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Kenta Sato Takes The Wrong Helmet

So really, why did he take the Red Racer helmet here? I guess it's time to truly shift into Turbo then!

Kamen Rider EX-AID Cast Picture For June 30, 2017

So Kiriya is saying we should just play along. I guess we audience will just stick to the script until the finale.

Erina Nakayama Picture For June 29, 2017

She's starting to look like Reiko Chiba and more of herself. I almost mistook her for Rin Takanashi at this point.

Pictures Of Suzy Bae As Dam Yeo Wool For June 29, 2017

One of the best matches ever!
She's badass adorable!


Beauty and the beast fighting side by side.

She's so cute!

OUCH! It wasn't me!
Drinking a cup of coffee after a blooper?

Funny isn't it?

Never mess with her sword!

Stitching time!

Feeling awkward?

Goofing off behind the scenes!

Never mess with her arrows!!!!

Badass? Badass!!!!

I just love this fight scene!

Arrows? Arrows!!!!!

Feeling super tired?

Classic Suzy Bae Picture For June 29, 2017

Here's some pictures of Suzy before she also copied Maaya Uchida's hairstyle. 
Can't deny she's really gorgeous.

That's a stunning image!
That's really good for business!

Is she drunk?


Feeling sad....

She's got that lovely smile!

She's got that pretty face! 

She's a natural beauty.

Strawberries with her anyone?

Riho Takada Picture For June 29, 2017

It's celebration time!!! So where in the world is Takashi Ukaji when you need him?

Mao Ichimichi Picture For June 29, 2017

Four different expressions... hopefully she'll make a guest role in Kyuranger in her human form. 

Zyuohger Picture For June 28, 2017

The Zyuohger are gangsters? I'd like to see them get wild with guns!

Kamen Rider EX-AID Cast Picture For June 28, 2017

Well I wouldn't mind if any of them were to perform my operation if I ever need one. Just make sure that I'd get to see all the battles in EX-AID myself. =P

Hiroki Aiba Picture For June 28, 2017

Is he having some kind of lecture or what? 

Suzy Bae Pictures For June 27, 2017

She's feeling lonely...
 Got to love that shirt.

Tori Matsuzaka Picture For June 27, 2017

What can I say? He's looking pretty formal here!

Summer Fun With Maaya Uchida

It's nice to see her still do something even after Akibaranger. She's so adorable in here!

Takumi Kizu's Got It Lucky For June 27, 2017

Double peace sign!

It's time to hit the mark!

Jolin Tsai At The Pop Up Cake Store

I haven't been too updated on Taiwan's or China's new school stuff but this is too good not to share!