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Rin Takanashi Pictures for July 31, 2014

Here's an update of Rin Takanashi from her blog...
I love her legs...

A close up...

Presenting flowers to Sensei Yoshiharu...

Esther Liu Pictures for July 30, 2014

Here's Esther Liu at a talk show... kinda makes me wish she was wearing Haruka Suenaga's outfit from Boukenger here...
Double hotness...

She's the apple of my eye... XD

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for June 30, 2014

It's almost month's end so let's have a few blasts...
Imitating a 70s classic look?

She's really so gorgeous...

What's with that candle?

Liu Yi Fei with John Lee

The picture has an old classic feel looking like some of Brigitte Lin's younger pictures... and she's with director Johnny Lee.  Only if she has Brigitte Lin beside her to look like a mother/daughter team.

Liu Yi Fei Picture for July 29, 2014

Well it's time for some Liu Yi Fei pictures... meanwhile I'm holding on to getting my requirements done... =P

Belated Happy 23rd Birthday Rina Aizawa

Engine Sentai Go-onger!  Well here's me wishing a belated happy 23rd birthday to Rina Aizawa aka Go-on Yellow!

Jerry Yan for Sony Walkman Last 2008

Here's some classic pictures of Jerry Yan for Sony Walkman last 2008 where he was paired with Kwai Lun Mei onscreen... just made me think should they also have a film together?  

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for July 27, 2014

Tomorrow is the big day for "No Direction" but let's just enjoy the time with some Liu Yi Fei pictures...
Oh I love her skin quality...

She's really gorgeous...

The classic 70s look... looking like Brigitte Lin...

Happy 26th Birthday Sayaka Akimoto!

Well today's Sayaka Akimoto's birthday... hopefully her movie Slave will be a hit.  Best wishes!

Maaya Uchida at Tokyo MX

Here's Maaya Uchida at the Tokyo MX show.  She also appears here with Teruhide Takahashi who Super Sentai fans will recognize as Gouki/Ginga Blue in Gingaman.  Wow she deluded Gouki to life!  Wah why didn't it happen in Akibaranger!? XD  (Pictures taken from here)

Vicki Zhao Picture for July 25, 2014

It's hard to believe Vicki Zhao's in her late 30s already and a mother too with this picture!

My First Impressions on Erina Nakayama

While watching Kamen Rider Wizard (which does get pretty boring thanks to Tyuyoshi Kida's LAZY writing, similar to how Jonathan Tzachor wrote PR Samurai),   In the series, she plays one of the antagonists Medusa ad later she plays two for one, both Medusa and Mayu.

We have Medusa in Kamen Rider Wizard.  My very first reaction to her was, "Woah she kinda looks like Reiko Chiba in Zyuranger, except a little prettier."  Kind of made me want Reiko Chiba as the parent.  She was around 17 that time when it aired, I was 27 back then.

Erina Nakayama plays as both Mayu and Medusa.  As Medusa, she is a spiteful lady and as Mayu, she is the cute and innocent girl who wants to save her sister.  For me, even if the actress played the antagonist more, I kind of want to finish the series or rewatch it for her.  It was like Mina Asami's role

I always felt like she has the feeling of angelic innocence... which makes her a charm to watch.

Yuuta Mochizuki to Meet Austin St. John Soon?

Former actor Yuuta Mochizuki will appear at the Power Morphcin 2014 where it is stated that he is to meet Austin St. John soon.  He was known to have appeared in Jetman as J1 before he appeared as Geki in Zyuranger.  He was also Koji Sekawa in the movie Kamen Rider J and Tuxedo Mask in a stage version of Sailormoon.  He reprised his role as Geki for Kyoryuger vs. Gobusters. (Source)

How will Austin St. John feel to meet Yuuta Mochizuki in person?  I just thought that both of them have gained weight, aren't active in Toku and are probably still Toku fans.  Now too bad Soga Machiko, Jun Tatara and Thuy Trang have already died.  Lucky guy, he will also get to meet stuntmen Hiroshi Maeda (Tyrano Ranger suit actor) and Yasuhiro Takeuchi (Dragon Ranger suit actor).

After all, we had James Maclurcan meet the Go-onger cast before.  But does this guy know Japanese? I mean Japan is pretty low with its English literacy.  And I wonder how will Yuuta Mochizuki talk with Austin St. John?  Inte…

Anita Mui's Statue at the Avenue of the Stars

Hong Kong Cantopop legend Anita Mui's statue was unveiled at the Avenue of the Stars.  Before she died, I remembered her in Rumble in the Bronx and Drunken Master.  However I didn't know more about her until her death on December 30, 2004 which she was only 40 years old.  In spite of her death by cancer, her statue was erected at the Avenue of the Stars.  Shame on her brother Mui Kai Ming though for causing some attention whoring!  
The event was done July 19, 2014.  I can't blame her mother for the tears.  After all she lost two of her daughters who both died of cervical cancer.

Wedding Bells for Arien Lin and BoyFriend Charles Lin Soon?

After some time I haven't read Asianfanatics, I discovered the rumors that Ariel Lin may soon tie the knots.  They have know each other for ten years then they fell in love.  Hmmm... romance moves in mysterious ways.  
Here are details about the wedding plans: Wedding plans to be at Christmas Eve this year.They intend to have a 50 table banquet with a cost of USD 40,000.00.They want to hold it in Ambassador Hotel in Taipei.

However her manager said it would be impossible to do so until she completes her course.

Stay tuned!

Liu Yi Fei Picture for July 21, 2014

Here's Liu Yi Fei at the fields... almost like a classic movie shot!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for July 20, 2014

Well here's more Liu Yi Fei for Z'Dorzi which again, looks all like a classic 70s/80s pictures of senior Taiwanese actress Brigitte Lin.

My Thoughts on Kim Tae Hee Then and Now

Although I'm not quite a huge fan of Korean entertainment but there were rare times I watched Korean entertainment when it was pretty interesting.  In the case of Kim Tae Hee (who's aging rather slowly), she became part of my guilty pleasure list.

One unique feature is that her physical beauty is quite natural.  I just thought I'm pretty much against plastic surgery except to fix major disfigurements (ex. car accident, massive tumor operations and the like).  Kim Tae Hee's pretty natural.

So far I enjoyed her in Forbidden Love (the first role I saw), Love Story in Harvard while I praised her wicked stepsister performance in Stairway to Heaven.  So far, I have seen her more in protagonist roles than antagonistic ones.  She has that aura of innocence, her sweet childlike beauty accompanied by acting skill which I like about her as an actress.

So it's confirmed she's dating Rain, a man two years younger than she is.  Nothing wrong really, it's like as if she…

Yudai Chiba and Sayaka Akimoto as a J-Drama Couple

Yudai Chiba and Sayaka Akimoto will be playing as a couple... I got the information from Sohu a Chinese website. 
I wonder how will it turn out...

Fanboys be pissed...

Sayaka Akimoto Pictures for July 19, 2014

While I'm working to finish my research paper's final format ASAP, here's more of Sayaka Akimoto...
She is glamorous

Oh la la!

I wish I were the toy... XD

Dark goth... I wish she voiced Sam Manson for Danny Phantom!

Congratulations to Archie Kao and Zhou Xun

Archie Kao who Power Rangers fans know as "Kai Chen" in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and has continued his career as a CSI actor, marries Zhou Xun who is 39 and he is 44 years old.  Took some time before he died the knots.  Well I wasn't really following much for either of them but they have my blessings.  Just made me think... did the Lost Galaxy cast attend the wedding too?  Hmmm what if some of the Gingaman did too?  

Sayaka Akimoto Compared to HK Star Angelica Lee

I just read from China News that Sayaka Akimoto after her interview in Hong Kong, she was compared to HK star Angelica Lee.  Hmmm...
Here's a picture of Angelica Lee, Chinese-Malaysian actress who kind of looks like Sayaka Akimoto.  Sayaka Akimoto is half-Filipino and Angelica Lee could be half-Malaysian (I need to confirm this).  Since Filipinos were also descendants of Malay and Indonesians, it might also help explain the resemblance though one may also consider Nanette Inventor looks like the late Lydia Shum or Ai Ai Delas Alas looks like some Taiwanese hostess I've seen.

Esther Liu with Director Denis Dercourt

Here's Esther Liu with Director Danny De France (Denis Dercourt) in France.  This was during Esther Liu's trip in France when she went to study music.