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Liu Yi Fei Dresses for Zdorzi 2013

Here are some lovely photos of Liu Yi Fei for Zdorzi 2013.  I just find this collection really fabulous!

Getting To Know Akimoto Sayaka

Akimoto Sayaka appeared in Ultraman Saga as Anna, the technician though I'm no longer in touch with the Ultraman series after I passed my teenager days.  Now here's some photos of the actress who is actually half-Filipino like Yu Takahashi who starred in Kamen Rider Kiva as Yuri Aso is also one.  IMO she kinda resembles Filipino actress Lovi Poe but only hotter.

Liu Yi Fei- Still Pretty with Glasses...

Here's a photo of Liu Yi Fei with glasses.  Nerd mode- but still pretty if you ask me.

Liu Yi Fei for LOfficiel Magazine Ceremony

Here are stunning photos of Liu Yi Fei in black for LOfficiel...


Liu Yi Fei at Figaro Beautiful Life 2012

Here are some photos of Liu Yi Fei at the Figaro Beautiful Life 2012 event with her in a nice scarlet gown.  I just love her style and simplicity here.

Another Show Luo x Rainie Yang Dating Rumor?

Here's an interesting article from:

They were once said to be lovers when they filmed Taiwanese idol series, Hi My Sweetheart, in 2010.  Dating rumours between Show Luo and Rainie Yang made headlines again recently after the two Taiwanese artistes shot a commercial together.  Said to be in a four-month-long relationship, rumour has it sparks flew between the two again when they played a couple for the commercial shoot. According to reports, the couple displayed no sign of awkwardness and readily hammed it up for the cameras when the director requested for them to be affectionate.  Sources revealed the two singers-actors decided to keep their relationship under wraps and away from the media eye due to their "idol" statuses.\  After Show and Rainie's turn as an adorable couple in Hi My Sweetheart, they were suspected to be a real-life couple due to their good onsc…

RIP Austin Wai

This kinda slipped me that Austin Wai died on October 5, 2012 of extreme weight loss.  His cremated remains were put to rest in Chong Fat Temple just yesterday, October 25, 2012.  My belated condolences to...

His three children Hei Ling, Kin Ho and Chung Ling...

To his sisters Wai Ying Hung and Sandy.

More Haruka Suenaga Photos as of October 25, 2012

Here are some new Haruka Suenaga photos I found as of today.  Enjoy.
I'd love to go nature hiking with her.. 
Hmmm and my living room can be a lively place... 
Beauty by the sunrise... 
She does look sweetly innocent here...

Will Harlem Yu and Annie Yi Reconcile Soon?

I have read some news that says this from Asianfanatics:
Taiwanese actress Annie Yi recently uploaded a photo with her son, Harrison, on her microblog, commenting, "Family is now in Tamshui Fisherman's Wharf. It's so beautiful. I'm filled with happiness."  The post immediately raised eyebrows on a suspected reunion between Annie and her ex-husband, famous Taiwanese singer-host Harlem Yu.  Netizens speculated that Harlem and their photographer might have been close at hand.  The reconciliation rumour escalated when netizens found out that earlier this month, Annie posted a photo of Harrison in her new house on her microblog, saying, "In my dream, will someone be there, prepared and waiting for me?"  In response to the supposed family reunion in Tamshui, Harlem's manager commented that he was unclear of Harlem's personal schedule.  Annie's management company said that they were unable to contact Annie at the moment.  Harlem and Annie divorced…

Some Yasuka Saito Pictures

Bouken Black fans rejoice. Here are some photos I found just for you:

Looks like this guy can play the piano.

With a chibi doll of his character froum Boukenger. I wonder which lucky girl will have it. Hope he's not really gay so any lucky female fan can be his.

On a recording session with the bad boy look.

Honestly I think he looks better with shorter hair.

Really looking good!

Nana Yanagisawa Eye Candy

Tokusatsu fans will immediately recognize this girl as Nana Yanagisawa who acted as Megumi Aso in Kamen Rider Kiva and guest starred in Boukenger as Selene.  Here's some of her hot photos...

Rin Takanashi for Neo Ultra Q

Rin Takanashi will play as Emiriko Watanase a travelling magazine columnist for this 12 episode mini series Neo Ultra Q.  Well I'll probably watch this series for Rin Takanashi. :)  Hopefully she'll guest star in some Toku series as well.


Rin's Island... A Real Treat!

Here's the cover of "Rin's Island" featuring Rin Takanashi.  I just thought this is one hit or miss photo book.

Erika Toda- One Look Says it All!

Here's a simple yet very pretty picture of Erika Toda.  I just had my thoughts on that simplicity and beauty and this photo says a lot! :P

Erika Toda in Oh My Propose

Here's Erika Toda in "Oh My Propose" and I guess a lot of people are out there wanting to marry her.  She's such a gorgeous bride in here...

Erika Toda and Fruits

Here are some photos of Erika Toda with some delicious tasty fruits... and she makes them even sweeter.  

Younger Photos of Joan Lin Chan

Here are some really pretty pictures of Jacky Chan's wife Joan Lin Chan... enjoy.

Tori Matsuzaka for Lotte's Acuo

Here's Tori Matsuzaka endorsing Lotte's Acuo gum commercial picture.  And now for the video I found on Youtube...
Now here's that funny video of him being unusually strong, releasing some "aura power" through the gum.

Liu Yi Fei for Officiel Magazine

Here's Liu Yi Fei's photos for Officiel Magazine... I find them really stunning.
She's indeed a golden girl and this picture shows it...

Quite a lovely cowgirl outfit we have there...

Quite a lovely photo of what seems to be her depicting Black Beauty

Liu Yi Fei in Z'dorzi 2012 Winter Clothing

Here are some of Liu Yi Fei's winter clothing ranging from the adorable, to the badass and simply elegant.