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Ady An Yi Xuan

I personally remembered Ady An in Outsiders. Since I really didn't like the story that much, I ended up liking her more in Chinese Paladin with her incredibly snobbish, rude and arrogant character.
She did first appear in a Taiwanese sitcom... and I never knew she could act funny.
She also had a movie called Karate Girls. Hmmm... she's one tough lady. I could remember sentai females from her. She reminds me of Yuki Yajima and Sumiko Tanaka in Bioman. I can imagine her fighting Yukari Oshima or Haruko Watanabe any time now. Hmmm...

I remembered the way she did her fight scenes in Chinese Paladin against Esther Liu. Esther Liu's martial arts is not as good as hers. But I think it would be cool to let her play in a martial arts scenes against either Charlene Choi or Gillian Chung.

Lately she was diagnosed with a heart lapse and underwent an operation. I hope she does recover! She's too pretty!

Iljimae: My Thoughts

I honestly think that they are a much better pair than she was in Spring Waltz. I think that Lee Jun Ki and her have some kind of chemistry more than with So Do Yeong. No offense but the whole thing between them is that they LOOK so good together... SO MUCH better than the last time!

Currently I am still watching the series and I am taking a short break because my heart is beating too fast.