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Liu Yi Fei True White Pictures

Here are some pictures of Liu Yi Fei's current endorsement:

Picture 1-
Picture 2-

Isabella Leong's Pretty Interview

This may be very old and classic but I think these shots are worth it because she's so gorgeous here! Her beauty still stuns me.

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Some New Pace Wu Pictures

I have recently found Pace Wu's pictures and these pictures remind me of some girl I nearly died chasing (that is, I almost got run over by a truck):

Picture 1-
Picture 2-

Some New Hot Isabella Leong Pictures

It seems I can't have enough of her since then. Just click the label "Isabella Leong" to find out some of her previous pictures I've posted or just simply search. Whatever... well here are some of the hot pictures I've found.
I think this has to be quite hot yet in her more natural beauty.
The combination of the make-up is just right.
Probably another really hot public appearance.
As a Korean maid but quite attractive.

Isabella Leong in Bridal Gown

Isabella Leong in a bridal gown for France Bridal Salon. This is one of the BEST pictures I found on the Internet. This really makes her look like a bride that I would think she's going to get married. I have to admit that she's really one of Hong Kong's most beautiful female stars.

Okay I think I've got the news before where Jackie Chan was rumored to choose her as Jaycee Chan's future wife. I think the six year gap isn't too large. :-P

Ps. This picture can't be described even with all the beautiful words I would weave for her!