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Rin Takanashi's First Round with TV Drama

Second, Rin Takanashi will do TV drama for the first time and it's called Houkago Grove.  In her own words she says, "When I heard about the story, I immediately wanted to get this role. A sports-minded former delinquent is a fresh character and a nice challenge. I’m already all excited about this." So it's her first time to do TV drama.  This for me is where Rin Takanashi will go from just your average eye candy to enduring to a better height in acting career before she may eventually end up wanting to take some other career in life like most Super Sentai alumni.


Congratulations to Tori Matsuzaka as 9th Most Desirable Celebrity Boyfriend

Tori Matsuzaka's now the 9th placer from the 10th celebrity dream boyfriend.  This might mean a lot of fangirl tears should he get married.  He hasn't made mention of who he's dating, could be a long distance relationship outside Japan and I fully respect that decision not to reveal who he's really dating because it's his private life so stop pestering him to reveal his private life!

Hopefully if a live action Kenshin series will be produced, he will be Kenshin though I won't mind Takeru Sato resuming the role either.


Liu Yi Fei at the Netease in Bejing on March 22, 2012

Just another last year nostalgia blast.  These pictures are too pretty not to be on display and I love her simplicity here.

Rin Takanashi in Flowery Pink

Here's Rin Takanashi in flowering pink.  I just love her shots in here and it's been some time since I placed some Japanese eye candy in this blog.

Liu Yi Fei Dazzling

Well this is just drop dead gorgeous Liu Yi Fei.  I'm glad she wasn't aborted.

Vic Chou: More Than an Idol...

Vic Chou reveals to be more than just an idol during the press release of the TV drama "Home".  While being praised to be like classic actors, it may not be surprising if he's even being compared to classic TV drama actor Qin Han. Watching Qin Han's works and comparing Vic Chou's current performance, I think he pretty much is the person the former passed the torch to.  Now for an interesting take from Asianfanatics my source for all Asian news though I don't take much beyond China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea in that site:

HOME held a grand press conference and media test screening on 18th Feb. The main cast from the drama Vic Chou (Zaizai), Janine Chang, Li Li Ren, Lego Li and other actors all attended. A joint production by the two shores, this epic drama, HOME was in the making for 4 years with an investment of NTD150 million, and will be broadcast on the MOD channel 49 of NextTV starting 19th Feb at 8.00pm Mon-Fri. The highlight of great interest …

Joyce Cheng's Nice Way to Honor Her Mother

It's been quite some time since Lydia Shum left us so soon.  Joyce Cheng honors her mother by making dessert with her mother's trademark glasses.  Only if there were more people like her.


Liu Yi Fei Photos I Found as of February 20, 2013

Now for some more Liu Yi Fei goodness today...
I just love her childlike innocence
She's the jade girl of China of this generation

That stare is so m-o-e...

F4 Together Again at Beijing

Here's the reunion of the F4 after four years, no pun intended.  Vic Zhou's busy schedule has really made  a reunion impossible plus he might soon become a Qiong Yao star (as if Qin Han passed the torch to him!).  Even when the group is over, the friendship still remains.

Esther Liu Last Chinese New Year

At In Hwa Building, Esther Liu was celebrating Chinese New Year.  I would say she is red hot gorgeous in here.

Liu Yi Fei Photos I Found as of February 18, 2013

I guess this obsession over her beauty is just something I can't cease.  Moving on...
She has that very welcoming smile...

So she's also a talented host

It's as if she's ready to HENSHIN!

Nao Nagasawa and Ayumi Kinoshita for "Travelers: Dimension Police"

Well I'll probably say that Ayumi Kinoshita hasn't stepped down despite her recent marriage and now she's working with Nao Nagasawa for a really sexy movie of eye candy goodness called "Traveler's: Dimension Police".  Now here's what UkiyaSeed from Orends Range says:

Here's another project coming from director Koichi Sakamoto! Entitled "Travelers: Dimension Police", it stars Nao Nagasawa (Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger) and Ayumi Kinoshita (Special Police Dekaranger)!  Pursuing dimensional criminals, policewoman Ai (Nagasawa) travels to the "Retroworld" and encounters her former partner, Yui (Kinoshita). As it seems Yui is now with the dimensional terrorists, they hold the guns against each other.  Why did Yui turn to the enemy? Will Ai find out the truth behind the continuing incidents? The battle of these women across dimensions begins now!  Also staring in this movie are Yuuko Takayama (Kamen Rider Wizard, Kamen Rider Chou Den-O Epi…

A Loadful of Mao Inoue

I just thought I don't give enough credit to Mao Inoue (could she be related to writer Toshiki Inoue?).  To all who saw Kakuranger, you'll recognize her as the younger Tsurihime and for those who have seen Hana Yori Dango, you'd recognize her as Tsukushi Makino.  Well not a Henshin hottie but enjoy. =)
I love her striped weater here...

Oh she's so cute...

A beauty by the fields

Happy Chinese New Year 2013 Everyone!

Happy Chinese New Year for the year 2013.   Now let's celebrate!!!!

Nao Nagasawa Celebrates 10 Years of Hurricanger's Finale

Here's are pictures of Nao Nagasawa with fellow Hurricanger casts namely Shun Shioya, Kohei Yamamoto, Yukiro Shirakawa and producer Jin Hakasa.  Pictures courtesy of fellow blogger UkiyaSeed of Orends Range.

Shinobi Change!

A toss to some beer, not a beer drinker though.

Hmmm there's that strawberry cake.

Congratulations to Emi Takei for Newcomer of the Year

As a follower of Nao Kanzaki's blog, I would again like to thank him for the photo.  Now all I can say is congratulations to Emi Takei for the newcomer of the year.  It's not surprising really, she's done a really good performance.  But will she appear in Tokusatsu?  It still remains to be seen.

Vic Zhou's Depression Due to New Drama?

I just found it weird that "Chiung Yao actor" Vic Zhou has actually gone depressed in his drama called "Home" which he did admit to his fans that it wasn't easy to do so during the promotion. Above is a picture of him and Janine Zhang during the promotion.


Emi Takei: Sweeter than Chocolate

Thanks to Nao Kanzaki's blog for providing the pictures. I would say she's really pretty in these pictures last February 7, 2013.

Congratulations to Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung-Cheng!

It just slipped past me that last January 28, Ekin Cheng who's now 45 has married to Yoyo Mung who's now 37 in Tokyo with a low-key private wedding.  Can't blame them for that but they have eery right to be happy.  However I wish they tied the knots earlier though but still congratulations


Sweetly Nao Nagasawa with Fruits

Here's a really hot Nao Nagasawa picture near some fruits... I just got reminded I have to eat up the fruits pretty fast!

Nao Nagasawa's Guest Starring in Kyoryuger?

After having a career outside Super Sentai, Nao Nagasawa apparently still has a heart with Tokusatsu even if she may succeed in other ways.  Now here's what I think...

She guest starred in Kamen Rider W as Lily or the Invisible Dophant from episodes 27-28.

She guest starred in Kamen Rider Fourze as Haruka Utsugi in episode 21.  I loved her less sexy role here.

She resumed her role as Nanami Nono in Abaranger vs. Hurricanger, Boukenger vs. Super Sentai and in Gokaiger for two episodes.  She was still steaming hot...

So she will guest star in Kyoryuger but I wonder what role will it be?

Congratulations to Michelle Yeoh for Receiving Asian Cinema Award

Here's what I read lately:
The Hong Kong International Film Festival Association yesterday announced that Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King) will receive the Excellence in Asian Cinema Award for her contribution to promote Asian films. The award will be presented on March 18 at the 7th Asian Film Awards. Yeung Chi King will personally accept the award. Yeung Chi King was very honored. "Asian films and filmmakers are both full of energy and creativity. With the Excellence in Asian Cinema Award, I will continue to work hard to promote Asian films." Event director Roger Garcia praised that Yeung Chi King's incredible talents has led her from actions films in Hong Kong to international works like THE LADY. 
All I can say is congratulations Michelle Yeoh, you deserve it in helping us Asians get more recognition! =)


Belated Happy Birthday to Miriam Yeung-Ting

Miriam Yeung just turned 39 last February 3, 2013.  A happy birthday to her indeed and kudos to her husband for giving her a very good birthday party. =)

RIP Pan An Bang

RIP Taiwanese singer Pan An Bang who died only at age 52. Sad really, he died from kidney cancer just yesterday.  Condolences to his wife Wang Zhi Xiang and his son (name not mentioned) as well as all his loved ones. =(

Happy 21st Birthday Mao Ichimichi

It's time for the birthday of Mao Ichimichi who has also made a return role as Luka Millfy in Gobusters vs. Gokaiger.  I'm not much of a fan but happy birthday to you from all the Super Sentai fans!