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Chie Tanaka Endorses XO Sauce

Chie Tanaka really charms the Chinese audience not only with her fluency in Mandarin and Japanese but also with her acting.  Well I'm not a fan of XO Sauce but I so wanna get this! :P

Some Similarities Between Rin Takanashi and Amy Jo Johnson

This is just a crack entry get it?  Well I'm going to point out some similarities between them.  I can name the following:

1.) They both played Pink Ranger roles in their respective series.  Also they are best known for their pink ranger roles which launched them to greater heights.  Also notice the smile and the childlike innocence.  Plus they are overrated by fanboys.

2.) They both can sing!  In my opinion though, both don't really have standing out voices but they still can sing.  In Shinkenger OVA, Rin Takanashi sang with her own voice.  Amy Jo Johnson sang a few times in Power Rangers.

3.) They are both fashion models in their own way although Rin Takanashi has more sexy pictures.  Plus they have a very pleasing smile.

4.) And they're very sexy on top of that and can be superficially admired so much.

My Favorite Haruka Suenaga Smile Photos

Haruka Suenaga's funny smile somewhat eases my day.  Here are they and they're beyond Boukenger. :P

Haruka Suenaga in A Kimono

Here's a cute array of Haruka Suenaga in a kimono. Enjoy!
I kind of like this design with its flower theme...
Now there's a real flower... marry me! :P

More Tori Matsuzaka for the Female Sentai Fans

Well for the females, here's another group of Tori Matsuzaka photos:

Hmmm I wonder which lucky gal will share those strawberries with him?

A milk commercial maybe?

Nerd mode on- and that reminds me of me.

Just who's the lucky girl who'll get these flowers?

In a rather formal business suit.

He's a red ranger after all isn't he?

Some Hot Tori Matsuzaka Photos for Female Fans

It's time to do some fanservice to females too. Hee hee.

Tori Matsuzaka in a classical musician's outfit.

Looks like Tori Matsuzaka's having a recital.

Tori Matsuzaka's hunky body.

In another of the best casual outfits.

Rin Takanashi with Some Health Drinks

Here are some photos of Rin Takanashi from Doki TV Now with a health drink.  I wonder what she's drinking?  

Rin Takanashi with Snack Food

From Doki TV Now, here's Rin Takanashi with snack food... boy these photos bring me nostalgia for some reason despite the fact she's three years my junior.

I think these are potato chips... correct me if I'm wrong. 
Peanuts?  Oh yummy. 
She's got something sweet but she's sweeter.
Yogurt?  Hmmmm....
The ice cream looks delicious...
She's enjoying some food... I bet it's light.

Some Badass Tori Matsuzaka Photos

Here are some badass photos I've found and I think are just too cool not to display. Enjoy.

I just love this look of the samurai.

This special feature rocks.

Looking hot as Takeru.

The stare that reminded me of Maskman's Takeru.

Him starring in the action series "Death Game Park".

In Death Game, he is reunited with Masahiro Inoue whom he met at
the Shinkenger vs. Decade special.

Tori Matsuzaka's English Speaking Skills

Well another behind the scenes of Tori Matsuzaka... he can speak English!  It's nice to hear this interview.  So I don't think he'll have any problem courting a non-Japanese girl if he wanted too.  Hee hee.  After Shinkenger, he really had a LOT of secrets to reveal.  However NEVER pressure him to reveal whoever his secret girlfriend is.

Tori Matsuzaka for Galactic Heroes

Here are some photos of Tori Matsuzaka for Galactic Heroes:

I bet women would want him over this!

Tori Matsuzaka with some cast members.

Tori Matsuzaka with more cast members.