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Keiichi Wada as Ryou/Ryuuranger in Dairanger

Well here's another badass you don't want to miss it's Keiichi Wada.  So what makes him freaking amazing?  I thought he might really be the strongest red ranger ever.  Moving on, I guess he was really a hit to female fans as well but that's not what makes him special.  It's the fact he's really, really awesome with all his fight scenes which makes him for me the legendary badass of the 90s.

In Dairanger he did have a couple of episodes where he had faced hand to hand combat with another Tokusatsu legend in Yutaka Hirose as Demon Boxer Jin.  Out of suit, he really knows how to beat ass.  I thought that while his big muscles are a bonus, what makes him really, really raw power is that those muscles really aren't just covering, they are really put to good use with every fist of fury he unleashed.  Yup, I really liked how he and Yutaka Hirose fought during Dairanger because the choreography is well out of this world and hard to replicate.  Maybe I should menti…

Natsuki Takahashi as Lin/Hououranger in Dairanger

Well I'm glad I have written my Reiko Chiba as Mei tribute, well it's to moving forward to another classical actress (now retired) Natsuki Takahashi.  So it's been many years since she moved out but I will not forget great roles even from retired ones.  Now I'd like to give credit to this awesome former actress for her part as Lin.

So you'll have to admit she's one of those who can portray characters that are elegant as a rose but deadly as its thorns.  For one, I thought she really knew how to carry her facial expressions in Dairanger as well as what it takes to be badass but at the same time, she can be elegant when need be.  That's not an easy challenge you know since there's always the "balancing issues".  Although I can't say she is super badass but hey she is badass.

Just made me think she really knows how to convince us you can't make Lin angry and get away with it.  Hee hee, just a thought that her scenes with the child actor…

Akiko Kuruso and Her Major Villainous Roles in Super Sentai

Well it's time for another Tokusatsu legends tribute.  I would want to give tribute to one of the best Tokusatsu villain actresses, Akiku Kurusu.  So what makes her so special?  You might want to consider she's really a badass I mean BADASS woman.  You don't want to mess with her!  Well here's a bit of tribute to the great dude the Fantasy Leader.

Liveman was a classic Sentai, yes.  I thought really that Akiko Kuruso as Mazenda is able to deliver a cold, manipulative villain with a combination of cruelty and stealth made her one of the best villains ever.  So yeah, Akiko Kurusu manages to define what it is to voluntarily lose one's humanity which her character Mazenda slowly becomes a complete machine.  Also, she does also portray Mazenda from her cruelty to her last minute redemption with so much passion.

Eventually there was no mistake letting her play as the manipulative Lt. Colonel Gara.  So yeah, I thought she really knew how to portray a very deceitful and v…

Maaya Uchida Pictures I Found as of June 29, 2013

It's delusion time! =P  I guess she's really in my delusions now.

Vic Chou Pictures for Day of Redemption as of June 29, 2013

Well Vic Chou doesn't look like the idol boy he used to be.  In fact, made me think he might be in the footsteps of senior actor Qin Han.

Vic Chou as Rui Hanazawa/Hua Tze Lei in Meteor Garden I and II

Before the gigantic launch of Vic Chou (plus I am hesitant to really do a role analysis of him as Liu Ying Fong, it was his BIGGEST failure) but I'd like to give credit to his first role as Hanazawa Rui/Hua Tze Lei to which I think he is the BEST version of Hanazawa Rui.

See the similarity?  Made me think he is really fit to be Hanazawa Rui.  So far his character required him to play the silent type character with abnormalities to which I think was necessary for him to do so.

I thought with Barbie Xu (who's his ex-girlfriend and how happily married), you can get to think that they did have the chemistry which was carried on in their actual pairing in Mars.  I thought that he really was still struggling to play with the love triangle between Dao Ming Si, Hua Tze Lei and Shan Tsai.  Regardless for Meteor Garden I and II, he really showed signs he could improve like when he slowly needed to show tears.  But it was pretty slow but later in his career, he went beyond this too eas…

Hiroki Aiba as Ryunosuke Ikenami/Shinken Blue in Shinkenger

It's another role analysis time and I think I'd go for Hiroki Aiba as Ryunosuke Ikenami.  So maybe I don't really find him all that outstanding then again, he's still done his part well.  Prior to that, he was best known for his role in the Prince of Tennis musical as Shusuke Fuji as one of the supporting characters to which again in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, he would play a supporting character which may have been typecast into him considering the popularity of the Super Sentai series in Japan.

The character of Ryunosuke for me is one challenging role considering him being serious about his job yet he always lands into hammy overreacting or two, scenarios that just tend to be very unkind to him.  Who can forget about that rather dumb scene he had eating Mako's food (and spitting it all out) or two, his encounter with Mr. Brown who was acted by Italian-Japanese actor John Kaminari.  So we pretty much have him playing roles as a loyal vassal, a dedicated warrior y…

The Mysterious Disappearance of Yuki Yajima

Well there's really no sign of Yuki Yajima and so far, I think this will remain one of the greatest mysteries ever.  We've seen the line up of all the Biomen acting or not but where in the world is Yuki Yajima?

She was first seen as a guest actor in Sharivan as Bell Helen who lasted for a couple of episodes until her character was killed off by Lady Doctor Polter.  So yeah, pretty sad but at the same time made me think couldn't they just have let her go to Bird or something?  Regardless, she was moved away from Sharivan so she could play her rather short-lived character Mika Koizumi.

She was pretty much an interesting action star herself especially with her fight scene with Yukari Oshima in episode two.  Nobody knew why she suddenly left after Bioman episode nine, as far as I've heard it was very, very unprofessional that she left the show.  Some say that she was heavily insulted by the cast director and she refused to go on.  Another says she was pregnant which doesn…

Tori Matsuzaka for Sapporo Beer

Well looks like he's now a legendary endorser for this generation of younger actors.  Not really surprising and this looks like a pass the torch thing.

Liu Yi Fei Pictures I Found as of June 27, 2013

She's really one hot China chick..
Does she look like a younger version of Liu Xue Hua?


I love her natural beauty
The beauty in the crowd

Maaya Uchida Pictures I Found as of June 27, 2013

Well it's delusion time and I'm now deluding I'm dating her... =P

RIP Lau Kar Leung

Quite sad as I read from that Law Kar Leung passed away from a 19 years battle of lymphoma at the age of 78 but as said, it was his time to go which is far less tragic than the loss of Sita Chan at such a young age.  He died yesterday June 25, 2013.

Tetsuji Tamayama as Shirogane/Gao Silver in Gaoranger

Well I just did some Gaoranger rewatching and I thought I'd give some credit to Tetsuji Tamayama's performance as Shirogane.  So some comment he's "pretty stiff" but he does improve.  So he's a sixth ranger analysis like I did with Shiro Izumi's role as Burai in here.  He is my favorite Gaoranger.  Now moving on.  I really thought that this was where he was probably still struggling to improve as he does have his stiff moments.  Again I can't believe I'm being mean (tears) since I guess a lot of fangirls were crying over the fact he got married last year on February 14, 2012 just like how Ayumi Kinoshita also got married last year. =P

I would say despite his stiff moments, he still does a good job portraying the guilt induced Shirogane who foolishly long ago wore the wolf mask of Rouki and became an Org/Ogre whatever.  So he plays the part of the loner who eventually later in the series, learns to hang out with the Gaorangers.  He does have some …

Haruka Suenaga Pictures I Found as of June 24, 2013

Here's some Haruka Suenaga pictures I found as of June 24, 2013.  Really pretty.

I'd love to read with her.

A beauty by the river.

I wish I was that rabbit.

I love her goofy smile.

Goofy time!

Nao Nagasawa Pictures I Found as of June 24, 2013

Here's some really hot Nao Nagsawa pictures.
Startled... startled...

She cherishes her role in Hurricanger after all.  Can't wait to see the 10 years after movie.

Geisha girl?

Well she's hanging out with Koichi Sakamoto and Ayumi Kinoshita.