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Jerry Yan-Ella Chen Chemistry

Here's what Jerry Yan thinks on Ella Chen: (A portion that is copy and pasted from

[Sharing on ELLA]

“She is always ready to share love and concern for others. To me, such interaction makes one feel very heart-warming.”

Idol drama – DWL, is the collaboration across the shores with filming in Taipei and Hangzhou, and a debut partnership between Jerry and SHE’s member – Ella. Jerry will act as a lawyer and Ella as a down and out former little rich girl. Together, they will weave a love story. To Jerry, the collaboration seemed to be the greatest opportunity to change himself for the better.

Reporter ®: How do you feel collaborating with Ella?

Jerry (J): Actually I am full of anticipation! Because I’ve heard many people spoke of her in the past, and hence I do not feel foreign working with her. I am indeed speaking the truth when I said during the press conference earli…

Jolin Tsai in Nordstrom

I think these pictures of Jolin Tsai in Nordstrom are worth displaying:

Picture 1-
Picture 2-
Picture 3-
Picture -

Esther Liu's Current Hairstyle in Concerto

Wow! Well it's been long and I think I like her newest hairstyle. She's really gorgeous.

Younger Pictures of Rain and Cha Tae Hyun

Here are some younger pictures of Rain and Cha Tae Hyun:
Rain Bi
Cha Tae Hyun

Erika Toda Piece of Mind

Here's another yet gorgeous picture of Erika Toda. I think this is an album of hers though I haven't heard her voice yet.

Shanghai Outfit for Liu Yi Fei

Here are some Shanghai style pictures for Liu Yi Fei.

Picture 1-

Picture 2-

Isabella Leong An Early Mother

Actually this news is kind of breaking for Isabella Leong fans if they really wanted her. I can't believe that she and her boyfriend Richard Li were hiding all this time! Hmmm.... that kind of gives me hope with dating a younger woman though I'm just interested with girls my age. Is she planning on giving up her career for motherhood? I honestly think whatever decision she has, I hope she doesn't end up dead too early like Lin Dai who died from suicide and Lam Fung who died from an accidental overdose. The baby's name is Ethan Li. I hope it'll be wedding bells for her soon. :-)

By the way can somebody confirm her birth year for me? Is she born in 1978 or 1988? By the way Richard Li doesn't look like he's 42- is the data wrong?