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Crystal Liu: Recapturing the Shaw Brothers' Spirit?

With these photos and a rather so 70s hair, it seems like she's trying to recapture the spirit of Shaw Brothers in these photos.

A Picture of Vicki Zhao's Baby Girl

I kind of find this picture cute of her holding her baby. Then again, can't the Paparazzis just give her some respect?!

For a Mulan Series, I Think These Girls Will Do

I was thinking that Mulan would be far better as a series to put the war in detail. Here are my picks:

Esther Liu- I personally think she looks more of a Chinese beauty than Vicki Zhao.

The other would be Crystal Liu. After seeing her kick butt in Condor Heroes, she could also make a great Mulan.

Jerry Yan Turns 33

So far my former favorite Chinese actor Jerry Yan has turned 33. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be into Chinese movies though. However my favorite is still Takeshi Kaneshiro.