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Yukari Taki Pictures For October 29, 2015

Well it's time for cuteness again... 
Peace sign!

Maaya Uchida Pictures For October 28, 2015

Well it's time to go Zu-CUNE and no, this is not Suzy Bae... pictures were taken from here.
The smile from Delu-World...

Yukari Taki And That Owl...

Somehow I'd want to imagine Yukari Taki as the goddess of wisdom because of this owl... pictures were taken from her blog.
She's very amused...
Time to style that hair...

Yukari Taki's Photoshoot Last October 24, 2014

Well here's Yukari Taki's pictorial from her blog. It's time for display the cuteness. 
Sometimes it's easy to forget she's badass....

Angry look!

Suzy Bae And That Lenovo Tablet

Here's some pictures of Suzy Bae and that Lenovo tablet, pictures are taken from here.
Cheering on!!!!

She's got that wonderful smile...

Lucky Phablet...

She's ready to wink...

Emi Takei Pictures For October 22, 2015

Well here's some cute Emi Takei pictures for today...
She's talking to a lucky fan...

Pictures of Suzy Bae At The Lenovo Phabulous Event at Manila, Philippines (16/09/2015)

Well thanks to this Suzy Bae fanpage for these pictures...
Waving towards her fans...

Double wave!

Rin Takanashi At Louis Vitton

Well I have to admit that Rin Takanashi appears pretty gorgeous here... 
Picture taken from Model Press.

Esther Liu Pictures For October 20, 2015

Well here's some cute Esther Liu pictures from her Facebook page.
Esther Liu and Tracy Chou having lunch... 

Yukari Taki Appears In Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 3

Well here's some screenshots I made on Kamen Rider Ghost episode 3 where the adorable Yukari Taki appears, I didn't take all the screenshots except the ones that really caught my attention. =P
She's pretty even when she's angry...
She looks mighty pissed....

If Marvel Were Asian, Vanness Wu Would Be Wolverine!

Here's a picture from Vanness Wu''s Facebook fanpage and seriously, he's Wolverine? Now I'm just reminded of a certain frenemy of mine who I have fought countless times over countless women... =P

Suzy Bae At The Faceshop Sign Event

Well it's easy to confuse her for Maaya Uchida again... pictures were taken from here.

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For Winter Z'Dorzi 2015

Well here's Liu Yi Fei's pictures for Z'Dorzi 2015 taken from here.
Lovely green jacket...

Jackie Chan For UNICEF

Well looks like Jackie Chan's in a good mood now his son Jaycee has learned his lesson... so is he wanting people for UNICEF?

Barbie Xu Wang's 39th Birthday

Even if she was so last decade, I still am thankful for the beautiful crying scenes she's given. Now this is her and her family celebrating her birthday so last week.

Liu Yi Fei As The Prestige Ambassador For Dior 2015

Well here's some pictures of Liu Yi Fei endorsing Dior... pictures taken from here.
She's a pretty Chinese flower...

She's looking like Brigitte Lin in here...

Suzy Bae for Burberry Seoul Flagship Event Last October 15, 2015

Well here's Suzy in dazzling red... pictures were taken from here.
Looks like she's just arrived...

Yukari Taki Got That Birthday Greeting!

Well here's Yukari Taki on her birthday celebration yesterday...  so what's that she's eating? =P

Suzy Bae Pictures For October 14, 2015

Here's Suzy's photograph making... pictures taken from here.
Double cutie....

Yukari Taki Pictures For October 14, 2015

Well today's birthday girl Yukari Taki is having a blast...
She's happy with Suzuka Morita...

So she's having a good time with the Ultraman Ginga S cast...

Esther Liu's Getting Up In The Morning

Well here's Esther Liu brushing her teeth and is that... Tracy Chou? 

Joanne Tzeng Endorses Nevenka

Well here's the cute Joanne Tzeng endorsing Nevenka... 
Cutey time!

Suzy Bae's "Suzy? Suzy." Pictural Pictures For October 10, 2015

Well here's the birthday girl with her pictorials. Got to admit, I'm sent to Delu-World looking at them...
I just love the rose-red outfit...

Rio Uchida Pictures For October 10, 2015

Getting your drive on, anyone?
Looks like she's waiting for something...

Pictures For Maaya Uchida's First Album Penki

Well after her singles, it's time for her to get an album...
Who is she calling too?

Rio Uchida Pictures For October 9, 2015

Well it's time to go Drive Type Wild!
She's become a cowgirl...

Wedding Pictures Of Huang Xiao Ming and Angelababy

Here's 37 year old Huang Xiao Ming with his 26 year old bride Angelababy... just made me think, what if my destined bride will also be much younger than me? Pictures taken from Wang Lee Hom's Facebook fan page.
Loving pose... 

Esther Liu's That Kawaii Soldier?!

Well looks like I am afraid to offend her....
Getting her battle gear ready...

Them Ninninger Main Cast Members In Disney World!

Well I'll be posting more behind the scenes of them Toku celebrities here... considering this is the Ninninger cast and not their characters that went to Disney World. Pictures were taken from here.
Well it's time to insert Starninninger jokes...

Joanne Tzeng And That Samsung Shirt!

Well here's some cute and adorable picture of Joanne Tzeng in that loose blue Samsung shirt... something I wish I had =P

Yukari Taki Pictures For October 6, 2015

Here's some of Yukari Taki's blog photos... and yup she's so cute!
I wonder what she's eating....

Well it's time for some cute pasta?

Yuuka Yano And Kasumi Yamaya In Disney Mode!!!!

Well looks like they're in Disney World judging by what they wear. Fortunately that racist b*tch is no longer a Disney girl.

Just In, Yukari Taki Will Appear As A Guest Star In Kamen Rider Ghost!

From my comrades at JEFusion, I have learned that Yukari Taki will appear as a guest star in Kamen Rider Ghost. If you know this, she also appeared in Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel as Aoi Katsuragi.
Now for her blog photos.

She's going ghost mode...

Yukari Taki In Tokyo

Here's Yukari Taki in Tokyo, pictures taken from her blog.
Is that tempura she's eating?
Having a good time...

Joanne Tzeng Pictures For October 1, 2015

Selfie time!!!!

Rio Uchida Pictures For October 1, 2015

Well it's time for Rio Uchida pictures yet again....
Waitress mode!!!!

When Them Ninninger Cast Members Are Off-Screen!

Compared to ToQGer's rather "standard" cast, I still feel Ninninger's cast of celebrities have their own charm... pictures taken from here.
Bathhouse time!!!!!

Wacky pose time!

Yuuka Yano And Kasumi Yamaya Pictures For October 1, 2015

Well it's time for some behind the scenes pictures... pictures taken from here.
Hmmm... are they driving mosquitoes off or should Ninninger get a mosquito-themed monster?

Drinking milk.... that's right, Ninninger is doing some Public Service Announcements considering that, they are studying to be ninjas themselves...