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Vic Zhou and Janine Zhang in Black and White

In Black and White, it seems Vic Zhou and Janine Zhang has crossed the borders in their roles. How? Well here's what I think about them:

Vic Zhou has crossed the border from just a comical lover into a rather disturbed character who plays in a dangerous game of hide and seek against a deadly criminal game, while trying to choose sides between two mafia teams- Sarkozy and the San Lian Hui.

Janine Zhang may still be her laboratory gown outfit in The Hospital but she's deadlier here, one who has the brains to actually crack cases, get into the suspense side of a series.

Jolin Tsai's Past Photos

Here are some photos of Jolin Tsai in her past. Enjoy!

As a toddler

I think this was her in elementary

A comparison between past and present.

Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou and Vanness Wu as Chefs in their Scripts

Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou and Vanness Wu have carried their roles as chefs in different ways. Here are they:

Jerry Yan carried himself as Sammi Cheng's assistant in Magic Kitchen where he pkayed as a sidekick character who was overly submissive to the woman he loves. He's a lover and a chef at the same time.

Vic Zhou acted out as a chef in the series "Delicious Relationships "with Patty Hou rather than in a movie. So far, his performance there improved in contrast to his previous scripts.

Vanness Wu so far was distinct from the other two- he was a chef and also a martial artist where he and Sammo Hung were in the same film called Kung Fu Chef. What makes the film good is that it presents all the mouth-watering dishes and a LOT of action as well.

Some Kim Tae Hee Smiling Pictures

Kim Tae Hee's smile on her pretty face can brighten her up more. Here are some photos.

Kim Tae Hee's One Smart Lady

Yup as I can say it, "She's one smart lady." Here's why...

She may just seem your girl next door in Korean drama but...

In reality she can also play really fierce characters both protagonist and antagonist alike.

She can also be hilarious if need be but she hasn't acted dumb roles as of yet.

And yes she can also play disturbed characters too.

Song Hye Kyo at the Grocery

Anybody would be just so lucky to run into her especially int his rather alluring dress she's wearing in here at the fruits section. Hmmm... sweeter than the fruits there is her! Ha ha ha!

Kim Tae Hee's Action Roles

Kim Tae Hee doing action oriented series proves she's more than a pretty face. However she's only done action in protagonist roles as of late. Here are some of my views.

Her role as Yoon Shi Yeon the female nine-tailed fox who becomes the love interest of the protagonist Kang Min Woo (portrayed by Jo Hyun Jae) shows she really can kick butt. I love the way she draws those daggers and performs some rather kick-ass moves. Her suicide scene was really convincing.

In IRIS, her role as Choi Seung Hee who again is another character involved with a forbidden love with Kim Hyun Joon (played by Lee Byung Hun). Here she performs rather well on the protagonist side. I also like the way she portrays her confused emotions for the guy as the series goes on. By the way, the way she fires a gun is just awesome!

Crystal Liu with the "Shaw Brothers Look"

This is a photograph of Crystal Liu in "Story of a Noble Family" and I think the way she was styled in here, gives the very "Shaw Brothers look". Who does she remind me of? Well I kind of also see...

I get reminded of the late Patricia Lam Fung in that scenario for some reason although I don't think they look alike.

Remembering Robin Shou

Ah Robin Shou... I remembered seeing him play heroic and villainous roles in Chinese movies. Being American-Chinese, it explains why he can speak better English than most of his fellow Chinese in the Hong Kong cinema industry. However he was a late bloomer in martial arts as he only started when he was 19 years old, he eventually studied Wushu rather than karate feeling that Chinese martial arts are more kick ass. He also fought against legendary actor Donnie Yen in Tiger Cage where he was the antagonist.

However when he moved to America for some action. He soon began part of the famed Mortal Kombat movies- where he was the protagonist Liu Kang. Perhaps his most epic fight scene had to be with Japanese actor Hiroyuki Tagawa who played the villain Shang Tsung who is now destined to play Heihachi Mishima for the Tekken movie. He later had lesser roles in other movies which probably his most popular as of late is as Gen in Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li.

Some of Crystal Liu's Smiling Photos

Here are some lovely Liu Yi Fei smiles. Enjoy!

Her smile brightens up my day! Ha ha!

Vanness Wu's Muscles are an Asset

It seems that Vanness Wu doesn't easily lose his touch with his muscles for the ladies. Hmmm... is his going topless really driving female fans wild?

His topless scenes in Star Runner caused a female audience to like the film.

Of course during concerts, it boosts up the ratings he has going topless for female fans.

In fact, it's what boosted up ratings for Autumn Concerto for the ladies that is.

Vanness Wu and Vic Zhou as Policemen

So far only two F4 members were really able to film some police action. I'd like to comment on them:

Vanness Wu first had his police script in Dragon Squad. So far I didn't enjoy much of his character being poorly developed (in my opinion) and it was more on chases, chases and more chases. But that time, Vic Zhou didn't show much improvement then.

Vic Zhou starred in a suspense series called "Black and White" with Mark Zhao as his sidekick. He showed more emotion in the script from a zero to a hero type of character. Also, he had a rather impressive fight scene towards the end or how he got flexible with the roles he needed too. I think I like his performance better. :-P

Andy Lau's Hand Injury

I have read it for a past few days that Andy Lau had a hand injury. Fortunately nothing serious. He just needs to be careful. Phew.

Vic Zhou and Janine Zhang?!

I don't know but these photos imply they seem to get along but well, it's just a speculation. Please note they first worked together in Tea Fight where Vic Zhou was paired with Japanese actress Erika Toda. Here are some of those photos that happened during a promotional event of Black and White:

Janine Zhang and Vic Zhou's heads opposite each other.

Janine Zhang and Vic Zhou share a laugh together.

It seems there's a focus on them. Ha ha ha.

During the wine toss, it seems the two have a chemistry.

More laughs shared between Vic Zhou and Janine Zhang (who has Ivy Chen at the left).

Vic Zhou's Best Portayed Roles

Here are the Vic Zhou roles I've enjoyed the most:

I think he really improved in Tea Fight, the one where he is paired with Japanese actress Erika Toda and worked alongside Janine Zhang who was another potential love interest in the script.

I think Vic Zhou playing a tragic role was just the beginning of his career. He did it well in Silence. I thought he was cast in a remake of Deaf-Mute Bride at first.  Silence was where he was no longer a comedy star.

I think he and Michelle Chen have a good chemistry together. He shows much improvement in his character as Xu Le in almost every part. He was rather natural in almost every scene.

I believe his major improvement from "unquestionable talent" to "full time actor" happened in Black and White as Chen Zai Tian when he was able to portray with much expression as necessarily needed. In fact, his angry and sad scenes were now convincing. It was here he was reunited with Janine Zhang after Tea Fight.

His part as Sheng…

My Favorite Romantic Scenes of Vic Zhou in Wish to See You Again

"Wish to See You Again" or "Found Love Here" which featured Vic Zhou as a writer named Xu Le and his love interest Nen Xiang who is played by Michelle Chen featured some rather well done love scenes. Here are they:

I liked the part where Xu Le helped Nen Xiang with researching about the concepts she needed for her work.

I just can't forget the side where Nen Xiang worries about Xu Le when he gets hospitalized. It also happened where he injured his wrist and she worries that she can't write.

I also liked the scene where they both become "parents" to an annoying child. Ha ha.

I liked the scene where they were going to see the sunrise at Alisan together with the boy. They were like a family.

And of course, the ending scene where they meet at the first sunrise of the first solar new year.