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Maaya Uchida at the Recording Studio

More updates from a Maaya Uchida fanpage by JE Fusion.  Well they really collect this kawaii set of pictures.  Now she's at a recording studio here.
So kawaii!!!!!! 
She's got a really cute voice!

Maaya Uchida Pictures For February 27, 2014

More kawaiiness and delusions...
She's a seiyu after all...

Ohhh I wish I had her at home

Oh so adorable... *FAINTS*
Oh so cute!  Cuteness!

Is she eating banana q?  Hmmmm nice!  I love bananas!  Now only if me and her were eating it together!

Belated Congratulations to Pace Wu for Giving Birth

Well Pace Wu at 35 years old gave birth to her first daughter who she had named Hillary.  So yeah, I hope she ties the knots with Ji Xiaobo soon.  On the other hand, will her daughter look like her?  Anyway congratulations!

Mayuko Arisue Pictures for February 25, 2014

Well here's Erika Satonoka AHEM Mayuko Arisue... 
I love her maid outfit!

Wearing a Minnie Mouse shirt but very sexy...

With Suzuka Morita.... nice!

I wish I can share that bag with these girls!

Well Nao Nagasawa Will Tie the Knots Soon!

Talk about my wish for her has come true, ha ha!  Well one of my favorite action babes is finally getting married namely Nao Nagasawa (oh yeah, I wish Shu Qi will tie the knots soon too and so will Pace Wu and other of my favorite kickass girls older than I am).  So I got the good news (for me) and bad news for all her fanboys here to which the ceremony is still being planned.

Maaya Uchida Pictures for February 20, 2014

Well she's really so kawaii.  Hah.

Liu Yi Fei pictures for February 20, 2014

She is really too smoking hot!  What can I say?
Posing so pretty!

 Oh boy I wonder if she and Brigitte Lin are related?

Really pretty!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For Tencent Fashion I Found and Selected as of February 17, 2014

Well here's Liu Yi Fei's pictures from Crystal Liu Yi Fei Vietnamese Fanpage.  Pretty hot isn't it?  I'm really thinking she's so classical in her beauty here.  She's really looking classical here.  Hmmm I wish to find a girl who looks like her.

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for February 16, 2014

Here's some new pictures from the Liu Yi Fei Fan Club.  Hee hee, classic poses that may remind older Chinese movie fans of the classical beauty of Brigitte Lin.

Maaya Uchida for Books Fukuya

Well here's my adorable girl of my delusions promoting her latest photobook  Hee hee.

Maaya Uchida Pictures for February 15, 2014

After a post-delusional date with "her", here's her real pictures from the Facebook fanpage dedicated to her kawaiiness.  

Congratulations to Daniel Chan

Here 38 year old Daniel Chan marries his 26 year old girlfriend Wang Yu Xiao.  Well I hope this encourages me not to rush.  On the other hand, congratulations to them both.  Read more here from Asianfanatics.

Valentine's Day Gifts to Jerry From!

Nice to know his fans all care about him even if he hasn't been that active compared to Vic Chou.  Pictures taken from's fan page.

Charles Chan and Family Photos

Well here's some of Charles Chan's photos.  Now I just had my thoughts that it was also my maternal grandmother's death anniversary.  
Jackie, Jaycee, Charles, Lee Lee and Joan

He kinda resembles my maternal grandfather 
Jackie Chan with his aged parents...

Jackie Chan through the years

Jackie Chan and his father Charles Chan

Rin Takanashi Picture For February 13, 2014

Here's Rin Takanashi's latest updates from her blog and man does she look dreamy here.  Hee hee.  Simplicity is beauty.

Rin Takanashi Pictures for February 12, 2014

Here's pictures of Rin Takanashi doing her promotions from Killers which I got from here.  In playing the heroine Hisae, I hope this will not be a disappointing film.

Erina Nakayama Pictures For February 11, 2014

Well Reiko Chiba did succeed cloning herself three years after Zyuranger, now here's the results. XD
I wish I had her...

Really adorable...

Noodle time...