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Grilling With Yukari Taki And Friends

Yukari taki and some of her friends are having some grilled meat together. 
Having a good time anyone?

She's having a fun time grilling.

Pictures taken from her Ameblo.

Pearl Milk Tea With Maaya Uchida Anyone?

She's really got that adorable smile with her to go along with some pearl milk tea.

Hiroki Aiba's Going One Piece?

From the looks of it, Hiroki Aiba is a One Piece fan. This picture made me wish that he made that guest role instead of Runa Natsui. But again, that's just a very minor issue. =P

Joanne Tzeng Pictures For July 30, 2016

Time for some cuteness again isn't it?
Time for some strawberry cake anyone?

Suzy Bae Pictures For Beanpole Accessories Fall 2016 Collection

And yes, she's "invading" Asia yet again with her cuteness.
Even in modesty she's pretty!

Suzy Bae's Pictures For Grazia X Didier Dubot 2016 BTS

What can I say? Suzy Bae's "invading" Asia with her cuteness.
Yup anybody's heart can beat that fast with her!

Liu Yi Fei Models For Lady Dior

Here's Liu Yi Fei looking more and more like a younger Brigitte Lin in her pictorials. 
I just love that smile.

Suzy Bae Gets Some Delicious Coffee Anyone?

No, it's not Maaya Uchida. Suzy's now in Sydney, Australia.

Zyuohger Cast In Their Kimonos

Here's a photo of the Zyuohgers in their kimonos. Meanwhile, fans can look forward to both the Zyuohger and Ghost movies.

Haruka Tateishi And Miki Yanagi In Kimonos

Well it's time for a festival movie isn't it? Speaking of which, with fall around the corner it also means Hungry Ghost Festival and Moon Cake Festival are just near. Woohoo!
Behind the scenes anyone? I guess they're watching fireworks!


Suzy Bae At The Incheon Airport Heading For Sydney, Australia

Here's Suzy Bae with pictures of her heading for Sydney, Australia. I really love her attire here. 
Greeting fans!

Suzy Bae Picture For July 25, 2016

It's cooking time with Suzy Bae isn't it? 

Esther Liu Pictures For July 25, 2016

Here's Esther Liu's pictures on another tour. 

Haruka Tateishi Picture For July 25, 2016

Is this for some summer movie anyone? 

Erina Nakayama Picture For July 25, 2016

What can I say? She's really looking cuter than a younger Reiko Chiba!

Tori Matsuzaka Picture For July 25, 2016

He's really looking good in this business suit. 

Pictures Of Suzy Bae For Grazia China For July 25, 2016

I admit, the way Suzy Bae has her photos done here is edited to look like some 80s style using Photoshop. 

Suzy Bae Picture For July 21, 2016

Here's a cute Suzy Bae picture for today having some delicious breakfast.

Suzy Bae Models For Guess Pictures For July 19, 2016

Here's some stunning photos of Suzy Bae for Guess right now...
 Simplicity is beauty.

Gotta love that pink jacket.

Zyuohger Cast Pictures For July 18, 2016

Well they're celebrating yet again. Glad to have Zyuohger back this week since it was annoying not to have it last week.
Beast mode!

More beast mode!

Suzy Bae And Them Flowers

I guess she's invading this page now huh? XD

Suzy Bae As No Eul Pictures For July 16, 2016

Getting a curl anyone?
Tempura time!

Suzy Bae Pictures For July 14, 2016

Four times the cuteness!

Drinking Slushies With Suzy Bae

This picture is making me thirsty for slushies! XD

Yuuka Yano Pictures For July 13, 2013

So she's got a new phone?

Hashed Rice With The Ninninger Girls!

Yuuka Yano and Kasumi Yamaya now are getting some hashed rice... looks pretty good if you ask me. Now where can I buy what they bought? XD

Hiroki Aiba Aiba Pictures After Great Gatsby

It's Great Gatsby certification time!

Erina Nakayama Picture For July 12, 2016

What can I say? She's definitely that cute!

Rin Takanashi Picture For July 12, 2016

Here's Rin Takanashi in a screenshot in her latest project... 

Maaya Uchida Picture For July 11, 2016

It's time for more Zu-CUNE!!!!

Suzy Bae Pictures For July 11, 2016

Well it's time for more cuteness isn't it?

Suzy Bae Screenshot For Uncontrollably Fond

I'll admit she's really that cute!

Erina Nakayama Pictures For June 9, 2016

Here's some Erina Nakayama pictures for the day...
Well she's looking better than Reiko Chiba now huh?
Double the cuteness...

Suzy Bae Pictures For July 8, 2016

She's feeling cold?

Esther Liu's Tour At Studio Ghibli

I may not be a huge Anime fan myself but these pictures look too good not to display. It's a nice moment to actually visit a place like Studio Ghibli. Now only if she could tour Toei's studios dressed up as Bouken Pink. 
At the heart with Anime.
Woah she's about to fall!

Suzy Bae Pictures For July 6, 2016

Is it me or is she starting to take over the spotlight so fast?! XD
Cutey cute!

Wow she must be pissed off!

Suzy Bae Pictures For July 5, 2016

Peace sign with Suzy!
Feeling lonely again?

Liu Yi Fei Promoting Her Movie "Never Gone" In Nanjing

Here's Liu Yi Fei in yet another classic outfit. She's really looking like a younger Brigitte Lin in here. Any chance she got misplaced during birth? XD
Graceful look...

Hiroki Aiba In The Musical Version Of "Great Gatsby"

Well I guess he wanted to do broadway as well... and he's really charming. This is better than kabuki.

Such a charming guy!