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Vic Zhou's I'm Not F4

Here's one of my favorite Chinese songs of all time- I'm Not F4.  It's Vic Zhou's addressing he's not F4 suggesting that he has changed his image for the better.  Besides it's one cool song that I believe beats all my favorite Tokusatsu songs.  He's not F4, he's the new man!

Chie Tanaka and Vanness Wu

Chie Tanaka and Vanness Wu at Animax promoting LaMB.  Well it's nice to see her speak in Mandarin.  In fact, I think the two should work together for a project.

If I Made a Mulan TV Series...

I had a mind boggling thought for a Mulan TV series.  It's just me.  Ha ha.  So here's who I'll cast as who...

Esther Liu can act as the heroine Hua Mulan.  Seeing her with the short hair look, I kinda thought she will do well for the part.  She's not just hot, he's also kick-ass. It'd be fun to see her as Mulan more than Liu Yi Fei or Zhao Wei.  I think she and Zhang Zi Yi kinda look alike so she's definitely IN for Mulan.

I'd be picking Vic Zhou for the role of her eventual love interest General Wei Tai.  He's been able to perform Black and White rather well so why not as Mulan's love interest?  Wallace Huo seems to be a good choice but, I say Vic Zhou rules for General Wei Tai!

The rest?  Well shout out yer opinions!

Leanne Liu... Aging Yet Smart and Pretty!

Although it's been quite some time since she got widowed without children (poor her) but this photo looks stunning for an aging lady.  Well I think it's really a shame she hasn't acted as a parent to any F4 member.  For any new project Vic Zhou may get, I recommend her to be the mother regardless whether antagonistic or not.  I do say, she's still one of my favorite actresses!