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Chinese Actors I Would Cast as Tekken Characters

Here are some Chinese actors I would cast as Tekken characters. They are:

Vanness Wu could have either been Jin Kazama or Hwoarang. More like Jin Kazama.

Well I think Wu Chun would make a good Hwoarang over Vanness Wu.

Liu Xue Hua as Jun Kazama.

Jacky Chan would actually be Lei Wulong.

Jet Li as Marshall Law.

Maggie Q as Anna Williams. So let's just give them a Chinese mother shall we? I wish she appeared in the Tekken movie.

Robin Shou would make a good Kazuya Mishima over Ian Anthony Dale (whose age is only 32) seeing he acted as a villain in some Chinese movies. I thought of it that only if he were in the Tekken film, he and Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa would have had a reunion.

Maybe not. Andy Lau who be a better pick for Kazuya Mishima.

Esther Liu as Ling Xiao You.

Ti Lung as Heihachi Mishima. I kind of thought they look alike. Too bad the Hollywood version cast Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa instead of this awesome guy.

Donnie Yen with Bey Logan

Well this is pretty much a good picture of British magazine editor for the martial arts magazine entitled Combat, Bey Logan. Well it's pretty nice to see that Britain has become more friendly with Chinese people, even welcoming them to adopt a new culture and all. Hmmm no wonder why there are now British women marrying Chinese men. Well now the joke of "You've got powerful husbands." will be a new complement.

Song Hye Kyo Funny With a Lollipop

I actually fund this picture funny as Song Hye Kyo is biting a big lollipop, something I wouldn't do unless if I had a girlfriend to share it with, provided neither me or her is sick. Well, I kind of thought that instead of smoking, Song Hye Kyo should just suck a few sweets instead and kill that habit completely.

Takeshi Kaneshiro Smoking

Hmmm... I'm kind of not shocked to see Takeshi Kaneshiro to be a smoker (since it's a prevalent vice), maybe not a chain smoker but it's still bad for his health. Well I kind of thought though, I won't be into the smoking habit because for one, I'm asthmatic and two, it's going to kill me easily.

Some Old Jerry Yan Pictures

Here are some old Jerry Yan photos for you ladies. Hee hee.

Jerry Yan looks like Wolverine here... hee hee...

Just one of those earlier pre-F4 days in a jacket...

Jerry Yan as a teenager...

By the swimming pool... I think this was from Spicy Teacher...

Seriously he should cut his hair back to this...

A Greeting to All Taiwanese Readers


Vic Zhou as a Wartime Doctor?

It seems Vic Zhou's change of image from funny to serious has merited him enough to be chosen to play as a wartime doctor in the Japanese era. I wonder also if it will also be his second time to play a dying role as well? We'll just see.

Some Contemporary Taiwanese Celebrities In Their Younger Years Photos Uploaded as Of October 8, 2010

Here are some Taiwanese actors in their younger years. They are:

Jerry Yan as a baby. Hee hee.

Ambrose Xu as a baby. He looked like my friend as a baby too. Strange they also nearly look alike. Hee hee.

Wallace Huo as a toddler.

Barbie Xu in elementary. Pretty boyish back then. She reminded me of my former crush.

Ken Zhu with short hair. He should have kept it that way.

Vic Zhou as a teenager.

Zhou Xuan's Shanghai Nights

During my trip to Shanghai, this music was played in almost every restaurant during nighttime. Ha ha. I just enjoyed Zhou Xuan's music. I think this is the best old Chinese song I've heard from Zhou Xuan's songs.