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Some More Cover Nao Nagasawa Photos for November 29, 2012

So okay we've got more Nao Nagasawa photos.  Not really so sexy but they're worth displaying still.
Suddenly we know why everybody purposely drowned themselves...

Red hot Nao Nagasawa...

Even with pajamas she's still hot...

Haruka Suenaga Eye Candy for November 29, 2012

Here's just some Haruka Suenaga eye candy that's quite very sweet... enjoy.
I just love how she goes mouselike here...
She looks like a piece of art here...

I just love this girl's funny antics

Nao Nagasawa with Yumi Sugimoto Both in Dazzling Outfits

Okay I'm not really much of a Yumi Sugimoto fan and I'm more of a Nao Nagasawa fan.  However this photo is too good not to be displayed in my blog.  Hee hee.

Classical Photos of Yue Ling

Here's one of those old Chinese beauties, this retired actress Yue Ling was a beauty back in her younger days and perhaps an older beauty by now.  All I can say is, Taiwan was really blessed to have beautiful women like Yue Ling (as well as those like Joan Lin)... just as Japan was blessed to have Kanako Maeda as well.

Rina Aizawa's Pictures in Plus Magazine

I just love her pictures here in Plus Magazine... and also the fact she has her camera here makes me think I want to buy a higher camera model with my own money. :)

Rina Aizawa Shonen Sunday Photoshoot

Well it's kind of a day off photoshoot and it's really something to have a cute chick like here in here.  Enjoy!

Some Interesting Rina Aizawa Picturs I Found as of November 26, 2012

Well here's another collection of Rina Aizawa pictures.  Okay she's not my favorite Toku babe but still here's something worth displaying...

Liu Yi Fei Artwork...

Here's some brilliant artwork of Liu Yi Fei that makes me so think she's worthy of being the subject of art in here... and I'm reminded of some depictions of Diao Chan in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Liu Yi Fei Winning Most Attractive Actress Award in Hong Kong on March 18, 2012

Here's some really gorgeous shots of Liu Yi Fei winning the most attractive actress award in Hong Kong.  Fortunately she didn't join the ranks of aborted females or she would never be here.

Interesting Pictures of Liu Yi Fei I Found as of November 26, 2012

Here are some interesting Liu Yi Fei pictures I found on one of the Facebook fanpages.  Enjoy!
Looks like she's cast here as a bad cook... I've got to prepare some stomach pills!

A glamorous shot in lavender...

Liu Yi Fei in stunning light blue...

Liu Yi Fei and Various Dogs

Here are pictures of Liu Yi Fei with various dogs.  As a dog owner and lover, I can understand her here a lot.

Emi Takei for Lotte's Ghana Milk Chocolate

Sweet sweet Emi Takei gets chosen to endorse Lotte's Ghana milk chocolate.  Sweetly in red, sweet Emi Takei makes Lotte sweeter. 

Emi Takei in Swimwear

Here's a hotter view of Emi Takei from a one piece bathing suit to a two piece bikini, she's just plain smooth even if she's not for me the hottest Japanese chick ever.  Enjoy these new pieces of eye candy.

Various Photos of Emi Takei for November 25, 2012

Here's a list of assorted Emi Takei pictures I'm going to display since I can't categorize them so here they are...
I've got to admit she's got really nice legs... 
I wish this was my shirt she was signing!

Emi Takei for Maquillage

Here are some pictures of Emi Takei for Maquillage.  Okay I'm a straight but I do admit I do get crazy sometimes with the guilty pleasure checking out girls' magazines to stare at the models and she's one of them.