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Chilling Out with Erina Nakayama

What are you are seeing here may be Halloween related but I think it can fit for summer... and I really think chilling out with her is something I want to do.  Not helping the situation I know somebody who looks like her in my real life.

Munemaru Kouda's Super Sentai Big Bad Roles

Well another tribute I felt was to the late Munemaru Kouda who played two distinct big bads namely Dr. Man in Bioman and the Gorma Emperor in Dairanger. Now for the explanation of each role:

Dr. Man- I just thought though he does seemingly look like some Macross villain but I can't register who.  So why he decided to be cast as a bad guy in Bioman, maybe he had grandchildren who were fans of Tokusatsu who knows?  But regardless if he did, he did them a great favor by being cast as the big bad then behind the scenes and maybe let his grandkids meet the guys who played the heroes who opposed his character.  As Fantasy Leader calls his character as Dr. Man, he's practically the show stealer most of the time acting as an egoistic mechanical genius who thinks he's the smartest person of all.  I love how he manages to make the character quite scary, a source of nightmare fuels and how he portrays him commanding the Big Three around. I thought that with a lot of screen time he ha…

Soga Machiko's Evil Queen Roles

Soga Machiko the name that rings bells of her as an evil queen in Tokusatsu.  Now for her evil queen roles:

After her guest star role in Battle Fever J, she went on to proceed as the recurring antagonist Queen Hedrian and later was ported over to Sun Vulcan, the only series that was officially a sequel to the next after Goranger and JAKQ are supposedly non-canon.  Her role is somebody with a twisted definition of beuaty yet she cared about her minions.

In her non-Sentai main villain role, she was casted as the Wahrer's big bad, Empress Pandora who ended up getting stuck in time to fight Spielban and Diana Lady.  She worships a non-existent deity to control her forces and she basically is one ruthless empress.  Her character footage was used in VR Troopers for only one episode as Desponda.

Perhaps her most iconic might be Bandora, the evil witch who gets some nasty headaches though in Zyuranger not as often as MMPR (which was rewind footage).  In her role as Bandora, Soga Machiko g…

Rin Takanashi as Mako Shiraishi in Shinkenger

Just as promised before I will really get really busy soon but I hope I can still find time to update any of my blogs, now it's time for my newest entry on Rin Takanashi on her role as Mako Shiraishi in Shinkenger.  Not a character analysis but a celebrity analysis on her role of what I thought about it.  Never mind she could be overrated, she's still a good actress to cast for various roles.

At first, it just seems that she was just there standing pretty but you've got admit, she can really act though she really was at that time still in the process of refinement in the earlier episodes but I'd say she did have some potential to go beyond her performance as she was already doing good.  But it did seem her role on the movie "Goth" prior to this one wasn't her room for improvement compared to her time in Shinkenger.  I thought while being cast as the team mom wasn't much a challenge but there were some episodes that really proved she's a good actre…

Erina Nakayama

Well here's Kamen Rider hottie Erina Nakayama who's playing both parts- Mayu Inamori and the evil twin Misa Inamori/Medusa just as the 80s hottie Mina Asami played both Iyal and Igam in Maskman.  Now enjoy... is it me or does she look like Reiko Chiba?!

More Jerry Yan Short Hair Photos as of April 29, 2013

Just my thought that Jerry Yan's short hair in here is really, really nice.  Hmmm I wonder what drama is he filming?  Is this a Qiong Yao drama or what?  

Pictures of Erika Toda Promoting Mazda's Demio

Just a series of old pictures to enjoy but I do like this chick a lot.  She's one of my major guilty pleasures.

Nao Nagasawa's Guest Roles in Kamen Rider

Here's a little bit of a review of Nao Nagasawa's roles beyond Super Sentai.  So don't expect me to discuss about her guest appearances in Boukenger vs. Super Sentai or Gokaiger.  Now for an analysis of her roles.

She made a guest role in Kamen Rider W as Lily Shirogane who became the Invisible Dopant.  The "downside" for me was that I was expecting her to kick ass here but she for me, was just a pretty face in here.  Not really, she had an important contribution in the episode where her character was experimented upon by Dr. Isaka for some crazy experiment that was later revealed in the series.  I just thought while the episode was good overall but I wish she were kicking ass and being nasty like other Dopants than just her life force draining slowly the more she becomes the Invisible Dopant.  But she did have some good interaction with the show's characters though.  But I'll admit I really wanted her to kick butt instead than just me being led to "…

Rin Takanashi for Philippine Tourism

This is ONE blazing hot ad if you ask me.  Hee hee hee.

Rin Takanashi Pictures I Found as of April 29, 2013

Well it's hottie time before the month ends... then I'll do some tribute to her role as Mako Shiraishi.
I just love that smile...

Another smile...

Is it getting cold?

Ghost time?

Suzuka Morita and Rin Takanashi Pictures I Found as of April 29, 2013

Well here's some cute Shinken girls pictures.  Hmmm Kaoru Kamiya and Misao in Rurouni Kenshin anyone?

Toshihide Wakamatsu as Gai Yuki in Chojin Sentai Jetman

Well before I'll write on Tori Matsuzaka or Rin Takanashi on their Super Sentai roles, I'll probably give tribute to the most awesome actor ever in Jetman- Toshihide Wakamatsu who's easily a show stealer.  Rather than talk more about Gai Yuki, I'll talk about the actor's performance as the anti-hero James Dean type of guy.  So what makes Toshihide Wakamatsu so special in Jetman?  I'd say his iconic character is really Gai Yuki and it was nice of him to show up in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger even when the character left us so soon.

Playing a character like Gai Yuki's not really easy.  Okay I'll give tribute to Yasuka Saito in Boukenger for doing a good job as Masumi but I don't think it's easy to match Toshihide Wakamatsu's series of emotions that I thought was really well done.  In fact, I felt like that every time he's portraying as Gai Yuki, my favorite character Ryu Tendo (acted by Kotaro Tanaka) gets faded into the scenes.  Even in the…

Sakina Kuwae

It's been some time last 2007 that Sakina Kuwae appeared as a 15 year old teenager in Gekiranger.  Now she's basically going 21 years old this year.  I think she's kind of cute and she's going to appear in Akibaranger. Looks like she's got a promising road ahead.

Suzuka Morita Pictures I Found as of April 28, 2013

So okay she's not really my type but I guess she's got a lot of fans.  I thought she should be acting as Misao in Rurouni Kenshin though there are others also qualified.  But let's get it going...
Nerd mode!

Getting some bouncing balls!


She's still cute...

Rina Aizawa Pictures I Found as of April 28, 2013

Well her cuteness is still a charm so it's still worth displaying here though I doubt it I'll really analyze her role as Go-on Yellow here.  Enjoy!