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Happy Year of the Horse 2014 Everyone!

Well here's...  Happy Chinese  New Year  2014 EVERYONE!!!

Belated Condolences to Karen Mok Due to Her Father's Death

To one of my favorite action stars Karen Mok, it's really sad to think she suddenly lost her father and it's so close to the Chinese New Year.  So yeah, death happens anytime even during celebrations.  RIP Mr. Mok Ho Man Yi. =(
Source: Asianfanatics

Maaya Uchida Picture for January 30, 2013

Well before we start the Lunar New Year, here's another pretty picture for Maaya Uchida. XD

Rin Takanashi Picture For January 29, 2014

Here's Rin Takanashi's picture with an elegant black gown and a pearl necklace.  Really love her classy pose her.  It's almost like a work of art.  

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for January 28, 2014

Here's a couple of pretty shots from Liu Yi Fei International Pages, just made me think she's looking like a younger version of senior actress Brigitte Lin in here.
Really pretty


Did she get a twin or was she cloned lol...

Jerry Yan in Lupin 3 Photo

I guess it's no wonder why Jerry Yan had to look so rugged, it had something to do for his role in the Lupin 3 movie. =P  Taken from here.

Zhen Xiu Zhen's Role as Dao Ming Feng/Kaede Doumyoji

Back when I saw Meteor Garden, I had no idea it was based on an Anime.  I later gave the Anime a watch but it made me realize, the actress Zhen Xiu Zhen is ONE AMAZING ACTRESS!  Okay she used to play the good girl roles, the oppressed daughter-in-law, etc.  In Meteor Garden, she shows us she's pretty legendary as an actress.  In fact, I think she can even silence the performance of Kaga Mariko in a single command.  If she has a Japanese equivalent, it would be the Tokusatsu actress Atsuko Takahata who I wished played Kaede Doumyoji in the live version.  She in fact reverses the tropes she was once associated with from the princess to the witch in that whole season so well, I really wish I can take acting lessons from her!

It made me think that the directors just didn't make a mistake in choosing her.  After all, the Anime character not only bears resemblance to her but also Zhen Xiu Zhen is a pretty good actress you can't deny she is a show stealer.  In fact, her acting s…

Esther Liu Picture for January 27, 2014

Here's from her fan page yet again.  Hmmm I wonderw hat's that delicious stuff she's eating?

Esther Liu Picture From Her Facebook Fanpage as of January 25, 2014

Well she is looking pretty hot in here... XD

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For January 25, 2014

Well some Liu Yi Fei pictures to warm things up...
She is pretty cool in blue...

A real jade girl for Hang Yue

She does almost look like a younger Brigitte Lin here... now just pair her up with Jerry Yan for a remake of Red Dust...

Would people mistake her as Brigitte Lin's daughter or Liu Xue Hua's?

Pretty sexy...

Liu Yi Fei for Forevermark Diamonds

Liu Yi Fei is really a diamond girl no doubt... and this picture shows it. =D

Rin Takanashi's "Aura of Innocence"

I decided to check on Killers' trailers and check this video out on what Mo Brothers had to say about Rin Takanashi, hopefully this will be transcribed:

From the Mo Brothers timed at 1:53 up to 1:57 where the directors comment that Rin Takanashi has this enormous "aura of innocence" giving warm light in the shots.  This just made me think of it that her acting has improved seeing how she was able to pull of Arisa Yamauchi in "Love for Beginners".  Her role here is Hisae who Nomura (the serial killer) is somewhat attracted to and she is kind of a tragic character who lost her parents.

During Shinkenger (which was her first major role after doing the movie Goth as the leading lady), I thought she kinda had the aura more of innocence than the kind of aura which other hotties have. Sometimes a pretty woman can give you a wrong impression or doesn't have that "aura of innocence".  In terms of appearance, she gives out a more childlike innocence impre…

My Reaction to Hiroshi Fujioka and Ryo Hanami That They Will Reprise Their Classic Roles

Well this is really some good news for those who grew up watching Kamen Rider.  I mean this would be something for those whose parents were Tokusatsu fans.  Surprised?  Not really.  After all, when Arnold Schwarzenegger was confirmed that he will return as a much older Conan, there's no reason why these guys can't return as a much older version of their classic roles.  I'm not surprised either that some former Tokusatsu actors would reprise their roles again if Kento Handa will appear in yet another Shinichiro Shirakura as producer and to be written yet again by "Patrick Star" which I am pretty mixed considering Super Hero Taisen and Super Hero Taisen Z are bad. =P

Hiroshi Fujioka- He did make a cameo in Kamen Rider Agito's movie and has appeared in some fan events every now and then, even sang the Kamen Rider 1 theme song in his old age.  Yeah I know we won't see Stronger's actor reprise his role due to his death but here we have a veteran actor retur…

RIP Voice Actor Seizo Kato

Legendary voice actor Seizo Kato passed away just yesterday at 11:40 A.M. which was also reported by fellow blogger Ukiya Seed.  He was known to be the Japanese voice of Megatron and Galvatron as well as that of Sentai villains Star King Bazoo in Changeman, Emperor Zeba in Maskman and Dai Satan in Zyuranger as well as General Jark in Kamen Rider BLACK RX.  He was 86 years old, pretty ripe already.  RIP, you will be sorely missed. =(

Liu Yi Fei Childhood Pictures I Found as of January 18, 2014

Here's Liu Yi Fei's pictures of her as a child courtesy of Liu Yi Fei Taiwan Fans Club.  She's so adorable in here.  

So Donnie Yen is Sun Wukong?

After watching Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger and seeing Gorie Yen was a play on Donnie Yen, I guess he must have liked the character so much to become Sun Wukong according to Asianfanatics.  Here's some of the pictures taken from the same page though do note that Gorie Yen is a gorilla and a monkey is not a gorilla but close enough!

More on Rin Takanashi Starring in Killers... My Thoughts!

Well it's something to realize that Killers is actually a Japanese/Indonesian collaboration and I wonder how many Indonesians who are fans of anything Japanese (and I'm not limiting to fans of Anime or Japanese Tokusatsu) are happy about this.  I haven't been familiar with Indonesian entertainment at all and only knew Bimu Garuda by name but never saw it (SAD, tears).  So looks like this will be an R-rated film so I don't know at what direction Rin Takanashi will have in this one.  So far this film will be a conflict between a Japanese killer and an Indonesian man and I believe this will be an R-rated film considering the amount of violence this film has shown even in the extras.  
Surprised?  Not really considering these events whether coincidences or not:
Former Power Rangers actress Amy Jo Johnson had played in a couple of mature films like Infested and Islander (though she didn't go full frontal) and later a serious series called Flashpoint which is not for ch…

Liu Yi Fei for Fashion QQ

Here's Liu Yi Fei for Fashion QQ.  Once again Jin Ye Liu Yi Dian Ai Gei Wo!

Liu Yi Fei for China Gold Jewelry in Chen Dong

Here's Liu Yi Fei for China Gold Jewelry in Chen Dong.  I just love her get-up and jewelry here. =D

Liu Yi Fei Picture I Found as of January 11, 2013

She really looks so elegant here, really pretty.

What Acting Roles Could Maaya Uchida Take After Akibaranger?

After watching Akibaranger, I did some research on Maaya Uchida and found out that she was more of a voice actor for "I'm Enterprise".  So what did I think she could do?

After hearing her sing, I just thought she could actually do singing roles.

Looking at her performance in Akibaranger, she might actually be better off doing J-Drama than official Tokusatsu as to lengthen her career.

Suzuka Morita and Rin Takanashi for Super Hero Max Pictures

Yup this is already old but I found these pictures too gorgeous not to display in here.  This was last 2010.  I got them from this page.  Too bad neither of them are in the Rurouni Kenshin movie.

Rin Takanashi for an NHK Period Drama

Here's a picture I found of Rin Takanashi for an NHK period drama found here.  She will also star alongside Yuki Nakama who I hope will get married soon.

Tori Matsuzaka Promoting Lalaport's Bargain Sale

Well here's more of lord-sama promoting the Bargain Sale.

Is the Korean Trend Overrated Already?

Actually do notice I'm not really that fond of Korean and as said, I don't always go with the trend like even if Power Rangers is more popular than Super Sentai, I'm still a bigger than of Super Sentai for both smart and silly reasons.  It's time I'll probably ramble on the Korean trend in celebrities...

Korean drama became a trend.  Filipinos were first introduced to Korean drama with Autumn in My Heart starring Song Hye Kyo and then came in drama like Hotelier, Attic Cat, the comedic Full House (which Song Hye Kyo had a very positive reception) and then we had others like Forbidden Love, City Hunter and IRIS among action shows.  Well Korean storm came to Asia and Song Hye Kyo was a real looker.

Just my thought Korean beauty can be very overrated.  I would admit I've met a couple of Korean girls and I'm seeing more pretty girls among Chinese and Japanese, then again that is solely my opinion.  Some Korean beauties that stood out are Song Hye Kyo and Kim Ta…