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Kyuranger Cast Pictures For July 31, 2017

Looking good!
Silly post number one!

Silly post number two!
Is it time to clean up the set?

It's time to have some fun for a 32 year old guy! =)
We already have 12 Kyurangers in total!

Suzy Bae At The "While You Were Sleeping" Wrap Up Party

It's nice to see her with her long hair again. Her short hair could confuse anyone into thinking she's Maaya Uchida. 

Kamen Rider EX-AID Picture For July 31, 2017

It's time to stretch those limbs after the long day of filming isn't it? 

Badminton With Liu Yi Fei

It's time to play Badminton
 Relaxing after a game

Time to strike a pose

Maaya Uchida For Intersect Summit

She's so adorable!
It's time for the Intersect Summit!
She's really looking cute in this pic. =P

Gokaiger Cast Pictures For July 29, 2017

The princess and her attendants!
 Only if these guys were in Kyuranger.

Haruka Tateishi Pictures For June 29, 2017

Here she is in her lovely pink dress. Makes her stand out doesn't it? 

Classic Gingaman Cast Picture For July 29, 2017

Yup it's official... Shout! Factory has already licensed it. But I feel like that a certain group of Power Rangers fans are probably wanting a Flashman DVD release instead. =P

Old School Super Sentai Cast Photos For July 29, 2017

It's been a long time isn't it!
My mom's Super Sentai and my Super Sentai all having a good time.

Two pink mommas!

Keiichi Wada And Kei Shindachiya Picture For July 28, 2017

It's fun to have both of my favorites in one picture. Red x blue power team anyone?

Dining With Ai Moritaka

No, this isn't aboard the ToQ-Liner. This is Ai Moritaka dining with some food.
I'd love to have some of that delicious steak!!!!
It's time for some sandwiches and salad!
She looks like she's pretty pleased.

Sakurako Okubo Pictures For July 26, 2017

Is that some juice she's drinking?
The computer gamer meets the ninja.

Goofing off with Naga behind the scenes.
She's having fun while she's on a break.

Oh wait she doesnt' belong in this photo!

Rio Uchida Does Some Shogi

So it's official... Kiriko Shijima has resigned from the police, her younger brother and Chase are now playing Shogi with her. Hmmm.... 

Ruka Matsuda Picture For July 28, 2017

Here's her picture all looking natural and pretty in the car. 

Suzy Bae Pictures For July 28, 2017

Yup she still practically dominates this blog now! Bwahahahahaha!!!!!

Suzy Bae: Behind The Scene Of Beanpole Accessories

The cute and adorable Suzy is really that adorable!!!!

Liu Yiu Fei Picture For July 28, 2017

She's already almost 30 (this August 25) but man does she look that young!

Kamen Rider EX-AID Pictures For July 28, 2017

I wonder if Tetsuya Iwanaga is a comedian? 
The cast are having a good time behind the scenes.

Choose which doctor you want to operate on you!