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Vic Zhou: From Underrated to Overrated In My View

If I can say, I remembered some time in my life as a Chinese series fan that he started out as an underrated actor. Why? Back then, he didn't display much of his hidden talent. So his characters in Meteor Garden and Poor Prince fits him well. However given a more serious role in Love Storm but it was just a flop. It was because of that he was called "questionable talent" and in God Mars, well he was just okay.

However there was always room for improvement and that he really could act. So I did spit at him after watching Love Storm due to his poor performance and received similar opinion from others that he was only good for comic relief, however in Silence where it was his first serious moment (non-comedic) he had shown much hidden talent which wasn't manifested early in show business. Even Delicious Relationships showed he had improved.

Tea Fight was a great improvement from Linger. Linger well he was still practicing to be better. In Tea Fight, he was no long…

Possible Girls For Jerry Yan's Next Leading Lady for Money Worshiping Queen

I have read that Jerry Yan is picked for a new drama series called "Money Worshiping Queen" and here's a list of who I think will do:

I think Shu Qi will do and I wish it will push through. At least there's going to be some way to restore Jerry Yan back on track.

Alice Tzeng is another. She and Jerry Yan had rather dramatic moments in Starlit so I don't see a problem if they're a couple for the next show, being a former couple in the other.

I kind of choose Penny Lin as well. During the time she was starring in 100% Senorita, I wish it was her and Jerry Yan for that script.

Crystal Liu I think will do for his leading lady seeing how she easily gets along with almost anybody.

This is actually my pick though. I'd like to see him and Esther Liu with some new fresh chemistry.

Jay Chow as Kato! Yeah!

The fact is I remembered the old Green Hornet movie with Bruce Lee which I watched with my mother when I was young. Well it's time for a remake. Although Jay Chow is no Bruce Lee by any means but the trailer was just SO COOL! Okay, maybe it may not be as action intense but I think he'll do a good job.


Alice Tzeng's a Pretty Hostess

Here are some pretty pictures of Alice Tzeng as a hostess. Enjoy.

Jay Chow Can't Shed Tears and Rather Shed Blood on Camera?

I had read it that Jay Chow would rather do blood scenes than crying scenes on camera. Somehow in that article, he reveals the only real time he cried openly was when his mother punished him when he refused to let his true potential in piano came out. I wonder how true this is. Well I think it is looking at how he hasn't cried on screen yet even in the rather sad movie "Secret" or in the rather intense "Curse of the Golden Flower".

Tetsuji Tamayama in J-Drama

The thing is Tetsuji Tamayama after his short time in Tokusatsu however has become a J-Drama icon for me whether he was the lead guy or a sidekick, he showed better skills than most of the Tokusatsu actors he had worked with in the past. My favorite performance had to be when he did "Love and Farm" and later when he was an ally character in "Boss" proving he had celebrity life beyond his short time in Tokusatsu.

How I Thought of the Mulan Film

Zhao Wei was really able to execute Mulan rather well. Compared to Disney, the legend is well-told especially with how she was based on a legendary female strategist named Fu Hao. Okay so I thought that things get rather realistic to how Mulan was gone longer than you've expected and that she's actually a skilled martial artist, so we don't see any of that ridiculous stuff of Mulan being a wimp.  Actually I would have voted for Esther Liu or Crystal Liu but she did her part well.  But for a series, I'd vote for Esther Liu as Mulan.  Her beauty however wasn't very ancient of a China girl, she in fact looks kinda blended for the role but she does have her alluring figure here.  I think she played her part well. Not surprising if you've seen previous movies of hers involving ancient China attires and her fighting prowess is well shown. In fact, I liked how she was able to display her martial arts skills against a bully in the military camp. The part was also off…

Wu Chun in 14 Blades

After seeing the movie 14 Blades, I kind of thought that Wu Chun really did something more impressive with his skills in martial arts, even if it's his first time for him to do more intense action. He did some cool fight scenes in Hot Shot, a series I absolutely detest due to poor scriptwriting but maybe, the directors were impressed by his martial arts that they decided to get him for the film.

I kind of thought that he should do more action movies rather than just being the "pretty boy" image that he is after seeing his ridiculously amazing fight scene.

Chinese Actresses that Caught My Attention via Soap Operas

Here are some of the Chinese actresses that caught my attention via soap opera. They are:

Pace Wu was the first. I remembered her midway of Meteor Garden II. She was gorgeous but she was less lively. I remembered having a crush that looks like her.

Tammy Chen caught my attention in Lavender but she had better roles than that. Hated her script where she died.

Esther Liu was next. She was really pretty. Remembered watching Westside Story all for her not caring about the plot. She was pretty as well as lively. In Green Forest, she shows her more serious side as Liu Xue Hua would.

Ady An was another character I liked. She played tough girl roles best. My favorite had to be her as a bad girl in Chinese Paladin.

Then there was Crystal Liu who was just pretty but not as pretty as Esther Liu. She's not as lively either.