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If I Wrote My Rurouni Kenshin Live Version

Here's a pretty wild idea but okay... so I'll be picking those in Toku and those who are not in Toku.  So here's my choices for who plays who... the rest is up to you to comment if you wish (or dare)...

Tori Matsuzaka as Kenshin- After Shinkenger, he's still pretty badass so I see no reason not to cast him as the main characer.

Rin Takanashi herself can play the part of Kaoru Kamiya... it'd be nice to see her do another bad cook performance even if she's a real cook. :P

Hiroki Aiba as Sanosuke Segara- Watching his performance in Shinkenger makes me think he'll do that character well.  Then again, maybe Ryuji Sainei could do better.

Erika Toda as Megumi- Well she's my choice.

Here are My Current Favorite Actresses Who Appeared in Tokusatsu

To start the adding of former Tokusatu actresses, I'd like to put some to introduce the readers here to Tokusatsu if they ever don't bother to read my Sentai blog.

Nao Nagasawa- After Hurricanger and making a few guest appearances in Tokusatsu, she's also been into action films as of late.  Love her.

Ayumi Kinoshita- She became famous as Jasmine/Deka Yellow.  After that she got involved in some movies (and Nu Meri was an adult film) and the series Uramiya Honpo.

Haruka Suenaga- It's a shame she doesn't have any more major roles after her role as Sakura in Boukenger.

Rin Takanashi- I think she has to be Japan's hottest actress as of recent.

This Blog Will Soon Feature Tokusatsu Cast Members

Well not everybody who reads this blog is a Tokusatsu fan yet let's give credit to Japanese actors whose career was launched by doing Tokusatsu.  After all this is about Chinese, Japanese and Korean celebrities isn't it?  So there may be similar entries between this blog and the Super Sentai blog or even duplicated entries.  Oh that means more tags isn't it?  Looks like this is the best place for the eye candy to be placed and not in the context of Super Sentai. :P  Well consider this like "After the Sentai" type of blog inspired by "After the Power" but at a larger niche.

Chie Tanaka's One Shot Flick in Dekaranger

I couldn't find a screen shot of that specific episode in Dekaranger but all I can say is it was certainly nice of her to show up.  Her role there was Teresa, a Mikean who Hoji Tomasu (please CHECK my Sentai blog or any Sentai related site/blog for information) whose younger brother was killing young girls to cure her of her disease.  Well it was a nice one shot and nice of her to do a one episode service to Tokusatsu fans.  However she ended up as of current in the Chinese movie industry.  However I am still researching on what the title of the song was that she sang in Dekaranger 37.

Condolences to Feng Fei Fei

Last February 13, Feng Fei Fei passed away at 60 years old.  Tragic.  It reminds me of how young Shotoro Ishinomori was.  She died of lung cancer. Was she a smoker?  I can't be certain.  She is survived by her 23 year old son though.  RIP Feng Fei Fei, you will be missed. :(

Belated Happy Birthday Joan Lin Chan!

Last February 3, Jacky Chan's beloved wife, former actress Joan Lin Chan has turned 60.  Despite the infidelity that happened way back (Jacky Chan has a love child with Elaine Ng named Etta), they still managed to celebrate together.  She's now 60 years old and still looking pretty.
Jaycee Chan with his parents.  He's definitely a combination of both.  Jaycee Chan performed a song for his mom that night.  Oh he's going 30 already!

Slicing the cake.  Father, mother and son all together.