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Liu Yi Fei Picture I Found as of October 30, 2013

Well here's Liu Yi Fei in tempting red in the fields.  Really it's a real treat!

Kim Tae Hee at Tesco Lotus Sukaphiban in Thailand

Here's for a fan's meeting and autographs.  Looks can be deceiving.  She's already 33 years old here. XD This is from one of her Facebook fanpages.

Happy 21st Birthday Junya Ikeda

Here's my blog wishing Happy 21st Birthday to Junya Ikeda who is best known as Gai Ikari in Gokaiger.  Now for this birthday present...

Spongebob and pals are now Super Sentai fans and are dedicating this song to him.

More Vic Chou Pictures at the 48th Golden Bell Awards

Hee hee, just my thought this is really moving Vic Chou from just a pretty boy to a real actor status.  

Congratulations to Esther Liu for Winning the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 48th Golden Bell Award

Here's Esther Liu with her drop dead attire.  Just made me think, she might probably make well if she were paired with Vic Chou and maybe cast senior actress Brigitte Lin as her mother.

Congratulations to Vic Chou for the Best Actor Award at the 48th Golden Bell

A few years ago when I watched Meteor Garden, I always complained about how blank faced he was but he really improved overtime winning first place.

Vic Chou triumphantly takes the trophy.  I wonder how he feels now if he used to watch Qin Han's shows as a child?

Vic Chou with best actress award winner Miao Ke Li.


Golden Bell, Vic Chou Wins Best Actor Award

Takashi Ukaji Pictures I Found as of October 25, 2013

Well here's some pictures of Takashi Ukaji.  I personally think he's kind of funny as well especially when playing that somewhat of a cheapskate Kousei Kougami.

Kim Tae Hee Pictures I Found as of October 25, 2013

Well here's more pretty Kim Tae Hee pictures...
Kim Tae Hee at Germany


Camera time!

Rain is lucky to date her!

Maaya Uchida Pictures I Found as of October 24, 2013

Here's some delusion time from this fanpage.  She's really so adorable.

Esther Liu Pictures for Ai Qing ATM

Well she's really hot in here.  Just my thought, has China accumulated the technology to clone Tokusatsu hotties and make them hotter?

Screenshots of Jerry Yan for Loving, Not Forgetting

Woah!  Jerry Yan would definitely be a "Qin Han Jr." here.  Just my thought, I'm thinking about casting him to play as Qin Han's characters in the future.  Pictures found here.  Just put him near Liu Yi Fei, you would get a good reenactment of Qin Han's younger days with Liu Xue Hua.

More Rin Takanashi Pictures at the Roponggi Hills Arena

Just more gorgeousness after the Super Sentai for Rin Takanashi.  I found the pictures here.

More Rin Takanashi Pictures I Found as of October 22, 2013

What's she thinking?

Three times stylish Rin Takanashi

Promoting Girls Be Ambitious

With AKB48 girls

Tori Matsuzaka Pictures I Found as of October 22, 2013

Here's some rather cool Tori Matsuzaka pictures I found with various endorsements.  So pretty much, really red ranger amterial.
Tori Matsuzaka for Joker.

Nice brown jacket...
Sitting like a boss...

Rin Takanashi Picture I Found as of October 22, 2013

Well she's really gorgeous in this red dress.  Love it!

Kim Tae Hee for Black Smith Cafe

Well here's some pretty Kim Tae Hee pictures which were taken last October 24, 2011 (two years ago) 

Liu Yi Fei ZDorzi Pictures I Found as of October 21, 2013

Well what can I say?  LOL she is really hot!

Kim Tae Hee Picture i Found as of October 21, 2013

Well here's another classical Kim Tae Hee picture I found.  Really gorgeous and can't believe she's already in her 30s.