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Jay Chow's Single "Fireworks Cool Easily" Exposed


If you ask me, this preview of Jay Chow is really cool. The rather vampiric theme almost reminds me of Twins Effect, only with a much cooler costume than Edison Chen. In fact, the song itself is said to beat every other music and restore Chinese style music. Once again go Jay Chow!

Lee Seung Ki for Pizza Hut

I kind of find the fact that Lee Seung Ki is endorsing Pizza Hut to be a good thing. Why? Well if he displayed much charm in Brilliant Legacy with different faces, Pizza Hut won't be a problem. He shows that charming smile for the women and some funny antics. Hmmm I think he should play funny roles next...

Jolin Tsai is a Lovely Flower

Here are some lovely Jolin Tsai photos and why I think she's a lovely flower.

A lady of the red flowers...

Hmmm I think the hair is done too much...

In a simple yellow dress, much better hair and violet flowers...

Lying among these flowers is also another pretty flower...

Alan Tam and Teresa Teng in "Love Goddess"

As Teresa Teng's death anniversary approaches which I didn't honor in my blog, here's something:

This is a rare Teresa Teng-Alan Tam video of the song called "Love Goddess" which uses the theme of the classic song "You Drive Me Crazy" by Shaking Stevens. The whole plot of the Cantonese song is this- the man courts the girl but is rejected but he persists anyway. For lyrics with translation here it is:

(谭 -- Alan Tam)
I trust your love of me.
Would like you to love me without change forever.
系我的爱人 敬爱的女神
You are my sweetheart, my respectable goddess.
I sing without changing the tune because of you.
我 的世界永远你最亲
In my World you are forever the dearest.
系我的爱人 敬爱的女神
You are my sweetheart, my respectable goddess.

(邓 -- Teresa Teng)
Seeing you I am extremely frustrated.
What you say is too childish,
Like a big kid acting I really hate.
你精D即刻死心不必 死跟
Be smart, give up and no need to keep chasing.

(谭 -- Alan Tam)
Having you…

Jay Chou in his Single "Superman Can't Fly"

I read an article on how Jay Chou would have his latest song "Superman Can't Fly" in which he talks about his music was a persistent battle. I find the way of this picture to be kind of a Superman-Batman fusion. I think the whole theme is like how Batman who doesn't have superpowers fights for justice. I kind of find him to be almost like a Chinese version of Bruce Wayne in the photo.

Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa as Heihachi

While this is old news, really. But I'm not surprised at how Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa will play as Heihachi in the Tekken film.

I could remember him in the American film as the sorcerer Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat, the main antagonist of the film. I guess writers must have been impressed at his past performance in battle against Robin Shou who's now 49 years old.

Now as Heihachi, I think he looks like MK1 Shang Tsung (considering he's old now) in some way but he hasn't rusted that much.

Pairing Jerry Yan with Alice Tzeng

I remembered despite the fact I didn't like Starlit (but endings like those are VERY REAL) I kind of focused on the area of the relationships between Jerry Yan's character and Alice Tzeng's character and I felt like there was a chemistry between the two more than he had with Terri Kwan who was his leading lady. Not everybody would agree with me though. The sad emotions of Alice Tzeng seem to make a "Liu Xue Hua" with Jerry Yan as a "Chin Han".

For some reason, I get reminded more of old drama series than new ones when I saw them by the seashore, even with their modern clothing. I get reminded of my late grandma's old films. All it may need is Alice Tzeng to sit by the shore and sing Koo Mei's "Bu Liao Qing".

The good old "Romance in the Rain" scene. I feel like she might do a good job of bringing the "Chin Han" out of Jerry Yan for another weepy script. Hmmm I think a new script should do well.

Lee Seung Gi Speaking English

Here's an old but rather interesting video I found on Youtube as Lee Seung Gi displays his rather impressive English language skills. Too bad though he never spoke English in Brilliant Legacy as a means of boasting to everyone. :-P

Remembering Teresa Teng's Music

I can't really call myself a fan of older Chinese entertainment if I didn't mention the most unforgettable music of the 80s-90s which was Ms. Teresa Teng.   She had a lovely voice that rocked Asia especially when she's a fast learner in languages. However her Mandarin and Japanese songs were the most famous.

Which songs did I like sung by Teresa Teng? Here are some of them in no particular order in Mandarin unless specified:
Moon Represents My HeartSweet Honey HoneyEvening PrimroseLove without EndSmall Town StoryHelloNaniwa Bushi (Japanese)Love Goddess with Alan Tam (Cantonese)A Light KissMei HuaWish We Last ForeverI Care About You
I Care About You (Japanese version)When Will You Return Besides, I could remember how Teresa Teng's songs later had an impact with modern Chinese shows and entertainment like:
Moon Represents My Heart is given many modern renditions by Jerry Yan, Sammi Cheng, Andy Lau, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Cyndi Wang and even given a rap version by David…

Some Old Patricia Lam Fung Movie Shots that Remind Me of My Late Aunt

Here are some old Patricia Lam Fung movie shots and I kind of get reminded of my late aunt's old photos if you ask me.

This movie shot reminds me of my aunt when she sits on the table with her peers.

This reminds me of my aunt's College day photos.

Jacky Cheung and Regine Velasquez's Duet "In Love with You"

I kind of want to remember about the rather fabulous duet between Jacky Cheung and the Filipino songstress Regine Velasquez (who sadly had gotten into two infamous affairs in her homeland) the song "I Will Always Love You". Kind of really makes me miss my first love who can never return to me but I really do need to go on and love again. Honestly speaking, it's kind of surprising Jacky Cheung can pronounce his English too.

The duet not only clicked in Hong Kong but also in Japan too. Anyway did you know Regine Velasquez also got featured on KBS too? Lately she is dating songwriter Ogie Alcasid whose ex-wife had already remarried.

Lyrics are:

M: Just A Gentle Whisper Told Me That You'd Gone
Leaving Only Memories; Where Did We Go Wrong?
I Couldn't Find The Words Then So Let Me Say Them Now
I'm Still In Love With You

F: Tell Me That You Love Me, Tell Me That You Care
Tell Me That You Need Me And I'll Be There
I'll Be There Waitin'...
I Will Always Love Y…

Congratulations Vicki Zhao for Giving Birth Last Sunday

Vicki Zhao, 34 and her businessman husband, Huang Yu Long are now proud parents of a baby girl. I can't help but think motherhood has finally gotten to her. What will she do next? Maybe like Patricia Lam Fung, choose motherhood over career. Perhaps. And now I see why she hasn't been present during the promotions of the hit film "Fourteen Blades". And yup Sunday was the date I came back home from the island trip so exhausted after the tiresome trip with a group of scumbags I have for relatives.  LOL.

If you ask me, 34 is kind of risky for a woman for a first child. I mean, well women should marry faster than guys because of that. Anyway, I kind of think that I could marry at 40 to a much younger woman thinking of this story.


Kim Tae Hee as a Bad Girl

Well I just can't help but clap my hands at the fabulous performance of Kim Tae Hee as the wicked Yoori. Well I kind of have to comment that Yoori in the drama must have had plastic surgery seeing that the younger one isn't as pretty as she is. Hee hee. Anyway I just can't help but praise her, even if it's been so long.

So what's about Yoori? Well Kim Tae Hee is able to portray the scheming, jealous Yoori especially the part where Yoori pretends to be sweet to her supposed fiance Song Ju or where she really becomes evil when she is with her mother Tae Mira (played by Lee Hwi Hyang rather well) where they scheme to make sure Jung Suh (played by Choi Ji Woo) doesn't remember who she is and they get all the money they can. Of course, she is also able to reflect on remembering her bitter past because she has a bum of a stepfather.

And the performance shows how flexible she is. She usually played the girl next door image but in Stairway to Heaven, she's a me…

Pleased to Hear Jacky Cheung is Part of the HK Expo Theme Song

I'm just glad to hear that my favorite Chinese singer Jacky Cheung is part of the HK Expo Theme Song which will be sung in Cantonese titled "A City with Unlimited Potential" composed by Eric Suen and Cantonese lyrics by Chan Siu Kei. Hong Kong will be part of the Shanghai Expo as well. Hmmm... Chinese power anyone?


I'll be Going to Bantayan Island For Awhile

Woah! The day is almost here and I'm going to Bantayan Island already this Friday, April 10, 2010 and I'll be back by April 11, 2010 maybe at night so I may not be able to gather new ideas for this blog immediately.

Savor... savor... and here comes my functional and mostly dysfunctional relatives for our grand reunion that I waited for at least two years or so to take place. Just can't wait for tomorrow's welcome dinner because my auntie's delicious soups and stews will be served.

And it'll be an early morning trip one way or another. Yawn. Really.

And then it's party time. Bwahahahaha!!!!

Andy Lau and Vic Zhou's Similar Police Characters

Somehow I just can't help but think that without Andy Lau and his police roles, I don't think Black and White would take place. Why? Well for one, he has managed to play less serious detective roles (such as the happy-go-lucky cop in Lucky Stars Go Places as the playboy Lambo where he had an awesome fight scene against Tetsuya Matsui of Japan Action Club) which I think may have inspired Vic Zhou's role as Chen Zai Tien in Black and White.

Vic Zhou's role in Black and White was kind of an amalgamation of Andy Lau's older characters such as Lambo (a semi-comedic one) to being a milder version of Lau Min King (but in Black and White, Vic Zhou wasn't aware of his connections with the San Lian Hui triad) with original writing (nothing's really completely original as long as no plagiarism takes place). I felt like that as if Andy Lau might have been with him behind the scenes.

Inoue Mao and Ice Cream Over Flowers

I honestly find Inoue Mao's latest commercial "Get on the Bus" to be kind of suitable for her especially her endorsing the rather expensive (but worth it) Gelato ice cream which comes in the form of ice balls for Glico. She's dressed to the point you'd think she's a teenager when she's really 23 years old, two years my junior.

Is Jerry Yan an Illegitimate Child?

The thing is I'm intrigued about his private life being given false impressions. Right now I've read about how there's no clarity to who his father is. The thing is things are getting more and more ambiguous. Even so, somebody said that the man who treated him to roast chicken was his half-brother. There's no clarity to the rumors whatsoever. I've even read an unreliable source he is the youngest of four illegitimate children by an actor of the 70s and that his mother was a washerwoman for his father.

Honestly speaking, I wouldn't be surprised if somebody makes up the story that Qin Han is his biological father due to their facial similarities.  Judging by the time Qin Han had a fight with his ex-wife Shao the time he had two children by her up to the time Jerry Yan was born, he might have had time to have an affair with another woman and have two more children but that's speculative.  Qin Han if he were Jerry Yan's father would be 31 years old and …

Vic Zhou with Family Mart

Here are some pictures of Vic Zhou endorsing Family Mart which I find worth sharing regardless.

Sonny Chiba

Sonny Chiba is still one of the most memorable Japanese figures, especially in the world of martial arts. He was the founder of the Japan Action Club which provided any type of show especially for Tokusatsu like Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and Metal Hero with the best martial artists he could find which helped some newbies climb all the way from regular acting to good acting.

I think that perhaps his most unforgettable role has to be when he appeared in "Storm Riders" as the main antagonist Lord Thunder. Why? He appeared in a film where his voice was dubbed because he was Japanese and he performed rather impressive martial arts, showing that Japan Action Club was more than meets the eye.

And his greatest contribution has to be with Toei Studios where he is helping fuel Tokusatsu series until this very day with Japan Action Enterprises which was formerly Japan Action Club, which his principles in martial arts keeps it more flexible.

Yukie Nakama to Act in Play "The Tempest"


I have read lately that Yukie Nakama will act in the play "The Tempest". Okay you may think it's William Shakespeare but it isn't. Instead, it's a Japanese play written last 2008 by Eiichi Ikagami which takes place during the late 19th Century Ryuukyu Kingdom where she will playu two roles in two different situations. I just can't help but think how the play will be with her.

Late Tribute to Leslie Cheung

Okay it's past April 1 and yesterday was his death anniversary. How could I forget? Slap. Anyway, even if I am a straight pride guy, I just can't help but still honor Leslie Cheung's contribution to Chinese entertainment with quality music, the best instrumentals and perhaps the fact he was able to hide the fact he was gay for some time.

One of his best movies has to be She's a Man, He's a Woman where it's an awkward attraction of a gay and a lesbian.

Another was the Chinese Ghost Story which was later turned into a TV series starring Daniel Chan.

Lee Hwi Hyang in Stairway to Heaven

Although I don't want to rewatch Stairway to Heaven that fast because of it teary eyed, I can't help but really give praise to the performance of this wonderful lady who can portray the wicked stepmother really well. One can just really imagine how she could really play the actress Tae Mira well. Okay Kim Tae Hee did well but I just love the way she did her part in the whole tragic drama.

For example you don't know she's evil or has an ex-husband at the beginning. She appears to be kindly and yes, Lee Hwi Hyang portrays it so well you just don't know she's evil until she's required to act evil. I just love how she was able to portray the scene of Tae Mira with her bum of an ex-husband where she initially refuses to bring back the children from her previous marriage. There I felt that the actress was really talented.

And of course, you'll hate her character Tae Mira more and more when she begins to show her true colors to her stepdaughter Jung Suh tha…

Alice Tzeng's a Pretty Flower

Here are some photos of Alice Tzeng and nature. She's one pretty flower if you ask me.

Alice Tzeng in a flower shop. Well she's the only flower that stays there.

Alice Tzeng among Sakura flowers. Well she's really a cherry blossom.

Alice Tzeng in a Kimono

Here are some rather lovely pictures of Alice Tzeng in a kimono.

Preparing some Chinese tea I assume!

I think this is her in Korea judging by the picture.

A really lovely kimono headshot.

Jolin Tsai's a Diamond

Jolin Tsai endorses Skin 79 Diamond beauty product for flawless skin. Hmmm it seems she has become an icon like Madonna but not as close to the one and only Anita Mui. However I still like this ad. Five stars.