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Pictures of Liu Yi Fei for Z'Dorzi Summer 2015 for May 30, 2015

Well it's time for the lovely Liu Yi Fei...
Hmmm Brigitte Lin is that you?

This looks like a nice European style dress!

Pictures of Suzy Bae For Nescafe For May 30, 2015

I just love her smile!
Which of these sticks is worth the buy?

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For May 29, 2015

It's time for Liu Yi Fei pictures for today...
She's got a gift... 
What a cute smile!

Esther Liu At The Beijing Reborn Press Conference

Well here's some Esther Liu pictures of her at Beijing which is really, really hot!

She's really cute in that pose!

Cyndi Wang Pictures For May 27, 2015

Well it's time for some cute pictures...
She's near that lucky Godzilla chibi...

Hmmm that lucky dog!!!! =)

Pictures Of Kim Tae Hee For Instyle Korea 2015

Well it's time for Kim Tae Hee pictures which I am having a hard time beleiving she's smoking hot for a 35 year old... hopefully she marries soon!

Innocent pose!

Emi Takei Pictures For May 26, 2015

Time for some Emi Takei pictures for today...
It's time to follow the leader!

Hmmm I love her kimono

Yukari Taki Pictures For May 16, 2015

She's not happy here =(
I just love her cute smile!

She's the cutest here!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For May 25, 2015

Well it's time for some Liu Yi Fei pictures for today...
Feeling tired?

Well it's time for some flowers!

Rin Takanashi Pictures For May 23, 2015

It's time for more Rin Takanashi pictures for today...
The doctor is in the house... hopefully she's not at Spike's house!

Well she's one hot doctor!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For Tencent Fashion Style For May 22, 2015

Well it's time for Brigitte Lin errr... Liu Yi Fei pictures for today...
I can't deny she does look like a younger Brigitte Lin in some angles...

Oh wow!  Really pretty!

The Summer's Hotter With Suzy Bae's Summer MLB Collection

Here's the cute and sexy Suzy Bae from South Korea for the summer collection where she did some pictorials at Jeju Island.  I took the pictures from here.  Good thing she's got her lips to distinguish her from her Japanese lookalike Maaya Uchida.
Scooting with the pretty girl!
Now I'm scorched!

Liu Yi Fei At The Dior Exhibit

Well looks like she's really turning heads again...
I love that modest dress of hers...

Looking at all the nice designs... 
Hey that's me in the mirror!

Pictures of Suzy Bae Endorsing Beanpole Accessories For May 19, 2015

Time for more cuteness!
Wow that's a lot of colored bags!

She's so adorable!

Suzy Bae Endorses Lotte Hi Mart

Zu-CUNE!!!!  Not really... man Maaya Uchida and Suzy Bae look too much alike!
Is that some kind of vacuum?

Cellphone time?

Esther Liu And Those Amazing Sweets!

Here's Esther Liu with a couple of strawberry tarts... hehehehehe!!!!
Are fanboys stalking her again?

Hmmm... a very hard choice we have there...

Pictures of Vanness Wu at Asia's Got Talent For May 14, 2015

Here's Vanness Wu at Asia's Got Talent, recently he's been pleased with Gerphil Flores... now for more...
Vanness Wu is one funny dude...

I love his mischief...

Rin Takanashi Picture For May 14, 2015

Well here's Rin Takanashi's latest blog update... looks like she's taking a break and what a lucky doggie!

Esther Liu Pictures For May 14, 2015

Here's some new pictures of Esther Liu for today...
Well it's a lucky fan!

Who's that pretty girl in the train?

Esther Liu Pictures For May 13, 2015

Well she's still as hot as ever...
She's really sexy!

Is it time for an autograph...

Miori Ichikawa And Abe Maria Went To Watch Sayaka Akimoto's Recital?

Miori Ichikawa and Abe Maria (both members of AKB48) watched Sayaka Akimoto's rehearsal.  Sayaka's character was called Maria Clara, one of AKB48's members uses the screen name "Abe Maria"... hmmm pun not intended and just a coincidence?  Honestly speaking, I think Sayaka's the prettiest of the three girls. 3:)
The picture was taken from the Indonsian unofficial Sayaka Akimoto fan club.

Yukari Taki Pictures For May 12, 2015

Well it's time for some cute Yukari Taki pictures...
It's dessert time!

While not dealign with monsters, she's having a snack...

Adorably cute!

Wang Lee Hom Celebrates Mother's Day At Chongqing's Children's Welfare

After he complemented Manny Pacquiao, well Wang Lee Hom is now celebrating mother's day with orphans... pictures taken from here.
It's cake time!

He's teaching piano, right?

A lively group pose!

Esther Liu For Volcom Accessories

Here's Esther Liu's pictures for Volcom Accessories.  I took the pictures from China Times.
Hmmm sexy!
I just love that smile!