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Belated Happy 21st Birthday Haruka Tateishi

It's time to greet our cute tiger a belated happy birthday =)

Pictures Of Suzy Bae In "While You Were Sleeping" For September 29, 2017

It's her graduation picture. =P
 Nerdy nerd!

Nerdy nerdy!
Love that look.

She looks like a scientist here.

Is she entering into Delusion World again?

Suzy Bae Pictures For September 29, 2017

Here's more of Suzy's jacket collection... =P

So Suzy Bae's Character Broke Her Neck?

Here's some scenes where Suzy's character broke her neck. Ouch!

Badass Suzy Bae Did The Roof Fall Stunt Herself

There's no surprise to what Suzy Bae is doing right here. I remembered all her fight scenes in Kang Chi making her someone you don't want to mess with. It's not a surprise she filmed this really scary scene all by herself. 
Source: All K-Pop

Pictures Of Suzy Bae For Faceshop For September 28, 2017

Well she's really looking pretty here isn't she? 

Pictures Of Suzy Bae In "While You Were Sleeping" For September 28, 2017

While You Were Sleeping just premiered yesterday evening. So far so good. The first episode (split into two for the reason of having to air a commercial after the first half) was pretty good in itself. Here's a picture of our cute psychic and the car accident scene. 

Suzy Bae For CeCi

I love her jade colored outfit here. It really makes her stand out the most. =P

Maaya Uchida Picture For September 28, 2017

She's looking pretty sad again isn't she? 

Kasumi Yamaya Pictures For September 28, 2017

She must be very thirsty.

I've got a dumb reason to skip that awful Ninja Steel... =P

It's time to have some dining out with her.

Kamen Rider Drive And Kamen Rider Gaim Are Now Athletes

I was looking through Nihon Hero which is one of my sources for pictures for my Super Sentai blog and this blog. This is what I read from the same page where I got this picture and no, we're not having a Drive vs. Gaim crossover:
TBS had announced that Gaku Sano (Kota Kazuraba / Kamen Rider Gaim) is going to co-star in the TBS Drama "Rikuoh". In this Drama he will play the role of Naoyuki Kezuka who is the athlete of the company Asian Industry. He will be the rival of Ryoma Takeuchi's (Shinnosuke Tomari / Kamen Rider Drive) character Hiroto Mogi who is the athlete of Daiwa Foods. This will be their first co-starring after "Shitamachi Rocket" which was also a TBS Drama.

After hearing this news, the fans began to say they waiting for the Kamen Rider Battle.

Drama Rikuoh is written by Jun Ikeido who had also written Shitamachi Rocket. This is Industry & Worker theme based Drama which focuses on the Industry that produces Sports Item like Running Shoes. Ryom…

Tsurugi Ootori Plays Basketball With Spada And Emu Hojo

Just looking at this scene makes me wish that Emu Hojo's actor Hiroki Iijima will guest star (again) as another character. =P

Suzy Bae Enters Into Delusion Zone?

I guess Maaya Uchida isn't the only actress to do so...
 Maaya's Korean clone gets to enter into Deluzion Zone too?

Mao Ichimichi Picture For September 27, 2017

It's time to have those cute kitties isn't it? 

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For September 27, 2017

A classical shot that makes her look like Brigitte Lin
 Okay, did Brigitte Lin misplace her at birth?

Senior Super Sentai Cast Pictures For September 27, 2017

Ginga Pink and Pink Five with them Biomic Balloons. 
Ryota Ozawa meets two Black Condor and White Swan.

Pink Five, Black Condor and Sharivan/Spielban in one!

Michiko Makino as Kou's and Akomaru's mother in Dairanger.
Jin Matoba is looking classy.