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Vic Zhou and Erika Toda

Erika Toda and Vic Zhou? I think they make a good match!

Honestly I think it is HOT! Erika Toda is so pretty! I really feel jealous it wasn't me on this film! Wah! I just wonder what the whole plot is. But if it's about tea, I'd really watch it!

The trailer looks pretty interesting and I really wish I'd get the chance to date that gal! Wah! Anyway, just kidding! But honestly she's so hot but I think Esther Liu is still hotter!!!

Anyway I just wonder if Vic Zhou's voice is dubbed? I think so. He can't speak Japanese. As for Erika Toda, I wonder if she could speak Mandarin.

Actually Erika Toda is currently 21 years old and Vic Zhou is currently 27 years old. I just wonder if he'll try to court her next?

Wallace Huo and Penny Lin in 100% Senorita

Wallace Huo and Penny Lin did make a good chemistry in my opinion for their first series as a couple- 100% Senorita- which is upsetting that in the reality, it seems Wallace Huo could be dating Sun Li and Penny Lin some other guy. I wish someday they'll end up together.

Anyway, I've been thinking about how each one performed their best when it came to love scenes despite disappointments in the filming like Wallace Huo's lack of fighting spirit.

But Penny Lin is SO GOOD an actress... whether she laughs or cries, I like her!

I find the scenes really convincing when it came to Penny Lin trying to put aside her personal feelings for apparent revenge against Deric Wan (Andy Lau could have been better) or the fact that Wallace Huo really thought he was betrayed.

I liked the part where Wallace Huo and Penny Lin are in their reconciliation process. It's just so sweet- even sweeter than their initial kissing scenes. They just look so good together that I'm so happy the way t…

F4 vs. 5566: My View on the Rage Battle

Nobody could forget the rage battle between...
F4 - or known as Flower Four.
5566- The multi-talented stage performers.

Both of them presented phenomenal shows, music, stuff, etc.
It was said like this, "F4 is more popular than 5566 even if the 5566 have better music and dance skills because of their looks. But one cannot deny that 5566 is still popular because of their dance skills and music."
Their rivalry is so intense. I couldn't help but think that F4's Jerry Yan and 5566's Tony Sun are just like Tamahome and Tasuki as pictured in this blog.

True that is...

Especially that as a guy, I simply prefer to look at the leading lady.

Meteor Garden was phenomenal but so was My MVP Valentine. Looking at it, both shows really did hit the screens. However not being a fan of basketball, I preferred Meteor Garden over My MVP Valentine.

However it didn't take long for me to prefer 5566 music over F4 music for a time. I only liked the sweet melody since I'm not a fan o…

My Lucky Star Couple: Jimmy Lin and Yoo Ha Na's "Chemistry"

Honestly I think My Lucky Star is so unusual a love story. You've got a lot of twist and turns. I was thinking that Jimmy Lin did a good part. But hey I'm male so I won't really mind who the guy is as long as he does his part well.

The girl Yoo Ha Na is just gorgeous compared to other Korean women I've seen these days. I did enjoy the whole unusual story rather than making it so everyday.

I honestly think the plot can be complex especially where Jimmy Lin is the prodigal son of a jewelry empire and Yoo Ha Na is an ex-convict!

I like the way Yoo Ha Na reacts to their first encounter especially when she decides to change her dishonest ways at the same time teach Jimmy Lin to value the jewels he is destined to inherit.

The part where the two get estranged is plainly heartbreaking
since Jimmy Lin believes that he was betrayed. In reality, Yoo Ha Na was trying to save the life of her former boyfriend's daughter whom she later adopts (and he adopts her at the end too).


JVKV- Formerly F4

F4 now known as JVKV.

I honestly found it funny that the meaning of F4 is "Flower Four".

It was from the Japanese drama Hana Yori Dango (honestly I don't like the current version).

The name F4 was taken from the Meteor Garden series which was based on Hana Yori Dango. They were so handsome that they created an impression of a great image.

The success of Meteor Garden eventually created Meteor Garden 2. Gladly no Meteor Garden 3 as to make way for new ideas.

Let's remember how they first became popular:

Jerry Yan as Dao Ming Si- The role of Dao Ming Si is the hardest to portray because he was a hero and a villain at the same time. Imagine that he's not your average prince charming. He has a good heart and plays tough due to his insecurity.

Vic Zhou as Hua Tze Lei- This one serves him the most being the quiet weirdo.

Vanness Wu as Mei Zuo- Doesn't really fit his personality. Mei Zuo is a playboy but Vanness Wu isn't.

Ken Zhu as Xi Men- …

Pace Wu

Another of Asia's startling beauties...

I remembered seeing Pace Wu in Meteor Garden II. I have to admit she's really gorgeous! She has some resemblance to Japanese actress Kanako Maeda but she's prettier.

Her part in Meteor Garden II was as Vanness Wu's girlfriend. The two looked so cute.

Oh by the way, I ended up remembering that there were two people I knew before that nearly looked like them. The girl looked a little like Pace Wu. Hee hee.

However, I have to admit she still needed to improve her skills. Her acting wasn't very convincing the first time I saw her. Besides a critic on her appearance in the movie "A War Named Desire"

Her series "Hi Honey" wasn't worth watching except to drool on her. I found the series too boring.

Here are some very gorgeous pictures:

Lately, she is dating a multi-millionaire Malaysian boyfriend according to reliable sources.

Yoo Ha Na

This Korean girl is really pretty. I remembered seeing her in "My Lucky Star" but actually, she does sound "very old" because her voice was dubbed. I don't think she can speak Mandarin fluently as seen behind the scenes.
She's actually for me the prettiest character. I find her role as a con artist to be dramatic, funny and a mixed series of emotion. Even at one point, I felt like strangling her! The scenes where she thought Jimmy Lin is a criminal is too funny.
The two do have a chemistry. But I wonder how the two communicated in the reality? Behind the scenes, she was seen trying to learn Mandarin.

I never thought she was Korean. Dang!

I was kind of thinking that she's really hotter than Han Hyo Joo in my opinion but they are of the same age. I wonder why they paired her with Jimmy Lin who has a huge age gap with her?

She also appeared with Jay Chow in a music video.

Anyway, I think anybody who wants to check her out should see "My Lucky Star&…

Han Hyo Joo

Han Hyo Joo was another girl that caught my attention. She's a Korean young star. I saw her first in Spring Waltz and it made me follow her up like crazy in KBS.
I don't find her really pretty but she's cute and simple- almost the ideal girl that I would take. She's almost like Liu Yi Fei in some way. Not really pretty but more beautiful. I even think she looks better than the actress in Endless Love 2: Winter Sonata.

I find her acting in Spring Waltz good. Her sweet smiling nature is obvious in the whole script. I wish I saw Nonstop 5 season five though to see how good she was at first!

I remembered viewing her in another series on KBS called "By Land and Sky". Paid no attention to the story but to her cute face.

I wonder if she does sell a piano record. Certainly I would be willing to buy the real thing!

Hmm... I just wonder what piano pieces she would be playing?

Jolin Tsai: Definitely Not Like Madonna or Britney

Jolin Tsai...

I wonder why people call her the Britney or Madonna when she doesn't do anything offensive which I don't like to mention or risk breaking the screen...

Unlike Britney Spears, she knows the limit of her sexy dressing. Also she hasn't married early or become so obscene as to do crazy things in public. Otherwise, we'd see her shave her head today or already have children and be questionable over to the State.

Unlike Madonna, she hasn't done anything slutty.

Unlike both of them, she doesn't appear naked either! So I think that the "photo" of her turned out to be computer generated by some crazed pervert out there who wants to make a fortune fast.

She can follow the style of song and dance but she rarely does heavy beat music... she prefers to use lively but not noisy music. She can perform their style without going naked.

Esther Liu Pin Yan

Esther Liu Pin Yan... she is indeed a girl three years below me. Hmmm... I find her to be very pretty! I think she kind of looks like Song Hye Kyo.

Her statistics: Name: 劉品言 / Liu Pin Yan English name: Esther Liu Also known as: 言言 / Yan Yan Profession: Singer and actress Birthdate: 1988-Aug-08 Birthplace: Taiwan Height: 166cm Weight: 50kg Star sign: Leo Chinese zodiac: Dragon Favorite animal: DogBlood type:Family: Older brotherReligion: Christianity Hobbies: Making a speech and singing Languages: Chinese and English Music group:SweetySo far I remembered seeing her in Westside Story and my heart was SMITTEN by her dazzling beauty. No wonder I got so excited about Mr. Fighting which for me was less interesting.

She was that nosy girl in that series. I liked the way she showed her antics. They can be very funny.

I liked the idea of her caught in a maze with Tony Sun and Wallace Huo- but looking at her and Tony Sun together is like Miaka and Tasuki... I think I want her to be paire…

Erika Toda

I was surfing across the Internet, I came across this photo. Honestly I think there is a resemblance to Xu Wei Lun but I can tell which is which.

What I'm really scared to think about it is as if the late actress IS NOT DEAD but back in this form. Think about a sci-fi movie! It's like as if Jack Dawson in the Titanic film is still alive!
Anyway, she is confirmed not to be undead! Hee hee! However I think she is prettier than Xu Wei Lun. She's really gorgeous.
So far I've got to admit that she's really sexy too! This is a really great picture! Now here she looks prettier!
Wow that's really gorgeous!

So far there's more than meets the eye with this lovely lady. Here are her statistics!
Birth date: August 17, 1988Birth place: Hyōgo Prefecture, JapanBlood type: AB (see Japanese blood type theory of personality)Height: 5'4 (162cm)Star Sign: LeoTalent Agency: FLaMmeHmmm... I think she and Vic Zhou make a great couple. However she's Japanese. Hmmm...