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Suzy Bae At The SBS Awards

I just love her stunning blue dress here... 

Suzy Bae Picture For December 31, 2017

She's looking so lovable and adorable in this picture! XD

Erina Nakayama Picture For December 31, 2017

Happy new year from Erina Nakayama!

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final Cast Pictures For December 31, 2017

It's time to end the New Year with a BANG!!!!!

K-Drama Princess Era: Last Decade's Song Hye Kyo VS. This Decade's Suzy Bae

While I may not be that big into K-Drama or Korean entertainment in general (since I still tend to think that Japanese entertainment is better while liking Korean food better) but I could talk about two eras: last decade's Song Kye Kyo vs. this decade's Suzy Bae.

I remembered the idiocy I had watching Autumn in My Heart for the attractive actress Song Hye Kyo than the plot. It was a sad story and nothing was probably more stupid than my secret heartbreak over the scene of her character's death. Then it was time to go forward to Full House which I was hesitant to watch - denying to myself I had a crush on the actress. Jokes were made about her lack of appeal in that TV series. Hehe. 
Calling Suzy the "hottest girl in South Korea" is an overstatement. Personally, I don't think her beauty is all that unique like I used to. I don't even think she looks much better than her Japanese lookalike Maaya Uchida since the two are almost hardly distinguishable - face …

Pictures Of Suzy Bae As Dam Yeo Wool For December 29, 2017

It's been four years since Kang Chi ended but WTF... let's enjoy them shall we?
Nope, Hiroyo Hakase didn't take martial arts lessons.

Classic wire work!!!!

Script reading time!

Don't mess with her sword!

Since when did Jun Masuda from Solbrain meet Hiroyo Hakase?

Bow you idiot!

Cutey mode!

What's she hiding there?

Behind the scenes shoot.

She's feeling enthusiastic.

Bang! Bang!

Goofing off behind the scenes!

Okay, did Koichi Suckamoto get involved?

Wacky time!

I love her Hanbok!

Love that smile.

Ruka Matsuda Pictures For December 29, 2017

Nerdy look!
I'm starting to fall for Japan all over again based on the background.

 Simply stunning!

Pictures Of Suzy Bae For Lancome For December 29, 2017

What can I say? She's super stylish and super cute!

Suzy Bae Picture For December 29, 2017

Let's get a flashback of way before she became so hot!