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Dolphin Bay: Rivalry

I remembered Dolphin Bay's rivalry between Ambrose Xu and Wallace Huo. To be plain honest, I find myself as the losing party over the winning one. Hard to admit it but I have a friend that sort of looks like Ambrose Xu but weirdly has Vanness Wu's complexion.

Each one had a different character portrayed- Ambrose Xu plays as the main lead who is adopted into a family that he has no relations to and the childhood friend of Angela Zhang. Wallace Huo is quite "antagonistic" in many ways and honestly, I remembered my severe misadventure with that friend of mine over a girl who looks like a rat.

There is always MUCH emotional punch between the two characters and the whole irritating part for me is that WHY does the character of Wallace Huo hit me so much? Ah maybe it's because I have that really BAD temper which Ambrose Xu doesn't have which reminds me of my friend who looks like him.

I remembered the times when I cheered so much to dance whenever Wallace Huo'…

Alice Tzeng

I can't help but get attracted to the beauty of Alice Tzeng in the movie "Secret" as one who took a love interest in Jay Zhou and her commercial with big star Alan Luo (who is also part of Pepsi). She's quite pretty if you ask me but not so hot. But still she's hot enough to be on the movie "Secret". She really does have some sex appeal if you ask me- pretty and dashing. But is she really that gorgeous? Ah not really but I think she would still do.

I kind of felt sorry for her part that she is hardly noticed by Jay Zhou despite her character being single. I was kind of hoping that she and Jay Zhou would end up together in the film.

Here's also this picture of her and Vanness Wu.
And with Alan Luo:

Jerry Yan and Arien Lin?

Recently I stumbled across this picture. Although I was kind of hoping for Esther Liu or Liu Yi Fei, I think promoting Ariel Lin through Jerry Yan will do good. The title of the series is Extravagant Challenge.

Here's the plot from the Japanese comic book:

Sixteen year old Mogami Kyoko sacrificed her life to support her boyfriend, Sho, so he could become a successful singer. One day, Sho suddenly breaks up with Kyoko, leaving her with nothing, and Kyoko vows revenge. She decides to delve into the entertainment world and become even more successful than Sho to get back at him. Kyoko therein meets Ren, another actor in her agency, who helps motivate her to become a top entertainer.

Jay Chow's Piano Battle in Secret

Jay Chow's piano battle in the movie "Secret" is truly splendid. I have to really admit that seeing the film was like seeing my mother's classic films (and in extension to that of Granny Gertrude). The tunes are very similar to that of Shaw Brothers. Just sit back and enjoy the show!


As for those who want to see his real ability, this video will get you to believe.

Show Luo and Alice Tzeng

Pepsi Nine Stars

This is the biggest and best Pepsi Commercial for me. This featured F4, Aaron Kwok, Sammi Cheng, Jay Chow and the sexy Jolin Tsai.

Interesting facts:
Vic Zhou was the most hesitant to perform at first.Vic Zhou and Sammi Cheng were once linked together as lovers during this event as well as Jay Chow and Jolin Tsai.During filming, Anita Mui died from cancer on December 30, 2003. She was a favorite singer of the members Sammi Cheng, Jerry Yan and Jolin Tsai.

Isabella Leong

Isabella Leong... how could I forget this half-Portugese beauty? I remembered seeing her at first in the movie "Bug Me Not" and later in "Dragon Squad".

I enjoyed watching Bug Me Not and she was SO PRETTY there. Her acting was good for a newbie. Well she's three years below me. There she was some color blind girl and subject to much of a "sex joke" at the beginning. I have to admit she's kind of sexy.

Contrary to what some people think she looks so mature, she looks just like her age. She's really pretty if you ask me. I prefer her without make-up and let that natural beauty shine like this picture I've placed.

However her voice is so raspy in my opinion so never mind her singing part. I can do without it.

I've also seen her in the American movie "The Mummy 3" which she appears to be more Chinese than half-Chinese due to the make-up but still gorgeous nonetheless. However I didn't like her hairstyle so much there.

Sony Walkman: Kwai Lun Mei and Jerry Yan

I find this something new. Kwai Lun Mei is sure lucky to be paired with Jerry Yan in this. Here is the commercial on TV:

I think the two seem to have a "chemistry". Actually some people say I do have resemblances with Jerry Yan but I seem to have more of Wallace Huo (and my former rival looks like Ambrose Xu). Is this some "omen" I would be with that lesbian? Hmmm...

The song is quite nice but I don't think it would be in my blog about favorite songs or maybe it will. I think a movie about them would do if I were to ask.

Kwai Lun Mei

Kwai Lun Mei... I remembered seeing her in "Secret" as the time-lapsed love interest of Jay Zhou. Though I don't really find her pretty, but still she does have some cuteness.

Ah it reminds me of the time I fell in love with some Chinese lesbian girl. Even if I knew she was a lesbian, I did get into all the trouble to try and give her a wedding ring but failed.

Today, I somewhat feel encouraged to try and go for that girl again after seeing the movie "Secret". This time, no sci-fi elements- only the existent natural and supernatural will be the barriers.

Patricia Lam Fung: Another Biopic?

There was also Patricia Lam Fung who is known as the jade girl of Hong Kong. Her movie career though not as great as Lin Dai but she was certainly memorable to the older people. I won't be able to discuss much about her except on the fact that she is another unforgettable icon in Hong Kong.

I think making her biopic is going to be very hard since later reports confirm that her overdose of supplements was not suicide. It might have been due to being a health freak or something. It's going to be very hard for people to try and get that information verified. Hmmm.... if my sources are right, her son is gone too.

I'd also like to present this video of her dancing, a classic to the oldies:

Lin Dai: A Biopic?

It can't be helped that I was thinking what of making a biopic f the glamorous then eventually turned tragic life of screen actress Lin Dai. My mom was only six years old when this actress died. She was known for her trademark movie "Bu Liao Qing".

Sadly she died at age 28. I wonder if she has any grandchildren from her only son Long Zhong Han who has remained so hidden and is a lawyer. She committed suicide at a pique against her husband who died at the age of 84 last year. I think it had to do with extramarital affairs which the newspapers considered as a trivial issue.

If she were to be done a biopic, I think Michelle Ye might do a good job in portraying Lin Dai's life.

But I wonder if she can do the cha cha this well?

Film of the 60s: Love without End

Even if my mother was only a little kid when the film was shown, I want to see this tear jerking film called "Love without End". I know the ending is tragic but I feel like I might have bottled up feelings for too long.

I honestly felt bad when I discovered that I still had feelings for my first love of my life but it was too late. Soon enough, she found somebody else. But we were so young back then. I wonder if I can let her go?

The synopsis is this: A country girl named Li Qing Qing goes to the city to live with her uncle and finds Pengang a wastrel rich man. The two fall in love. Then the guy goes bankrupt. Foolishly Li Qing Qing agrees to the proposal of a scoundrel which leads to a tragic break-up. Li Qing Qing is then sick with some form of cancer which causes Pengang to want to make amends with her. In the end, she dies seeing her lover for the last time. (Details closed as of now, must see film first)

To see the MTV of the song "Bu Liao Qing" or &qu…

Show Luo vs. Jerry Yan: Hot Shot

The whole plot tackles on Show Luo as the leading protagonist and Jerry Yan as his best friend/rival type of character. The plot revolves around a school called Li Ying were sports have been put into a dusty corner. Show Luo as Yuan Da Ying is a country boy who has a passion for basketball but with no real skill while Jerry Yan as Dong Fang Xiang is the legendary player- both a contrast against each other.

So the plot goes on where Yuan Da Ying falls in love with Tracy Zhou's character Zhan Jie Er who reminds him of his childhood friend. But things get complex when he realizes that the girl he develops feelings for works for the family of Dong Fang Xiang. Who will get the girl?

Remembering Xu Wei Lun

Beatrice Xu. What a sad memory it is. She died at only 28, the same age that the movie queen Lin Dai did though hers was not intentional but an accident that claimed her life on January 28, 2007 a few months before I graduated from College.

The car hit her hard and despite 48 hours of intervention, she died single. Her boyfriend Mike He really cried so hard. It's really something. If they did get married and had a child, would the child also die a young and tragic end like Patricia Lam Fung's did?

Today she would have turned 30 if she were still alive. Fans are giving birthday cakes to the family. They have not forgotten her though she is not in the ranks of Lin Dai and Patricia Lam Fung. At least she did not commit suicide.

Sniff... sniff... :-( RIP.

Andy Lau and Barbie Xu?

I really don't like the idea of pairing Andy Lau and Barbie Xu. I mean let's face it, Andy Lau is just a year younger than Liu Xue Hua. I think he even had a relationship with her before.

Honestly I was really thinking about Andy Lau dodging his supposedly antagonistic parts in Dolphin Bay and 100% Senorita and I just got grossed out with him being so old (I think he's 48) and Barbie Xu is 31. Ugh! It'd be at least 17 years of difference.

I couldn't imagine for a bit of moment he gets into some romantic scenes with Joe Chen in 100% Senorita either. Deric Wan is already old but he's even older. I think this one freaks me out.

I was thinking about the plot about Barbie Xu being the love interest of Andy Lau. If I can't like the idea of Andy Lau going after Zhang Ziyi, I don't like this either. She's way TOO YOUNG for him.

Anyway the plot is a crime and suspense science fiction type of thriller. It's where they both meet from different timel…

Fushigi Yuugi Live?

It can't be helped but it kept entering my head to create a Fushigi Yuugi live. Call me funny but I really want to pose this! I was starting to think about the leading lady Miaka and Yui. I think the following would qualify:
Liu Yi Fei would be Miaka. I think she has the dumb expression that would fit the character of the Suzaku no Miko. Or maybe...
Esther Liu. I think she's prettier. But I think she will make a great Lady Yui. I think she can play that part well.

For the others, here are my choices: (the directors can pick who they want for the rest)
Jerry Yan as Tamahome. He can do a little martial arts. I like him better than Huang Xiao Ming. Hope he will be physically fit here and won't overwork himself. Then his rival is...
Vic Zhou. Well he will be Hotohori. I can't think of anybody else. Well let's just wait 'til he beats Jerry Yan in a swordfight and later gets killed in battle. :-( I think it will be great seeing him compete for the girl wi…

Made This Wallpaper for Erika Toda

I can't help it but make this fantastic wallpaper of this beautiful girl. No copyright violation intended. If it does, I will freely remove this entry. She's actually three years below me. Hmmm... but I think I'm still more addicted to Esther Liu.

Getting Obsessed with Erika Toda

Recently I can't help but want to watch Japanese shows with this gal on it after seeing Death Note. She was hot there but I would really want to see her in other films. I can't help but think she's really so gorgeous with her Asian beauty.

I can't get over with her pictures either.

But first, I think I want to see Tea Fight. She would be very hot in that film. I think she and Vic Zhou make a great couple despite their age gap of seven years.

Jun Matsumoto and Inoue Mao?

After seeing Hana Yori Dango with them, I was kind of thinking whether or not they will really end up with each other someday. Consider the four year age gap. Well, I don't think anything is wrong with that. I think they have the most chemistry with each other so far. The two really did great (but not as great as Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu in Meteor Garden). I hope fans would not be disappointed because certainly, I hope they would be together.

The HYD series had them in a rather awkward position and man I found them funnier than Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu would! I enjoyed it while it lasted especially their heartbreaking scenes make me cry and the happy moments cure the sadness. At the end of the series, I really enjoyed their moment of triumph together.
Can they be really together in reality? Only time will tell!