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Jerry Yan Most Popular in Taiwan?

Here's an article I found from Asianfanatics:
Mayor of Dalian presented the Annual Asia Popularity Award to Taiwan idol Jerry Yan. 
He said humorously to Jerry, "It is the first time i present an award to an artiste compared to the past where he present awards to workers."

In the evening of Oct 22, Hua Yu Satellite TV's Ten Most Popular Artistes In Asia Ceremony was held in Dalian. Asian idol artistes such as Yan Ya Lun, Zheng Yuan Chang, He Run Dong, Ji Jin-Hee, Kim Sun A, Han Chae Young and so on received the Ten Popular Artistes In Asia Award. On the other hand, Jerry Yan Cheng Xu, who hadn't made public appearances for long, as expected, received the 2011 Most Popular In Asia Award.
On the 22nd, Jerry Yan walked on the red carpet, handsomely wearing a black trent coat and constantly showing his shy smile. His appearance created a c…

Wakin Chau Sings With His Daughter Anya Woods Chau

Looks like there's a lot of potential for Anya Constance Chau to shine also with the East-West.  I simply love her voice.  One thing though, she looks more American than Chinese despite the fact it's her father who's Chinese and not the mother.

Gigi Leung's Marriage Photo

Here's Gigi Leung's wedding photo with her husband Sergio.  Just fabulous.  Hmmm... By the way, there are some Chinese men with Spanish wives too.

Congratulations to Gigi Leung and Karen Mok Morris

Gigi Leung and Karen Mok Morris, two actresses I've been a fan of for some time.  Now they've tied the knots.  They're both married to white partners.  Hmmm... in the past we also had Emil Chau and Bruce Lee who are married to white partners too.  Here are their photos:

Gigi Leung is 35 years old in getting married.  Honestly, kinda late for a woman.  But hope she has her child soon!  They'll be tying the knots in Spain.

Karen Morris at 41... I fear she'll have a hard time conceiving a child.  It'll take an Ursula Andress type of miracle to sire a first child at this age.  They married in Italy.