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Jaycee Chan's Live Flying Kick

Jaycee Chan in the Beijing Film Festival DOUBLE TROUBLE film conference showed he could do a FLYING KICK after all.  Just amazing!  So he's gotten some of his father's skills after all... while noting his mother wasn't an action star.

Sentai Alumni in Cho Ninja Tai Inazuma and Cho Ninja Tai Inazuma Spark

Okay this is NOT Super Sentai but it's still worth a watch for fans of Magiranger, Boukenger and Dekaranger. Here are some of the casts and I think it's worth a watch. Here are they:

During the first season we have:
Atsushi Hashimoto who previously played as Kai/Magired in Magiranger act as Hosomatsu/Raiden (not to be confused with the Mortal Kombat character).
Hiroya Matsumoto who previously played as Tsubasa/Magiyellow act as Senden.
Asami Kai who previously played as Urara/Magiblue plays as Kaguya/Shiden.
Mika Kikuchi plays another yet air-headed character in the series named Jun Terada after playing as Umeko Kodou/Deka Pink who was also air-headed. Perhaps her character somewhat parodies her Dekaranger character.
Banban Akaza sadly got pushed behind. He plays as Takanao Kuratonomiya who is Jun's sidekick.
Yuki Ito played as Tojiro, a character who Kaguya once had feelings for in the Edo era.
Meibi Yamauchi who previously was Lunagel in Magiranger acts as Ito, Teronusuke's…

Some Old (But Cute) Reiko Chiba Pictures

Here's a picture of the Zyuranger babe who has been married to Tetsuhito Kirihara. These are some of her younger pictures. She's really kind of pretty but not at first glance.  Okay just some classic shots.

Comment: She's hot but not as hot as Natsuki Takahashi or Noriko Kinohara.

Reiko Chiba Cosplay

Here are some cosplay costumes of Reiko Chiba.

Reiko Chiba as Mai Shiranui. However she's not that hot. :-P

She looks better in this costume than the first one as it complements her more IMO.

Reiko Chiba's Family Life

Here are some photos of Reiko Chiba and her family:

If I'm not wrong, the guy on her left is her husband Tetsuhito Kirihara.

Reiko Chiba and her son.

Another adorable picture of motherhood.

All these were taken in 1999...

Hiroshi Fujioka Sings "Let's Go Rider Kick"

After many years of post-Toku acting and perhaps retirement from acting, it would be nice to give this video as a belated tribute to the late Shigeru Araki.  Even as an old man, he still kicks ass.  Let's Go Rider Kick!

Condolences to Shigeru Araki

Okay you may expect to see this in a Tokusatsu blog but hey, listen this guy didn't continue with Tokusatsu but with action films.  He passed away from pneumonia yesterday at Tokyo Hospital, he was 63 years old.  So I do hope all Tokusatsu fans here will also pay their condolences for this man who filled our screens as Kamen Rider Stronger.

Just a memorial for him... with his iconic role remembered!  HENSHIN!

RIP Kamen Rider Stronger... all the Kamen Riders salute you!

And here are a few words from Hiroshi Fujiora one of my childhood heroes... READ HERE.

Now for my last respects... hopefully with this complete theme song...
RIP you will be missed!

Q and A with Rin Takanashi

After Shinkenger, she still looks as gorgeous as ever.  Woah!  I got to admit, she looks hotter here than she did with Shinkenger and like her get-up here better.  She's been into a few movies here and there while her latest "Like Someone in Love" is too disgusting with me due to her character getting into an odd relationship with an old man.  She's also done Tokusatsu guest roles as well.  I suggest she like Tori Matsuzaka do soap operas as well.

Some Rin Takanashi Photos I Ran Into Today...

I just can't have enough of her... SIGH!  So here's some of those photos of Rin Takanashi...

What's she doing on space?

] I wish I were this teddy bear!
Not so much make-up makes her look prettier!   She reminds me of a younger Amy Jo Johnson here!  LOL!
These stuffed toys are lucky!
A childish innocence from her...

Chie Tanaka's Mandarin

Chie Tanaka after leaving the Japanese entertainment world, did a crash course in Mandarin and WOAH I got to admit she's a pretty fast learner.  It's been quite a long time and she's done more in the Chinese film industry than the Japanese film industry.

My Favorite Chie Tanaka Pictures

Here are some of my favorite Chie Tanaka pictures:

Chie Tanaka at Wu Bing's birthday party...

I sorta like this one too...
Simplicity is beauty as defined here!  Yeah she looks prettier here than she was in Dekaranger.

Ayumi Kinoshita with Tomokazu Yoshida

Here's a picture spotted with her fellow Dekaranger actor Tomokazu Yoshida.  I haven't done some research on what Tomokazu Yoshida is doing now.

Two Ayumis and One Rika

Here's a rather interesting picture of Ayumi Beppu, Ayumi Kinoshita and Rika Sato for some reunion.  Apparently after Super Sentai, they've become soap opera actresses if they're still into acting to continue their careers since Tokusatsu started them off but it can't be their spot forever.  Apparently they manage to stay close even after Tokusatsu.  Talk about a retired Red Mask who still signs autographs!

Tori Matsuzaka as Hattori Heiji

Tori Matsuzaka seems to be less involved with Tokusatsu and more with live dramas shortly after Shinkenger. He's also taking the role of Hattori Heiji who is a character in Detective Conan.  An anti-hero role?  Hmmm... looks like Tokusatsu is a launching point for most Japanese actors to get recognized, in the end it seems his fans will remember him more as Shinken Red than any other role.  But still, enjoy!

Ayumi Kinoshita and Kenji Ebisawa in Uramiya Honpo

After shooting for Dekaranger, later Ayumi Kinoshita got a lead role in Uramiya Honpo as the main character.  It's nice to know that she's got a script of her own.  I just love how some Tokusatsu actors would still do J-Drama even after Tokusatsu.  Others just quit so early.  I just love this scene!

Kazunori Inaba and Family

Even after retiring from show business, Kazunori Inaba (screen name Ryosuke Kaizo) now reveals a bit of his private life.  These were from my Super Sentai blog.

This is a photo of him in some school uniform.

Red Mask Jr. holding Red Mask Sr.'s photo. Our future red ranger!

A father and photo- strangely enough his son is also wearing red.

Here's the actual family photo of him and his child.

A photograph of his wife and son.

If I'm not wrong, this is a reunion on the side of his wife.

They've gone swimming and in this picture, I wonder how old his son is?

With his Filipino in-laws maybe? Looks like it.

At the beach side- brings back memories of him and Ial.

Chise Nakamura in the Philippines

Here are some cute and adorable photos of Chise Nakamura in the Philippines:

Sentai Seniors Collection Part 5

Here are more rare finds of older Sentai cast members in their older photos. Ha ha. Too bad we don't know much of what they're doing.

Here's a reunion of Ryosuke Sakamoto and Michiko Makino. Time has already passed on them. How old are they now? If I'm not wrong, they look like they're in their 50s already. Hikaru Katsuragi despite her aged self still looks recognizable for some reason. On the other hand, Ryosuke Sakamoto has gained a LOT of weight. I really wished Michiko Makino would have played as the mother of Ran in Gekiranger or as Mako's mother in Shinkenger. :-( Women do age faster. :-(

Ryosuke Sakamoto with other Sentai alumni. If you know who they are, please comment. I wonder why we don't see these guys guest star as parents in Super Sentai?

Keijiro Shiga who acted as Baraba in Maskman. I really wish he'll appear as a villain in Goseiger.

Yuko Asuka the woman we know who played as Farrah (at the left) and if I'm not wrong, with her husband Hi…