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More Pictures of Jerry Yan at the National Taiwan University Hospital

From this Jerry Yan fanpage, more pictures of Jerry Yan visiting the National Taiwan University Hospital.  Pretty charming actually.

Also Enough of the Chinese Pride Already!

I have written something about Pinoy Pride for this blog, now it's time to address the issue of Chinese pride. If you think Pinoy pride is the only issue, that's where you are wrong.  There is American pride, European pride, etc. and we have Chinese pride.  I don't know if I'll write something on Korean pride but where do I start?

First I would like to address that Bruce Lee one of the greatest martial artists who sadly died so young was married to an American woman and had two children.  For the average Chinese pridist, Bruce Lee teaching martial arts to various races like having a black man for his protege to teaching white people made him a "traitor".  Like it or not, some traditional Chinese are so engrossed in useless traditions that they think marrying another race means "bad luck" to them.  Also during Bruce Lee's time, I would admit discrimination against Chinese was prevalent but remember, many Chinese during that time also discriminate…

Maaya Uchida Pictures I Found as of December 29, 2013

Here's some Maaya Uchida pictures I found (and selected my favorites) from this fanpage which now has 5,000 likes.
Disco fever Maaya.

That ass?

Sexy delusion!

Happy 24th Birthday Maaya Uchida

Well happy delusional birthday to her, the girl of my delusions!

Tori Matsuzaka for Lalaport New Year

Here's Tori Matsuzaka as an endorser for Lalaport New Year.  He's among the few Toku actors in Japan who actually still has much after the Tokusatsu.

Jerry Yan Visiting the Taiwan National University Hospital

Well here's Jerry Yan bringing in some holiday cheer.  Below are the pictures taken from this Facebook fanpage.  

Jackie Chan Meets Justin Bieber

Well from Jackie Chan's official Facebook page, here's Jackie Chan meeting with Justin Bieber.  Okay I'll admit I do not like Justin Bieber but I won't spend my time whining about how much I don't like him.  

This is how Gai Ikari responds to it!

Happy 20th Birthday Emi Takei

Well I entirely forgot to wish Emi Takei a happy 20th birthday.  Hopefully I'll find pictures of her birthday soon and good luck to continuing her role as Kaoru Kamiya for Rurouni Kenshin.

Happy Delusion Christmas From Maaya Uchida

Here's Maaya Uchida the girl of my delusions greeting everyone a Merry Christmas! XD

Merry Christmas from Jackie Chan!

Here's a classic photo from Jackie Chan's Facebook page.  Well I hope to see one picture with his family.

Congratulations to Liu Yi Fei for Winning the Golden Lotus Award

Well here's my congratulations to Liu Yi Fei for winning the Golden Lotus Award.

Happy Holidays from Rin Takanashi

What can I say?  Happy Holidays from Rin Takanashi!

Rin Takanashi for "Killers"

Last December 20, 2013 we have Rin Takanashi at the press conference as she stars a role in "Killers" where I hope she gets to kick butt again after Kamen Rider W: Eternal.  In Houkago Groove, she did kick some butt but only quite a few.  Now for the pictures which were taken from News Lounge.

Hee hee, she's now wearing black in here.

Esther Liu Pictures I Found as of December 22, 2013

It's pretty much another holiday cheer with her.

Maaya Uchida Picture I Found as of December 21, 2013

Well here's Maaya Uchida with flowers with me deluding I gave them to her...

A Definition of Moe vs. Hot Among Japanese Henshin Hotties

I want to do some fun articles as not to focus too much on eye candy or my favorite celebrities too much ere.  So I guess I'd like to do this little dummy post on "moe vs. cute".  The source of inspiration for this post?  It's from Fantasy Leader's fantasy blog where critiquing of Kimberly and Mei occurred while most comments were more of descriptive conversation:

First is the moe.  It's more on the "cute side" so the girl isn't really all that pretty but she's so cute you still adore her.  Who do I think enter this category?  I find some of them pretty, some aren't.  My favorite example of really cute is Erina Nakayama who is pretty much a dead ringer for former actress Reiko Chiba.

Then we have "too hot to handle" or "hot" for short.  I guess Rin Takanashi is probably my hottest eye candy this blog has so far.  She is what I'd categorize as extremely hot.  Other Japanese Henshin hotties that enter this category …

Kim Tae Hee at "The Suspect" VIP Premiere

Still hard to believe that she's already 33 years old LOL!  Pictures taken from here.

Happy 25th Birthday Rin Takanashi

Well Rin Takanashi just turned 25 two days ago (I forgot, busy schedule) well here's a little bit of something for her.  It's her silver anniversary and it's a pretty important landmark.  Now my thoughts...

She was only 20 years old when she was acting as her iconic character Mako Shiraishi.  During that time, she really showed she could act and that role has helped develop her career.  Later she appeared as Miina in Kamen Rider W: Eternal which she did show she could actually kick ass.

Also, I thought her carrying other roles such as Arisa in "Love for Beginners" made me think she could play s a villain or in her role as Makoto in "Houkago Groove" well she can also carry TV drama roles.  Hopefully she will choose the right path in her career.

Tota Tarumi at the Miso Icchi Ramen

Again thanks to Mrs. Georgette Anne Inaba for this picture on the Facebook Page of the Miso Icchi Ramen.  So I do hope more Tokusastu actors and actresses retired or not will be there.  Next photo I wish could happen is between Tori Matsuzaka and Kazunori Inaba.

Brigitte Lin in France

Well made me think of this fact that senior actress Brigitte Lin is visiting old memories in France.  I hope the rumors between her and hubby Michael Ying aren't real and they can stay strong with each other. Other stuff, I hope she can work together with either Vic Chou or Jerry Yan as the mother of the character.


Liu Yi Fei Press Conference for "The Four 2"

Here's Liu Yi Fei really stunning in black.  I just love her appearance here.