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Rin Takanashi Picture for March 31, 2015

This is a picture from Rin Takanashi's blog where she stars in a new drama called Dr. Rintaro.  She will be one of the major characters.  Hmmm... I'm reminded of some real first crush looking at this picture.

Esther Liu Pictures for March 31, 2014

Here's some Esther Liu pictuers for today...
She has her latest photobook... which may include gravure shots too.
Sweety no more... no longer the sweet, innocent girls they used to be.

Erina Nakayama Pictures for March 30, 2015

Here's some adorable pictures of Erina Nakayama...
Cutely adorable...
I just love that cute smile...

Rio Uchida Pictures for March 30, 2015

Well it's time to get on DRIIIIIVE... know what I mean?
Oh boy this turns on my drive...

Time to enjoy some grapes!

My Translation of The Sayaka Akimoto's Sherlock Holmes Interview

Here's a translation of the interview Sayaka Akimoto had from Model Press.  The interview took place last March 28, 2015 yesterday.  I would like to show a smooth translation to make some sense for non-Japanese readers:
Model Press: 
From the very beginning, AKB48 has emitted a conspicuous, dignified beauty namely Sayaka Akimoto.  After the group graduation was over, you have had a steady career as a steady actress in both TV and mopvies.  This year, we welcome the 27 year who has grown into a woman wearing the charm of presence and integrity.
I challenge the musical "Sherlock Holmes 2 - Bloody Game".  The blind Saint Officer Maria greets the first day on April 26.  It is the second installment of the popular musical which won many awards in Korea.  The Japanese version premiered with the cast staff of Gotham to support the Japanese Musical World.  It is the east where the young Akimoto is, whether to breath any fresh air.  For the same work and it was closing to on to &…

Maaya Uchida Pictures for March 29, 2015

It's time for the cute and adorable Maaya Uchida.... ZU-CUNE!
Three times the delusion!

Is it me or are my delusions sky high/

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for March 28, 2015

These pictures are already summing up the words, "... the sun caught in her raven hair... is blazing me out of all control"...
She really has nice hair...

I just love her smile...

Pictures of Vanness Wu for Asia's Got Talent for March 27, 2015

Here's Vanness Wu pictures for today...
Hit by the river...

Rocking on Vanness Wu!

Esther Liu Pictures for March 27, 2015

Here's Esther Liu's pictures from her blog...
Ehster Liu is taking a rest in her lucky couch... makes me wish I were that couch =P

Isn't that Brigitte Lin on the poster behind her back?  I think she and Brigitte Lin can also play mom and daughter but, a Brigitte Lin/Liu Yi Fei mother daughter team would be better.

Emi Takei Endorsing JTB Travel in Hawaii

Here's Emi Takei for JTB Travel in Hawaii where she is with her family.  After seeing her in the Rurouni Kenshin movies and Love For Beginners, here she is.  I would envy the fact she's in Hawaii...
Oh wow what a tasty meal!
I just love her smile!

A beauty by the sea....

Pictures of Tori Matsuzaka and Erika Toda

Here's more of Erika Toda and Tori Matsuzaka for April Fool's I cannot wait to see the film...
Erika's pretty cute...

She's so adorable...

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for March 25, 2015

Well here's clearer, better pictures of Liu Yi Fei Harper Bazaar pictures than the last time which were just scans...
A truly stunning portrait!
She's pretty as a rose, deadly as its thorns...

Esther Liu Pictures for March 25, 2015

Here's Esther Liu pictures for today, apparently from her new drama series... hard to believe though she's gone into sexy roles after being that innocent chick in Westside Story...
Working at the office...

Is that her friend?

They are now in a restaurant...

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for March 24, 2015

Well looks like she's the most celebrated hottie here!
Liu Yi Fei and some butterly effect...
Woowee!!!!!!!!  That cover makes me melt.

Esther Liu Pictures for March 23, 2015

Here's some Esther Liu pictures from her Facebook Fanpage
Gothic style!

What is she thinking?

Hiroki Aiba Pictures for March 23, 2015

Here's some Hiroki AIba pictures from his Facebook fanpage.
Looks like he just wants to lend a hand...
Looks like a Shinkenger reunion is coming...

Pictures of Liu Yi Fei for Harper Bazaar April 2015 for March 22, 2015

Here's some Liu Yi Fei pictures for Harper Bazaar.  Pictures taken from Liu Yi Fei Taiwan Fans Club.
Wow it looks like a classic 70s shot of senior beauty Brigitte Lin

Congratulations to Sayaka Akimoto For Winning the Best Actress in the Japan Action Awards 2015

Former AKB48 member Sayaka Akimoto had won the best actress award in her role as the Makai Priestess.  Again, this is NOT a call for Pinoy Pride as her achievement is hers and hers ALONE!
Meanwhile here's a bit of bonus of the lovely Sayaka Akimoto...
AKB48 Daily

Pictures of Tori Matsuzaka and Mirei Kiratani Promoting Dragon Quest Heroes

Here's Tori Matsuzaka and Mirei Kiratani promoting Dragon Quest Heroes.  Pictures were found from News Lounge...
It looks like it's time to call somebody up on stage

Well they are holding adorable stuffed slime...

Tori Matsuzaka Pictures for March 21, 2015

Here's some Tori Matsuzaka pictures for today..
It's his baby picture!

Teenage years?
A touching reunion with Hiroki Aiba... 

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for March 20, 2015

Well time for the Chinese hottie Liu Yi Fei...
Wow she's really gorgeous...
Now that's good for business!

Pictures of Cyndi Wang Preparing Cheese Scallions

Here's the cute and adorable Cyndi Wang making cheese scallions, pictures taken from here.
Preparing the ingredients...
She's mixing the ingredients...

Rin Takanashi Pictures for March 18, 2015

It's time for one of my favorite Sentai pinks, Rin Takanashi!
Rin Takanashi and that huge teddy bear... it's the final episode of "Princess Nurse" as well... 
She's trying to get in touch with the wind... her element in Shinkenger

Esther Liu Pictures For March 17, 2015

Here's some Esther Liu pictures for today...
She's really so sexy!
Submerged in that cold tank...