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Pepsi Fire and Ice

This is Vanness Wu and Tata Young in their first commercial together. I know it's quite late to post this in my blog but I feel this is awesome to get a repost. Okay so I think this is great with some exaggerated karate moves which are not possible without stunts. Actually, I think the two should have a movie together.

Jerry Yan in Zhong Hua Dian Xian Advertisement

This is one of Jerry Yan's pre-F4 commercials. Honestly I like his appearance here better. This is quite funny if you ask me.

Han Hyo Joo Pizza Hut

This is a very cute commercial of Han Hyo Joo for 15 seconds. Actually I liked her performance in Spring Waltz. She's really cute. Okay just enjoy.

What Happened in Bali Ending

Honestly this is a very sick tragedy. This is where the whole scene really ends with a lot of violence. Jae Min can't let go of Soo Jung and he catches her in bed with In Wook. Actually this is very, very disturbing as to how Jae Min could have found out that Soo Jung is in bed with In Wook all of a sudden. He shoots them both and he ends up shooting himself. Just watch for the rest of the details to avoid the spoiler if you don't know how the plot really goes.

This is really too tragic. :-(

Jerry Yan Modeling Days

Woah! I never thought I would stumble to this video on Youtube. Anyway he's really hot in here. But then again, I'm a guy so this blog entry is for the ladies. So if you're a lady, you'd love to see this one. Personally, I think he should go back to having this hairstyle for future series. I'd like to pair him up with Esther Liu though they have a huge age gap if I have the chance to.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Well it's the year of the Ox and Andy Lau has a greeting to all his fans, "If you work hard, you will get rewards." Andy Lau being the year of the ox and hardworking as one gives this advice to his fans. He will have a new album this February 14, 2009.

Show Luo on the other hand becomes end of the lunar new year prankster.

Taiwan's very own Madonna, Jolin Tsai, is on the other hand focusing on creating herself a new album. She is lucky to win $40,000 which she can use for her other projects. However I believe nobody could replace Anita Mui as the legendary queen of pop despite her presence.

Little Liu Yi Fei Dancing

Hi Liu Yi Fei fans! Here's a clip of her as a little girl. I don't know how old she is but I think I would be nine if she's seven. This is very adorable! Just watch as how she started as a little girl to the gorgeous girl she is today. I think this was taken from China, her place of birth.

Jaycee Chan in Invisible Target

Although he is not the main actor in here but I am pleased to see that he can do some kick butt aside from the Huadu Chronicles. I think he will eventually join action cinema but I wonder if he can surpass his father.

Isabella Leong's Pretty MVs

Below I'd like to present Isabella Leong in her natural youthful appearance. Too much make-up makes her look old at times or look younger. Actually she's three years my junior.

Actually in this MV which was released in 2004 (she would be 16) and she looks 16 in here. Depending on how her make-up is done makes her older or younger. I have to admit she really looks gorgeous here!

Jerry Yan: Shots in Hot Shot

Jerry Yan is now action-oriented. Hopefully, he'll film a romantic ancient China series with Liu Yi Fei (I have a blog on Fushigi Yuugi here, just check the Jerry Yan category for it). Anyway just enjoy the scenes below:

Dong Fang Xiang the ultimate:

The final shot:

Maggie Q: Naked Weapon Battles

This is Maggie Q otherwise Maggie Quigley. She's half-Chinese, half-American and she's one hot fighter. Her martial arts are just amazing. The movie Naked Weapon talks about combining prostitution with martial arts. It's not the typical bad girl in the bus terminal. Nope- they seduce important figures and kill them! The movie has slight sexy scenes but only the martial arts really entertains me.

This is the catfight from Naked Weapon. I can't imagine how Maggie Q could survive this long mortal combat with each other. Just watch and see how crazy this scene is. This is the part where Maggie Q's character must survive the deadly pit of death.

This is the final battle from Naked Weapon where Maggie Q battles the final antagonist left. The action is just unbelievable especially how she is able to win this battle despite the injuries she has accumulated. See and watch it for yourself.

Jacky and Jaycee: Tea Leaf

The Making:

Part 1-

Part 2-

This is a commercial of Jacky Chan and his son Jaycee Chan endorsing Tea Leaf Drink Commercial. This is the actual one:

Twins Effect Fight Scenes

The two girls that compose of Twins are actually more than just musicians as seen in their movies. They had their best scenes in Twins Effect. Here are my favorite fight scenes.

Fight 1-

Fight 2-

Just sit down and enjoy!