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Fashion Queen Jolin Tsai

Taiwan's own Mandopop queen is also the fashion queen. Why? Although it's old news and many know about it, she is also the entrepreneur behind Seventy Two Changes and I feel like I want to praise her for it.

I feel like I want to honor her in my blog one way or another.

Jolin Tsai shows she is a fashion queen with these lovely Caucasian models.

When it comes to the wardrobe, she's really an expert.

Posing in the wardrobe with her models for her business.

Prepping up a lovely American model for her business. Simply amazing.

Hmmm has Chinese power overpowered Japanese and Koreans in the business world? Looks like it!

Jolin Tsai Dancing Forever

This was a past promotional event of Dancing Forever during fall of 2006.

Hmm... I have to agree that Dancing Forever is a hot new album and this photo, man is she hot with less makeovers. I just love her serious look, one to make her look really look like she's going to kick some butt.

Vic Zhou in Silence

I kind of think that Vic Zhou's rather serious role in Silence was kind of the first attempt to bring the "Chin Han" out of Zai Zai. It almost reminded me of "Deaf Mute Bride" because of Park Shin Hye's role as a deaf-mute girl. Of course, portraying an insecure man who later discovers he has liver cancer and has to face between two lovers in his life- one played by Park Shin Hye and the other by Megan Lai. He has at least one year to live and after that, he dies in the end- he's the first member of the F4 to play a dying role.

I can say it was kind of touching to let him play that part of a dying young man, stuck in decisions and trying to make the one he'll regret least. The show really revealed that he wasn't meant to be stuck in cartoonish roles, rather he is fit to play serious roles.

Koo Mei's Songs Keep it Classic

I kind of figured out that without Koo Mei (even if she quit for her own personal reasons), I don't think the Chinese movie industry would've had some classics. Why? After all, music is a language that speaks for the heart, for the scenery and she had some rather beautiful songs that are unforgettable.

Her most unforgettable song had to be "Bu Liao Qing" meaning "Love without End" which was used for Lin Dai's singing voice in the movie "Love without End". It was a tragic song.

She was later known as "Little Lark" which she sang most of the songs. Those songs are still so classic to this very day. The song "Bu Liao Qing" was once again played, only this time she sang it in person rather than dub Lin Dai's voice (the lip sync matched perfectly).

Anyway I kind of thought that too many songs don't make a good artist so maybe it's good she didn't produce too many.

Jerry Yan Reveals Past Life on NHK


I can't help but put a picture of Jerry Yan's past (and I think he kind of looks like a younger Chin Han) was revealed on NHK. He's also the first Chinese actor to be interviewed in NHK. I kind of got touched by the article and I think he should really write a script based on his life.

Here's the article from the source:

In an interview with NHK news a few days ago, Taiwanese actor-singer Jerry Yan poignantly touched on his growing-up years in a single-parent family.

Before Jerry shot to stardom from his breakout role in Meteor Garden back in 2001, the 33-year-old actor shared that he had an impoverished childhood growing up in a single-parent family. Jerry’s father passed away due to an illness when the actor was 12 years old, and his mother singlehandedly raised him and his sister up by doing tailoring work.

The suave and charming idol revealed that he started doing odd jobs when he was …

Han Hyo Joo for Japanese Series?

I have read it somewhere that Ms. Han Hyo Joo would like to act in a Japanese series. Honestly speaking with her fast language learning abilities, I think she wouldn't have a problem. Hmmm... she's focusing on drama.

However after reading the article, I really wish she'll appear as a guest in Goseiger or in any Kamen Rider production- she looks too much (in my opinion) like those Japanese heroines in those tokusatsu shows.

Source of article:

More of Erika Toda's Nice Legs

Here are some new photos featuring more of Erika Toda's nice legs. Hee hee. That girl's hot.

Vic Zhou and Cyndi Wang in Green Tea Commercial

I found this video on Youtube featuring Vic Zhou and Cyndi Wang. Hmmm... this is the first time the two of them got together for a commercial. The first time I saw her, she was in Westside Story with 5566. Now she's with F4? I wonder if the two have a commercial together next?

Liu Xue Hua and Crystal Liu with Braids and Smiles

I kind of find it funny but here are pictures I think have some similarities between two actresses that belonged to different eras.

This was Liu Xue Hua with her braided hair and a charming smile.

Now this is Crystal Liu with her braided hair and a charming smile.

Coincidence? You decide!

Liu Xue Hua Would Be Proud of These Actresses

This is just my hypothesis but I think Liu Xue Hua would be proud of these actresses:

I think she would be proud of Vicki Zhao for acting out her character of Lu Yi Ping in the remake of Romance in the Rain (Yan Mu Meng Meng) rather well though not close.

Barbie Xu's role as Shan Tsai (Tsukushi Makino) in Meteor Garden displayed flexibility of her acting skills. Too bad though as of late, she hasn't done much dramatic series. She and Jerry Yan nearly bring out the Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua out of each other.

I think she'll also be proud of Esther Liu- I think her part in Green Forest as Sophie is just a stepping stone to her natural way of getting the Liu Xue Hua appeal. I desperately wish she'll be paired with either Jerry Yan or Vic Zhou for a really teary eyed drama preferably with a good ending. However I kind of vote for her and Jerry Yan, I think she might bring out the "Chin Han" out of him.

Also we would have Crystal Liu who acts her Wuxia dramas well …

Return of Condor Heroes 1983, 1995 and 2006

So far I'd like to make a little comparison between Return of Condor Heroes comparison on how each one performed as far as I remembered.  Below are how each actor portrayed them:

In 1983, we had Andy Lau and Idy Chan as Yang Guo and Xiao Lung Nu. Andy Lau was kind of classic and so was Idy Chan. The script kind of didn't match their actual ages, at least Andy Lau was a bit older than Idy Chan even if the story says that Xiao Long Nu is older than Yang Guo by four years. Andy Lau did really classic moves that became hard to imitate.

In 1995, we had Louis Koo and Carman Lee, this time Carman Lee is really three years older than Louis Koo though the actual script has it that Xiao Long Nu was older by four years. It was a good effort to try and remake the classic but I don't think Louis Koo can ever exceed Andy Lau. However it was still good.

In 2006, we have Huang Xiao Ming and Liu Yi Fei but fans criticized this for one good reason- Liu Yi Fei is ten years younger than Hua…

Remembering Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng as Wind and Cloud

Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng were also popular for Storm Riders which two films were produced. We have:

The first Storm Riders film, they were known as Wind and Cloud based on a popular Chinese comic book in the 60s. The whole plot revolved around them being destined to overthrow Lord Thunder who was acted by Japanese martial artist Sonny Chiba who founded the Japan Action Club (which also was heavily involved in the tokusatsu genre such as Super Sentai and Kamen Rider to this day) which is now Japan Action Enterprise. So far, the whole plot revolved around them with Kristy Yang as the daughter of Lord Thunder who was pit against them to destroy them both together so the prophecy about them can't be fulfilled.

Surprisingly, eleven years later, both actors still in good shape and almost as good looking as they were in the past return in yet another adventure, a sequel that took so long to come out. Now they are known as the Storm Warriors. The Pang Brothers got the rights from Gold…

Jerry Yan Reveals Past Relationships

I have read of Jerry Yan releasing his new picture book called "Boy-Man", he alludes of how he had let go of Lin Chi Ling out of love. Did the two really get into a relationship in the first place? In fact, he also reveals that he let her go knowing she would meet a better man. He is seemingly afraid to get into another relationship afraid it would fall. My view? Well I think he and Terry Kwan may just be for each other.

Phew! Down with Love Has Good Performance!

Honestly speaking, Jerry Yan's Down with Love did good after all. I kind of really gave up hope on him because of the script he chose "Hot Shot" and if I'm not wrong, Vic Zhou's script in Last Night of Madame Chin did better than Jerry Yan's script in Starlit.

I'm just happy that Down with Love has good performance to date. I'm just happy that there's still room for him to recover after all.

See also from this blog entry (NOT mine):

Esther Liu Doing Liu Xue Hua Type Roles?

I honestly feel like Esther Liu has been doing some Liu Xue Hua roles after Westside Story. Here's where I think where she does those Liu Xue Hua type roles which I think is coming out naturally.

She starred in Chinese Paladin as Ah Nu where her adventures in Wuxia romance begins. Liu Xue Hua had that kind of charming smile in the movies.

In Green Forest, here's one photo with the stare to remember- one that reminds me of Liu Xue Hua's stares in the past. In fact, I kind of feel she's ready for it.

Although she wasn't in very dramatic scenarios, this picture kind of makes me feel like she's ready to play those teary eyed scenes. Next guy? I seem to vote for Vic Zhou!

She also has that rather smart look and a stare to tell you she's not just a pretty face.

And her part was well played- she showed flexibility whenever needed.

Actor Turned Businessman Kang Do Han Really Dating Han Hyo Joo?

It's been a long time that rumors of Kang Do Han dating Han Hyo Joo (who is five years his junior) are still going around, still actor turned businessman doesn't easily confirm maybe to protect the relationship. If one can remember it, Kang Do Han prior to his business career was playing sideline characters, maybe he didn't like the roles he got so he decided to do business instead but that's just my speculation. On the other hand, Han Hyo Joo has dismissed rumors of them dating earlier.

Anyway, fans really want her and Lee Seung Gi to end up together but again, that guy is just her friend too.

Jay Chou Opens Businesses Not to Make Money?

I have read from Asianfanatics that Jay Chou opens business to fulfill dreams not to make a profit. Hmmm. Strange but true. Some businessmen want to help people after all do they and who says it can only happen in drama like Grandma Jang in Brilliant Legacy? It seems he and his friends go together, maybe he plans to help unemployed people and in fact, I assume the capital is based on the money he has earned through the years.

Chin Han and Ling Po: Then and Now

Chin Han (not to be mistaken with Sun Xiao Zhong who also used the screen name "Chin Han") and Ling Po have grown kind of old, I honestly wish they can act as parents in some Chinese drama or a film. I kind of find their marriage strong compared to most celebrities.

This picture reminds me of the videos my late aunt borrowed but this was a picture of their marriage.

As of recent, they are still kind of fit huh? In fact, I think Chin Han's golfing skills hasn't rusted that much.

Erika Toda in Nightgowns

Here are some photos of Erika Toda in rather sexy nightgowns.

Vic Zhou Doing "Chin Han" Roles

I'm not a bit surprised about Vic Zhou being cast into the rather intense story of "Last Night of Madame Chin", which I think could be a remake of old Chinese dramas my late grandma watched when I was little. With the setting being in 1930s British China, the more I feel like Vic Zhou has "Chin Han" roles.

The new image of Vic Zhou as a drama star you can take seriously. I can see him able to do Chin Han's parts in a different way.

Flashing as a 1930s gentleman, it kind of reminds me of Chin Han in older films and series.

I honestly think Vic Zhou is really able to be "Chin Han" in this role with Fan Bing Bing. I can see the old Chin Han and Liu Xue Hua scripts again in these scenes.

The dance scene is kind of really old but classic. Chin Han was famous for ballroom too.

Why do I imagine I'm watching "Courtyard" when I see this "wedding scene" he has with Fan Bing Bing?

This picture again reminds me of another of Chin Han'…