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Getting to Know Mayuko Arisue

Here's a little bit of Mayuko Arisue who is from Kamen Rider OOO with the role of Erika Satonaka.  I would admit she is kind of hot but not really blazing but still hot.

Vic Zhou at the Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 Ceremony

Here's Vic Zhou with actresses Miriam Yeung and Gao Yan Yan and actor Louis Koo.  Also here are writer Wai Ka Fai, Chairman Peter Lam, Director Johnny To.  Moving on...

Bloggers of Note Who One Way or Another Helped This Blog

Well I've been working on this blog for some time but it was left pretty bare.  However two special people gave some constructive criticisms that usually give a long way though they're not followers here so I'd like to thank them:

Chris X of Chris X's Corner of Fiction- Okay he hasn't been updating on his blog "Chris X's Corner of Fiction" which I love reading his critiques which at first inspired me to be more detailed and comprehensive.  How he helped this blog was simple.  It was during the time I was posting too much eye candy on my Super Sentai blog which was a mistake that he eventually sent me a PM saying, "Super Sentai is all about fictitious content related to Super Sentai, your celebrities blog is where the eye candy should be because you are talking about real life actors."  That for me was a lot of gold nuggets underneath it.

For Fantasy Leader of Valsag Fantasy, well I dunno what to really say about this awesome dude who knows …

Rin Takanashi Pictures I Found as of June 30, 2013

Just a couple of cute shots but she's really hot. =P  

Liu Yi Fei at Pretty Girl Show

It's only appropriate she appears here.  She's a pretty girl.  Then who's birthday are they celebrating here? XD  Made me think I love the simplicity she has in here.  Too bad most people can't appreciate beauty in simplicity.

Liu Yi Fei Pictures I Found as of July 28, 2013

While I'm having some real life affairs to attend to doesn't mean I won't blog.  Well here they are... and me singing "Jin Ye Liu Yi Dian Ai Ge Wo" watching these pictures.

My Favorite Leading Ladies in Chinese Entertainment

Well here's a couple of leading ladies who I like in no particular order.  They are:

Liu Xue Hua- Known for playing her lead roles during the 80s and 90s, Liu Xue Hua can be coined as "With those eyes that talk." and more than just a rare beauty, she really knows how to act her heroine parts well whether it'd be the fierce determined protagonist to the abused daughter-in-law, all the years before she acted as a badass antagonist.  Paired alongside with anybody, she knew how to be the top leading lady.  Hmmm too bad her husband Deng Yu Kun left us so soon.

Joan Lin- Another classic actress, Jackie Chan is lucky enough to have her and a shame he cheated on her.  She was usually paired alongside Qin Han in the past as well and she was also one of the best unforgettable actresses.  However she retired quite early after marrying Jackie Chan.

Yukari Oshima- Aside from villainous roles, you gotta credit her for being a great leading lady as well.  She really can act and kic…

The Hong Kong Actors and Actresses Who the Fist Saints in Gekiranger Were Based From

Just for fun... I decided to post the real actors and actresses the Fist Saints in Gekiranger were based from:

Jet Li was used for Bat Li.  Jet Li was good with acrobatics so I guess it's no surprise that a bat was used.
Donnie Yen was used for Gorie Yen.  I don't know why they chose a gorilla for the fist saint named after this guy.
Jackie Chan was used for Sharkie Chan.  Jackie Chan had a fight with a shark in First Strike.  Reference to that anyone?

My Favorite Leading Guys in Chinese Entertainment

Well here's a list of my favorite leading guys in Chinese entertainment and why in no particular order:

Jet Li- I personally think Jet Li beats Jackie Chan in terms of expressing.  Pretty much I like his acting a lot.  His best role has to be Wong Fei Hung.

Andy Lau- Aside from playing villain roles, I love him doing his protagonist roles which he did in the past and I really think he acts better than Huang Xiao Ming.  Passionate, romantic, he really knows how to act those roles.  Truly that makes him legendary in playing both types of roles.

Donnie Yen- It does take some time to describe him LOL.  For me, what makes him special is that he really can act as the love interest so well while he kicks butt though I still personally think Andy Lau can do better in expressing.  But still, he's got points.

My Favorite Villain Actors and Actresses in Chinese Cinema and TV Series

There's no doubt that we should have legendary villain actors.  Here are they... from bottom to top.

Tetsuya Matsui- Otherwise known as "General Tasmadder" in Kamen Rider Black RX, this guy shows he could beat ass in Chinese cinema too.  Favorite role?  It was him against Andy Lau in Lucky Stars.  Wirework, footwork, this guy really kicks ass.  Hee hee, if you ask me I think he really STANDS OUT against Tetsuo Kurata.  I felt this guy was better off kicking butt in Hong Kong than in Tokusatsu.

Yukari Oshima- She was great as Farrah Cat in Bioman, after moving into Hong Kong movies she proves she can play more villains more lethal than Fararh Cat.  She can really kick ass as a villain where she was starring against Moon Lee.  You got to admit, she really knows how to play cold and ruthless villains with her kickass action.

Daniel Wu- I would admit I love his role in New Police Story.  He made Jackie Chan looks so weak.  In fact, I love how scary he got.

Sammo Hung- Despi…

Rin Takanashi Pictures I Found as of July 25, 2013

Well here's more of the hot babe Rin Takanashi.  Hee hee.
A screenshot of Rin Takanashi for "Since We Met You All".  

I just love her pose in here.  She looks pretty happy. =P

Chinese and Taiwanese Drama Legend: Liu Xue Hua

Another classical actress that deserves much tribute is Liu Xue Hua.  Okay I haven't seen much of her Chinese drama or Qiong Yao series but from looking at some of them via rentals, Youtube, etc. I am pretty convinced she is a legend.  She is currently 53 years old and has her birthday a month away from my mother.

She frequently was paired with Qin Han and also with Kenny Bee.  Int he past she had played the roles of the suffering daughter-in-law with the abusive mother-in-law who was seldom played by Ma Qi Xin.  She also played as the protagonist Lu Yi Ping in "Love in the Rain" which had a better remake IMO which was later acted by Vicki Zhao.  Behind the scenes, she is also a talented dancer and singer.

So she did later get married to director Deng Yu Kun.  Too bad she never had children of her own though at least she adopted two heirs to inherit her fortune she would leave behind when she's dead.  I really had my thoughts her taking on less serious roles like &q…

The Late Hiroshi Tsuburuya

Well I haven't written a tribute to him all these years presumably because I wasn't really a big fan of Shaider, I like Gavan better.  However I still had a soft spot for Shaider and I was upset to learn that he died so early at the young age of 37 which led to liver cancer due to alcoholism though not all who die from it are alcoholics like my cousin who died at 35.  His role as Dai Sawumara in Shaider is still remembered by many Metal Hero fans still considered him to be one of the best heroes ever.

Obviously he deteriorated sadly due to alcoholism.  This was probably his last picture before he died.  RIP Shaider who died way ahead of Commander Qom.

Rainie Yang and Masa Noodles

She's still cute and adorable like Rika Sato even if I don't find her hot.  Hee hee.

Liu Yi Fei Pictures I Found as of June 24, 2013

Well Liu Yi Fei is still pretty hee hee.  
I wonder what she's endorsing.

She does resemble a younger Liu Xue Hua here.

Congratulations to Jay Chou's 100,000,000 Record in Mainland China

What can I say?  Congratulations to this awesome dude!

Memoirs to Lau Kar Leung

After a rather long wake for the legendary Hong Kong martial artist Lau Kar Leung, he was finally put to rest.  Here's some pictures to pay tribute to his life. =(

Esther Liu Pictures I Found as of July 24, 2013

Here's some Esther Liu photos for display.