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Joyce Cheng's Sudden Changes

Joyce Cheng the daughter of Lydia Shum started as a very obese actress, the way that I was used to look at her. Here are some clips to see the rather TREMENDOUS change in her weight. I honestly might get freaked out if we were friends and didn't meet each other after a long time.

Her singing "Moon Represents My Heart":

This clip features her with a very good version of Moon Represents My Heart.

This is her in the present. A very huge weight drop. Honestly if I were dating her, I think I would get used to her new image as a slim girl.

I honestly want to really hear more of her songs whether fat or thin.

Remembering Lydia Shum

To Lydia Shum who is one of my mother's favorite celebrities. It was her first death anniversary a year ago. I really wish I could have gone to pay my respects for one of Chinese film's most funny people. She was also close friends with Leslie Cheung who sadly committed suicide out of depression. Her death by complications together with liver cancer left away a memory of one of the best comedies that Hong Kong cinema had to offer whether it may be martial arts or romantic.

Her funeral:

Clips from youtube the past:

The Lydia Shum Gameshow Eating

The Lydia Shum Gameshow Dance

A Classic Lydia Shum Duet

A Classic Scene from an Older Series

Finally it's time to move on as she now rests in peace. We would like readers to pray for her daughter Joyce Cheng's continuing career.

Tetsuji Tamayama

Sadly I haven't written much entries for the girls so here's another. This time it's Japanese. Sentai fans should know him as Gaosilver (but I ain't discussing sentai in here) which showed his martial arts. I think I would want him to end up together with Mio Takeuchi (only five years gap).

Honestly I think he looks like a beefed up version of Wallace Huo. He doesn't look very Asian either it's as if he's got Caucasian ancestry. Maybe...
He appeared later in Gaoranger as the sixth member and he became a popular icon (and a reason why girls would watch sentai as well). He was a big favorite eventually before he became more popular with non-super hero dramas as well.

His iconic role as Gao Silver will not be easily forgotten! He entered to apparently become the most unusually gorgeous sentai hero.

Vic Zhou in Black and White

Certainly this is SOMETHING that you don't see daily. Vic Zhou goes into the character of Andy Lau (in a way) for Black and White. This is really going to be a very big challenge for him to do his part well.
This scene is something new for him. I really would like to see this part!

Jolin Tsai Copies Anita Mui Again?

It seems Jolin Tsai has lost much of her originality by trying to modernize the steps of the late legend Anita Mui as clearly seen in the comparison below:
Anita Mui's outfit in the 80s
Jolin Tsai modernizes the outfit?

Honestly, I was more of an Anita Mui fan than a Jolin Tsai fan (but I don't want Jolin Tsai to die at 40). I think this shows how Jolin Tsai might be trying to pay a tribute to Anita Mui but some fans consider her as a copycat as well.

Welcome Back Liu Pin Yan

Honestly I really gave up hope she would appear. Sigh. She really does look like the girl I chased after for so long. Actually I really DON'T like her new hairstyle that much or maybe I will. She almost looks like Lady Yui in Fushigi Yuugi (and I think Liu Yi Fei can make a good Miaka).

She is in a new script called "The Concerto" where she is a single mother. She is in the script with Pace Wu who is somewhat her rival. I would like to see them together. I have to admit that Pace Wu is hot but I like Esther Liu better for some reason. I kind of start to imagine how's it gonna be to have Esther Liu as Yui Hongo and Pace Wu as Soi? Well imagine hard.

Sometimes I would wish she would share a kiss with Jerry Yan in some script. Boo hoo! But anyway I'd like to see more of her.

Hee hee! Sometimes I wish I could marry her in real life! Only if it could happen...

Ady An Eat Big?

This picture is probably another of her promotions. For a girl as sexy as she is, she can really eat big. But I guess it's normal because she's practicing some forms of Chinese martial arts like when she starred in Outsiders.

Recently she's trying to do more martial arts for her latest project for the remake of Anita Mui's (sniff, sniff) Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber which I believe she will be carrying Anita Mui's part and will be doing more martial arts than ever.

I think she really just has to keep eating for her heavy training. She needs all that energy to perform whatever martial arts she can.

Jolin Tsai Loves Fruits

One of Jolin Tsai's techniques towards her "youthful looks" would be fruits. With the photo above, her natural beauty is shown.

Well it's her revelation of trying the fruit in season to get the maximum benefit of it. Here are her choices:

Strawberries and wax apples in spring
Taiwanese mango in the summer
Pomelos in autumn

There are still other choices. For her, she has decided to be creative with her fruits as well. She enjoys them most at Yongkang Street as the fruits there are prepared in various ways as well.

Jolin Tsai's Hot Spring Photos

These are some very intriguingly sexy pictures of Jolin Tsai. Hmmm... this is one daring photo after wearing so many dresses of little modesty. Now she's dared to be photographed while in a hot spring and a hot girl like her, she's really a target for paparazzi!

Picture 1- Wondering by the poolside
Picture 2- Really seductive
Despite her claims of getting a private room, she has posed for very daring photos lately.

Isabella Leong's Natural Beauty

I can't help but think how excessive make-up makes Isabella Leong look really old. But with natural beauty, she looks just her age and I'm probably seeing modesty bringing out true beauty.

These have to be the BEST photos showing off how pretty she is with little or no make-up.

Exhibit 1- with Rainie Yang
Honestly without make-up she's really gorgeous! Some of her pics make her look like she's in her 30s but this one, she looks like 21-24. (she's at the right)

Exhibit 2-
Don't know about this but this is really gorgeous.

Exhibit 3-
This has to be my personal favorite. She's really pretty here in her natural beauty.

Exhibit 4-
The best picture for the press.

That's that for today!