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More Lam Fung Photos that Remind Me of My Late Aunt

I've gathered some photos that reminded me of my late aunt, here are more and these are autographed. Of course the signature isn't of my late aunt. Ha ha.

Anita Mui: Hard to Replace Pop Queen

The fact is from Cantopop to Mandopop, the late Anita Mui is really hard to replace. Her voice, her style and almost everything was just unique. In fact, her music for me is just irreplaceable by the newer, younger cast of female pop singers- not even Taiwan's Jolin tsai could come close to this legend.

So far here are a list of my favorite songs from her in no particular order:
Stand by MeDream PartnerCover GirlLove WarriorWoman's FlowerLove is Hard (with Jacky Cheung)Don't Say Love Hurts (with Andy Lau)Dance of a Dream (with Andy Lau)Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber (with Tony Leung Ching Wa)Hot Red LipsIntimate LoverIn her memory RIP. :-(

Andy Lau and Anita Mui Pictures

Here are some Andy Lau and Anita Mui photos I felt like uploading in her memory.

Kim Tae Hee Winter Photo

I honestly just adore this winter picture of Kim Tae Hee. Hee hee. She's really pretty in this picture.

Has Vic Zhou Beaten Jerry Yan?

Remembering Vic Zhou, I could remember how he was once berated for "questionable acting" in Love Storm. His first appearance in Meteor Garden made him popular but Jerry Yan frequently casted a shadow at him. Also, he had a different attitude towards show business back then but slowly, he took the job seriously and changing his image from cartoony to serious starting with God Mars and later his appearance in Black and White as a police officer. His performance improved as of late.

So far I have enjoyed Black and White more than Jerry Yan's drama Hot Shot. Hot Shot was too much of a "kiddie show" for me, more "kiddie" than the Japanese Super Sentai and Kamen Rider franchise which are still "more mature" in terms of plot. On the other hand, Black and White is a more mature series- even if he does less action there, his acting was commendable. He should practice more martial arts to make way for better careers. As of right now, his part in…

Erika Toda in Winter Outfit

Here are some lovely Erika Toda winter outfits. Hee hee. I just love how this girl lightens up the day.

The Late Anita Mui's Younger Photos

Here are some of the late Anita Mui's younger photos as her death anniversary is approaching. Sadly she's been missed.
Anita Mui as a child
Anita Mui as a child performer
Anita Mui in her later years

Vic Zhou Christmas Themes

Remembering Vic Zhou promoting his album on Christmas before it was released years before, well being a guy I'm not much to talk about him. However here is a gift for lady viewers. NOT all of them are part of the "Remember I Love You Album".
He and Angela Zhang released their albums together. They were somewhat linked. Too bad they never had a series together. :-P
This is a picture of Vic Zhou and his Pepsi commercial. I liked the way it was.
I don't know about this...
This was the "Remember I Love You" calendar set.
This was a poster of "Remember I Love You."
Zai Zai with the Angel Theme.
Zai Zai with the Devil theme.

Esther Liu's Nice Legs

Esther Liu has such nice legs. In fact, I like hers better than Song Hye Kyo's. Hee hee.

Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi Funny Photo

I just really adore this photo of them in a promotional event. They look so sweet. Ha ha! Has the time that Lee Seung Gi spent as obnoxious turned gentle Hwan and Han Hyo Joo portray Eun Sung put them close? Only time will tell.

Kim Tae Hee's Big Smile

This lovely photo of Kim Tae Hee is just so amazing. Got to love her. Ha ha ha.

Kim Tae Hee Eating Up?

Kim Tae Hee's kind of slim as of right now these photos but make me feel she's going to get fat soon enough. Besides I knew somebody who looked like her, got married to her childhood friend over her evil former fiance earlier than she did and has gained a LOT of weight because she couldn't stop eating after having her first daughter.
Eating a big high calorie sandwich. Yikes.

A hotdog eating Kim Tae Hee.

Kim Tae Hee Jacket Pictures

I really love these pictures of Kim Tae hee in a jacket. Here are they:

Different Views of Song Hye Kyo?

I've found some different views of Song Hye Kyo that may be worth posting. Ha ha.
Just all for the natural beauty.
Maybe she should play loonier characters in comedies
all the more. Full House didn't make her insane.
This photo convinces me with her acting skills, she
will make a good antagonist next.

Some Lee Seung Gi Graduation Pictures

Here are some of Lee Seung Gi's graduation pictures before he took on the role of the arrogant turned humble Sun Woo Hwan in Shining Inheritance. I just hope he becomes Han Hyo Joo's real husband. :-P
Applauding for someone in the crowd.

I wonder what award did he receive?

Receiving his diploma.

Funny Han Hyo Joo

I was thinking that after seeing this picture, she should be cast in comedy next- maybe with Lee Seung Gi again. What do I think? Well Lee Seung Gi and her can be put against each other in a situation far deeper than they were in Brilliant Legacy's love-hate relationship that got them accidentally in love. Ha ha.

Liu Yi Fei's Staring Weirdly

These Liu Yi Fei pictures for me have the "weird stare" that I just love in a woman. Here they are:

Staring somehwere into space.

Perhaps the funniest expression of hers.

Staring into the dark of night.

Another of those weird stare mometns with a rose.

It even happens in concert. Love it.

Once again those eyes seem to stare nowhere.