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Maaya Uchida is a Japanese Doll!

Here are some pictures of Maaya Uchida as a Japanese doll.  I got the pictures from a Maaya Uchida fanpage on Facebook.
She looks so cute...
The moe mode is gonna kill me! XD

So lovable Maaya Uchida!

Liu Yi Fei and Roses... Such a Combination!

Here's some Liu Yi Fei Kumho tires pictures and well... here's her beauty.  She's like a rose, really pretty but she's also as deadly as its thorns due to her martial arts.  
Pretty smile!

I love her purple gown!

Jun Matsumoto To Marry Mao Inoue on August 2015?

Well I guess here's one pairing I wanted to come true, it has become real.  According to Arama Japan, they will get engaged at the end of the year.  So I do expect fanboy tears here too.  So what's the big deal?  They met in the set, got paired on-screen and fell in love in real life.  So it's confirmed they are dating but are they already ready to tie the knots for real?

Mao Inoue is 27, Jun Matsumoto is 31.  So at this point, it would be advantageous for Mao Inoue to be married at 27 compared to Ayumi Kinoshita and Nao Nagasawa who married at 30.  Well Nao Nagasawa is pregnant, Ayumi Kinoshita had given birth... in the case of Mao Inoue, tying the knot next year is a better advantage.  I mean, they could easily have more children if they want to.  On the other hand, I think is marriage may answer one speculation I want to always know.

Is Mao Inoue related to Tokusatsu writer Toshiki Inoue?!

People I Know Who Resemble Certain Oriental Celebrities Part 2: People I've Met

Again, I have had a long list of celebrity lookalikes I've met.  I can't really cover them all:

I met someone who resembles Yuko Asuka aka the actress who played Farrah in Bioman.  I was around 11 years old when I saw her.

I met someone who resembles Strong Kobayashi.

I have a friend and former rival who looks more like Ambrose Xu but has Vanness Wu's skin quality.

People I Know Who Resemble Certain Oriental Celebrities Part 1: Relatives

This is just a fun entry... which I noticed I have relatives who look like Chinese celebrities...

Well I did mention that I have a late aunt who looks like Patricia Lam Fung.  She died of the same type of cancer that claimed Soga Machiko and she was just as old.

My mom and my sister both resemble Esther Liu.

I have a cousin who looks like Nana Yanagisawa.

Happy 25th Birthday Maaya Uchida!

Happy Birthday Maaya Uchida!  ZU-CUNE!!!!!

Liu Yi Fei's Christmas Greeting

It's one day after Christmas but it's too sweet not to uplaod here...
She's really adorable! 
I just love that smile!

Yukari Taki Pictures for December 26, 2014

Here's pictures of Yukari Taki after the holidays.  Hehehehehe!
She's having some dessert...

Eating some cookies!

Merry Christmas 2014 To My Readers!

Well it's time to greet Merry Christmas 2014!  I'm using my two favorite Shinkengers for the greeting card this time.

Happy 21st Birthday Emi Takei!

Well it's time to greet Emi Takei a happy birthday! =)

Pictures of Liu Yi Fei Endorsing Kumho Tires for December 22, 2014

Here's Liu Yi Fei endorsing Kumho Tires.  Her beauty is a really unique one.  Pictures were selected from here.

She's really alluring!

She's a pretty flower!
 Wow she's really pretty!

Erina Nakayama Pictures for December 19, 2014

Here's some pictures of the cute and adorable Erina Nakayama for today...

 What's she reading about?

So moe!

Hmmm I can imagine her and Rin Takanashi taking pictures here...

Rin Takanashi Picture for December 19, 2014

Well looks like Rin Takanashi has recovered from her tiredeness.  Hehehehehehe!  

Kazunori Inaba Pictures for December 19,2014

Just in time for his birthday...
 Back in classic red!

Change Dragon and Red Mask!

Maaya Uchida Pictures for December 17, 2014

Here's Maaya Uchida pictures for today.  
Delusions are sky high!
Delusional gravure!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for December 18, 2014

She's one hot detective...
She's really so pretty here!

Rin Takanashi Pictures for December 18, 2014

Here's some Rin Takanashi pictures for today...
Looking good!

Now she's charging into battle!

Happy 26th Birthday Rin Takanashi!

Happy 26th Birthday to my favorite Shinkenger heroine, Rin Takanashi. =)

Meanwhile I am looking forward to see how she carries out her part as an auditor nurse in Princess Nurse.

My Reaction to Reiko Chiba to Attending Lexington Comic Con

I just read from the Tokusatsu News Network that Reiko Chiba (and in extension Yuuta Mochizuki) will appear at the Lexington Comic Con.  Several Power Rangers alumni like Walter Emmanuel Jones, Catherine Sutherland, David Yost, Barbara Goodson, Paul Schrier, Jason Narvy and Austin St. John will be there.

So it's the second time both red rangers will meet each other.  So I may be neutral on Power Rangers right now but at least, Power Rangers still acknowledges its parent.

On the other hand, I wish Amy Jo Johnson-Giner will show up and meet up with Reiko Chiba.  Hehehehehe!

Or they could send Erina Nakayama in her place to fool everyone.

Pictures of Rin Takanashi as Emiko Watarase in Neo Ultra Q for December 15, 2014

Here's some pictures of Rin Takanashi as Emiko Watarase.  Enjoy!
What a pretty reporter.
Hey what is that?
She looks annoyed...

Vic Chou for L.E.T. Magazine December 2014 Issue

Here's Vic Chou looking like a professional Qiong Yao star.  He really shows he's not an idol anymore but an actor.
He does make a nice replacement for Qin Han...
Charming style...

Rin Takanashi Pictures for December 14, 2014

Here's Rin Takanashi and some stuffed toys... taken from her blog.  Looks like she's recovered.
What a lucky teddy bear!

Owwwww... what a lucky bunch of toys.

Nao Nagasawa Pictures for December 14, 2014

Well looks like she's enjoying her married life.  I jsut wonder, will she film any action films as of late?  Regardless... as a fan, I respect her decision.  On the other hand, I'm going to gather darkness from readers.  Bwahahahahaha!!!!!
Nao Nagasawa and her hubby enjoying the games.

Hmmmm... I wonder what's the good news she's hearing right now?