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Some Interesting Photos of Ayumi Kinoshita for June 30, 2012

Here are some pictures of the Japanese actress Ayumi Kinoshita I found on a Japanese site, some are from  Enjoy these pictures:
I just thought that she looks gorgeous in this blue dress. 
Hmmmmm she kinda looks older with the make-up here.
If I'm not mistaken, this is Ayumi Kinoshita as a child. 
Even as a waitress she looks attractive.

Renn Kiriyama in Taiwan's Super Hero Event

So it's still pretty true that Taiwan has a Super Hero Time block after all.  Well the actor Renn Kiriyama who played as Shotaro Hidari/Kamen Rider W made a special event.  I just thought this is pretty cool especially when he spoke in MANDARIN.  Here's the clips...

First we see a "henshin" sequence here...

This was last June 15-16, 2012 at the Taipei International Covnention Center.  Sadly the Philippines is quite left behind.  The Shinkenger mascots were here so I guess Shinkenger is premiering in Taiwan.  Perhaps also Kamen Rider W?  Just a thought on that since I'm more into Taiwanese soaps than Tokusatsu these days.

Just Some Interesting Rin Takanashi Photos I Found As of June 28, 2012

I was doing Google with her name in Chinese characters and not her Japanese name spelled out in English to find other photos not available while just using the search keywords "Rin Takanashi".  Well I just thought whether or not she is really half-Chinese or perhaps, half-white as the other half of her being Japanese.  Regardless I just love these photos.  
Rin Takanshi endorsing some chocolate pudding I presume...

Just a funny expression... hmmm I wonder why all the characters there are written in Chinese instead of Japanese?!

Quite a lovely pose for a lovely woman...

Hey I want a drink too... no wait you can have it!  Hmmm...

Rin Takanashi Promoting an i-Pod MP4 on Doki Doki TV

Just some older pictures of Rin Takanashi in the Japanese show Doki Doki TV promoting what looks like an i-Pod MP4 player which I believe was taken 2008, a year before she was chosen to act as Mako Shiraishi.  Hmmm... I just thought she just looks gorgeous here. :P

Some Civilian Esther Liu Pictures

For some reason, Esther Liu just gets hotter and hotter for the moment.  I think these are some of her pictures from China.  Here are they...

Near the McDonalds in China doing a Chinese pose.  Hey wanna date me girl?

I think she's holding out her ticket.  This must be a mobile upload.  Even without make-up she is undeniably HOT.

In a lovely Chinese dress... although at a distance I can't recognize it's her.  Hmmm.... why am I reminded by Liu Xue Hua here?!

Crystal Liu's Younger Days

Here are some pictures of Crystal Liu's early days while she was in China growing up.  Man she was already  cute even as a child!  Here are they.

This photo shows she was meant to grow up and do Wuxia someday.

A close up picture for a future Chiung Yao star.

As a baby?  I guess so.  

Latest Rurouni Kenshin Trailer

Well despite some disappointments but I believe Takeru Sato will do well for this live film.  Just a few glimpses, I'm getting excited to see Rurouni Kenshin in the flesh.  I just thought though that samurai films are a few of my favorites in Japanese movies but I'd rather see Chinese samurais more though.  But still, I really WANT TO SEE THIS FILM if I ever have the time.

Zhen Xiu Zhen as a Singer

I pretty thought of it that after seeing her powerful performance in the Taiwanese drama called Meteor Garden where she played as the evil mom Dao Ming Feng who is Kaede Doumyoji in Hana Yori Dango, I really wasn't surprised to know she was also a singer and used to play the good girl characters in the past.  As a singer, I think she has a really powerful voice which I think she could have sung the end theme of Meteor Garden instead. :P

Some Pictures of Sun Xiang Zhong's Younger Days...

I just thought that the Taiwanese actor Sun Xiao Zhong or known as Chin Han (not to be confused with Ivy Ling Po's husband) was one of my late paternal grandmother's favorite drama actors.  I just want to keep her memory alive as much as possible even if she left the world in a ripe old age of 92 years old.  Still, I remembered her watching Chin Han's TV dramas.  And as for me, I kinda call him as "Jerry Yan Sr." with how he kinda looks like Jerry Yan when he was still younger.
I remembered how he played in 30s-40s era drama in the past.

He really had that charming smile.  Okay I wish I had a photo of better quality.

The popstar look in the 70s-80s.  The black and white adds a classic touch to one of my late paternal grandmother's favorite actors.

Ah yes, the good old days with that kind of dressing.  Sun Xiao Zhong was the man.
Hmmmm I just thought that Jerry Yan in a business suit would make him "Sun Xiao Zhong Jr." if this guy is who I'd cal…

The Now Older Chin Han (Sun Xiang Zhong)

Well if I'm not mistake, these are Sun Xiang Zhong's older photos.  He's aged gracefully. :)  I just thought he should play as Jerry Yan's father or Vic Zhou's father for any new drama series.

The Growing Years of Haruka Suenaga

Here are some cute and adorable videos of Haruka Suenaga during her growing up years.  Just reminds me how I wish I knew her back then!  This hot Japanese girl ROCKS!!!!
Here are clips of Haruka Suenaga as a child.

Here's the second set, from childhood to early adult years.
Haruka baby yeah!!!!

Rin Takanashi with A Balenciaga Handbag

Here's the Japanese actress Rin Takanashi with her Balenciaga handbag while she was in France specifically in Paris for hier promotion of "Like Someone in Love" where she played as a whore.  I pretty thought whole soem thought it was a poor match, not for me.  Or maybe I'm just too biased?  Here they are:

A close up view of her pretty face...

Are Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung Reuniting?

It's been some time since their divorce and some sources say they are back together.  So I just wonder if we'll have a remarriage soon.  So I guess now we know the truth or that people should learn to shut up because intrigue is that bad.  But I hope they'll be reunited soon.

Source of information:

Rin Tanakashi Hot in Black

I just thought that this Rin Takanashi in black is HOT... wowee.... blazing.  So far, this could be another of her post-Shinkenger pictures.  All I can say is STUNNING.

Happy Father's Day to All My Blog Followers!

Here's Jacky Chan, the late Charles Chan and Jaycee Chan wishing you all a happy father's day. 

Stylish Liu Yi Fei

I just gave a thought this China chick is stylish... here are they...
Yellow the symbol of Chinese royalty...

Dining with style with Liu Yi Fei...

Esther Liu for Chiung Yao Remakes?

As a fan of Chiung Yao, I kinda thought this girl is perfect for the job of the remakes.  Here's some photos of the Taiwanese actress Esther Liu that wound remind me of Liu Xue Hua's younger days:

She could play that Chinese country girl part well.

In this photo, I do think she does capture Liu Xue Hua's essence pretty well.  I kinda thought she could try playing Seagull's Home.

Crystal Liu's Zdorzi Spring Collection

Well as a big fan of Crystal Liu (maybe she's Emma Roberts' equivalent to Asians) here are her Zdorzi photos.  Thanks to all who view this blog.  Enjoy these lovely photos:

You can't get this hot can you?

A very sexy pose... well did she just emerge from jail with those stripes?

Some flowers in her hair... rose, rose I love you!

Just some standard beauty with a hat.

Is Vanness Wu Engaged to Arissa Cheo?

After the break-up was confirmed, beign reconciled however DOES NOT MEAN the two are a couple.  So I wish people to PLEASE verify any rumors.  So are they dating?  I dunno but Vanness Wu kinda wants to keep himself low profile on that issue.  Please note Arissa Cheo is NOT an entertainer.